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Chapter 324: Brother and sister torn apart, I can finally start to close the net (Part 1)

Jiang Yang’s appearance caused Yaoyao to become frozen for a while.

She didn’t expect him to arrive at the Netherland Heavenly Pond in order to find her.

Soon, she reacted and her small face involuntarily surfaced with anger along with a strong ice-cold look, she didn’t say anything.

After all, this was the culprit who pitted her Master against the Netherland Heavenly Pond.

During this time, if the person she missed the most was Gu Changge then the person she hated the most was definitely Jiang Yang!

If it wasn’t for Jiang Yang, why would her Master rush to the Netherland Heavenly Pond, and why would he have been in danger there leading to his death.

Not to mention that the current Jiang Yang was not her brother, but an old demon who took over her brother’s body, the former Ancestor of the Immortal Lun Sect.

During this period of time, she and the silver haired granny both heard about the Immortal Lun Sect encountering the siege of the major Sacred Mountains and forbidden areas.

But at the end, Jiang Yang activated the Immortal Lun Seal, overwhelmed all the incoming enemies and even destroyed the Immortal Lun Sect which had the inheritance of a million years.

This move really shocked the two of them.

Everyone did not know why Jiang Yang was able to activate the Immortal Lun Seal, but they were clear, because the divine soul that was inside Jiang Yang’s body was the Immortal Lun Supreme!

The Immortal Lun Seal was originally his weapon, so why couldn’t he activate it

At that time, after Gu Changge informed Yaoyao, Yaoyao informed Granny Yinhua.

So both of them were very clear.

Immortal Lun Supreme was the extremely legendary figure of the Heavenly Star Realm, it was said that he was not born in this realm, and no one knew where he came from.

After finally founding the Immortal Lun Sect, he was nowhere to be found.

But that day, in order to kill all enemies, Jiang Yang even did not hesitate to destroy the Dao Lineage once founded by his own hand.

Through this matter, one could see how heartless Jiang Yang really was!

This made the two of them uneasy in their hearts, and their scorn for Jiang Yang became even deeper.

The silver haired grandmother saw the icy cold look of Yaoyao, could not help but pull her back, gently shook her head, indicating that she should not be impulsive.

Before the life and death of Gu Changge was determined, if Yaoyao and Jiang Yang tore apart the last remaining face, it would probably lead to bad luck.

Because at that time, if she went in that strange state, she could lose control at any time.

Yaoyao also understood this, gritting her teeth to death, squeezing her small hands tightly, forcing herself to calm down at this time and not to fight hard with Jiang Yang.

“Brother, how did you know that I would be here……”

Then, she spoke softly, condensing poetic rhyme in her eyes, only calm.

“I know that you are worried about the safety of that Master of yours, so as soon as I guessed, I knew that you would come here.”

Jiang Yang smiled, noticing the icy cold look that Yaoyao just had, he didn’t really care.

In his eyes, Yaoyao was just a little girl, now the Master she relied on had fallen dead, who else could she rely on except her brother

The little girl might be distant and cold to him because of something, but he felt that this kind of thing was going to change with time.

In Jiang Yang’s heart, after erasing the previous consciousness, there were actually also two remaining obsessions of that consciousness, one was the hatred for the Immortal Lun Sect.

As he was unwilling to be thrown to dig the Immortal Road for so many years and had almost died in the middle of it.

The second was as a responsibility of the older brother towards his young sister, he wanted to take care of her and let her live happily.

Jiang Yang did not seriously care about these two obsessions before.

After all, his soul was incomparably strong; these obsessions could not affect him at all.

But now, he felt that if these two obsessions were not resolved, it would trigger unimaginable consequences.

Even his divine soul would be unstable.

Jiang Yang had reincarnated many times, but it was the first time he encountered such a situation, and in the end he felt that the reason probably lay in Yaoyao.

Because this little girl’s existence involved the Luck of the Realm that originally belonged to him.

“As an older brother, I would definitely worry about you.

You just left without saying goodbye, it really made me uneasy.

I was afraid that you would encounter any trouble.”

Jiang Yang smiled and continued to speak, walking closer to Yaoyao.

Zhao Yi, who was following behind him, had a complicated face.

This little girl, Yaoyao, was obviously hiding big secrets, otherwise Jiang Yang would not have such an attitude.

These days Jiang Yang’s strong pit after killing all enemies and the kind of invincible aura had deeply shocked her.

But Jiang Yang was like this to Yaoyao, which was even more shocking to her.

Jiang Yang was really too strong and too mysterious!

Even that terrifying Immortal was killed by him in the Netherland Heavenly Pond.

Zhao Yi felt that she had made the right choice in life by following Jiang Yang.

And Jiang Yang had a Great Sacred Realm maid that would solve many small troubles along the way, so he naturally didn’t mind letting her follow.

“Brother doesn’t need to worry about Yaoyao, the two of us, me and Granny, will find my Master.”

Hearing this, Yaoyao shook her head softly, “He is so powerful, I don’t believe that my Master will die here.”

Jiang Yang did not refute, understanding that this little girl belonged to the kind of heart that would not die until it reached the Yellow River.

Then he revealed a faint smile and said, “Yes, after all, the strength of the Immortal is so strong, how will he be easily buried here”

“If one only looked at the rumors then that would be wrong.

As the saying goes, live to see the dead, since I have come here, then I shall help you look for the Immortal together.”

The many tricks of the Netherland Heavenly Pond were far more terrifying than the Immortal Lun Sect, and that Immortal would have perished here even if his methods were heaven defying.

He had said this, but not in order to deal with this little girl and then let her die.

Yaoyao also knew that she could not refuse at this time, if she said too much it might cause Jiang Yang’s suspicion, so she nodded, “Thank you brother.”

Jiang Yang smiled, “Why thank me, helping you with this is the right thing to do.”

Yaoyao pursed her lips, and did not speak.

Soon, a group of people headed towards the middle of the Netherland Heavenly Pond.

Nearby mountains were unusually steep, all kinds of strange ancient trees, incomparably gnarled, hanging vines were hanging down from all directions.

High in the sky there existed layers of white mist floating down, giving birth to a chill and uneasiness in people’s hearts.

If it was normal, there would be more or less some living creatures, such as fierce beasts and other existences, but now it was way too quiet, in addition to the sound of wind, there were no movements.

The entire Netherland Heavenly Pond was silent as if it was dead, except for their party, no more creatures appeared!

Above many mountains, some Dao patterns intertwined, flowing there, like strange patterns, emitting brilliant and eye-catching light.

Deeper down, a thick Chaotic mist was visible, shrouding the heavens and earth in gray, as if they had come to the place where the heavens were stretched open!

Jiang Yang gave them the explanation that there was a great battle here that day, and all living beings were estimated to have died in the aftermath.

But Yaoyao and the silver haired Granny did not believe it!

“The fish is finally here, it seems that I can close the net.”

“From today onwards, the Human Ancestor will not exist in the world.”

Deep inside the Netherland Heavenly Pond, Gu Changge sat within the Lotus body, devouring and refining the essence of the Nirvana Green Lotus.

His eyes were profound, in which many mountains and seas sinking like terrifying scenes emerged.

At this moment, Gu Changge spoke to himself, his smile carried a vague deep meaning as he had already noticed several auras rushing outside.

Yaoyao, silver haired Granny, Jiang Yang and his Supreme Elder maid, Zhao Yi.

There were four of them!

If he hadn’t interfered, according to the normal plot, these four people would have been in the same boat, providing all kinds of help to Jiang Yang.

But now, the pair of relatives, Yaoyao and Granny Yinhua, were already very hostile to Jiang Yang and were just about to tear their faces off.

As for that Zhao Yi, normally, she should be taken in the harem by Jiang Yang later, after all, she had followed him to such a point.

Gu Changge was not interested in her at all.

Although she looked good, in fact she had exhausted her potential, and she could be slapped to death with one palm.

Now, under his layers of arrangement, the Human Ancestor left his tricks in the Netherland Heavenly Pond back then and a very large part of it was now under his control.

But at this time Jiang Yang was still unaware of it.


Soon, Gu Changge’s figure stayed still, a powerful and terrifying divine sense just like an unspeakable ancient god clad in a monstrous gray fog took the form of a Soul Palace that rushed out from between his eyebrows.

Under his method of visualization, the power of the gods alone could swallow the heavens and the earth and easily slaughter the Great Sacred Realm cultivators!

Even a Quasi-Supreme would not necessarily be something to be afraid of!

Steeply, a bizarre fluctuation began to appear above the Netherland Heavenly Pond.


A dense black demonic cloud covering the sky emerged from all directions and began to coalesce there, as if it was pushed by an invisible hand!

The dome of the sky was obscured!


“Under my Lord’s order!”


A headless horseman, as if he sensed something, rushed out violently from within a blood-stained cliff with a monstrous aura!

“As my Master commands!”

In the other direction, an incomparably blurred blood-red shadow emerged from within the deep valley, with scarlet pupils, staring out with monstrous killing intent.

“This place is really odd, but you and granny must pay attention, don’t get too far from me, if something dangerous happens at this time, I simply wouldn’t be able to help you……”

And at this time, on the mountain path, Jiang Yang walked in the front and said with an indifferent expression, walking through something that looked like a strange light evolving.

Every inch of this place was filled with a terrifying aura.

Formation patterns were pervasive and killing intent was rampant.

But he was able to walk out of it unharmed, leading to the depths.

Many terrifying auras surged only in the vicinity, and did not come near him a little.

If ordinary people were here, their legs would probably go weak and they wouldn’t dare to move.

But Jiang Yang was incomparably calm on the road.

Did he say that he had no means Who would believe it

In fact, at this time, without having to say much, Yaoyao had already understood through the Netherland Heavenly Pond that Jiang Yang was deeply related to this place.

He must know a lot about the hidden secrets of this place.

Otherwise, he would not be so confident to send out the news and let Gu Changge come here, right

And now although Jiang Yang said that he came here while looking for her, but in fact, he came to the Netherland Heavenly Pond, to find his opportunity!

Thinking of these, the icy cold look in Yaoyao’s eyes became more dense.

Even she did not notice the change that was happening to her.

On the contrary, the silver haired grandmother on the side saw the peach blossom-like pattern starting to emerge between her eyebrows, the same as the last time when Yaoyao suddenly stormed out.

This was completely without any reason!

It was more like being stimulated in the same way.

Her face couldn’t help but change, after all, Jiang Yang was holding a Supreme weapon in his hand, would Yaoyao be a match for Jiang Yang even if she turned into that state

“This journey, in addition to seeing the traces of the great battle of that day, I did not see any corpses, although the Immortal has divine power, but I am afraid that he also had bad luck.”

Jiang Yang walked in the forefront, looking at the Heavenly Pond nearby, and could not help but reveal a faint smile as he said.

He finally arrived here.

In the boundless Heavenly Pond, ripples spread continuously, with a layer of white mist, floating in it.

In the deeper part, the Immortal fog was indistinct, the blue waves were rippling, and there was a green haze rushing to the sky.

In the beginning, it was this light that attracted countless cultivators and living beings, including that Immortal, who eventually fell here.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yang looked more and more calm, but there was regret in his heart that he did not personally take action to eliminate the Immortal from the Upper Realm.

After all, that was the only person who had given him such shame.

This way he did not intentionally touch the tricks left back then, lest the abnormalities were seen by Yaoyao, and with his aura, those terrifying beings hiding in the shadows, would not dare to strike him.

And at this time, Jiang Yang’s brow suddenly frowned slightly.

Outside the Netherland Heavenly Pond, there was a divine light rushing to the sky.

He had thought that his speed was fast enough, but he didn’t want to be followed.

Jiang Yang did not know why the other party could repeatedly sense his movements.


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