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Chapter 295: Can’t teach but it’s good to have a disciple, Someone who is more intimate than relatives (Part 2)

With a gentle expression, smiling without saying a word.

“A person who is more intimate than a relative” Yaoyao murmured this sentence.

Afterwards, at Gu Changge’s insistence, Yaoyao accepted some greetings, but she refused to ask for too many things.

She was already very sensible at a young age.

This made Gu Changge very satisfied.

If she were an ordinary person, how could she refuse.

He himself was not interested in this little girl.

If it wasn’t to deal with the reincarnation of Human Ancestor, and brush up his Destiny Value and Luck Points, he would be too lazy to waste so much effort.

It was just that Yaoyao was also very well-behaved.

Gu Changge felt that while cultivating Gu Xian’er, it was not a big deal to cultivate such a young disciple.

Still it should be really nice, right

Is this Gu Changge’s first apprentice


Gu Changge thought of this, and suddenly felt a movement in his heart, as if a gap had opened in an unknown corner.

He faintly felt some vague images emerging from the depths of his mind.

A figure in red as blood, murderous and unparalleled.

In the end, he was knocked down by the demonic halberd and fell into the bottomless abyss.

The scene was very blurry, and when he remembered the sentence just now, it suddenly appeared and disappeared in a flash.

“Since the Nirvana Pool incident, I have been able to vaguely witness some scenes… Could it be a self-sealed memory that I didn’t know about Or a past life memory”

Gu Changge frowned secretly.

In fact, he had sensed this state recently, just like his inheritance of the Immortal Devouring Demon Art.

Other than him, no one could imagine that this part of the inheritance naturally emerged in his mind when he was three years old.

It was not taught to him by anyone.

In other words, this was the seal cracking itself, and some memories and inheritance reappeared.

This kind of method was very likely Gu Changge’s own method, afraid of revealing his identity, and sealed the memory of his demonic power.

But now, the memories of these seals were beginning to emerge.

“Could it be that Yaoyao is not my first disciple”

Gu Changge faintly felt this part of the memory, as if it was reminding him that the next Child of Luck was coming.

But soon, he put these thoughts aside and stopped caring.

The most urgent task right now was to consider resolving the matter of the Human Ancestor.

Then things would get much easier.

Gu Changge closed his eyes and waited in Northern Mountain Village.

On the other side, with the help of Granny Yinhua, Yaoyao dressed up and put on new clothes before appearing in front of him again.

Compared with her shabby clothes before, she looked completely different.

Her Immortal spirit was beautiful, her supreme bone was immortal, as if there was endless rhythm, and all of them were gathered into her body.

Under the background of such expensive and gorgeous colorful immortal clothes, her hair was soft and smooth, like a little immortal from the nine heavens.

This made Gu Changge have to admit that she was indeed the Daughter of Luck, and as the fruit of the mysterious Peach Tree, this kind of temperament was unparalleled.

“But if I’m not mistaken, the next normal routine should be that Yaoyao can’t actually cultivate…”

“As an immortal fruit, she contains extremely terrifying power, but she can’t use it on her own.”

“But it doesn’t matter, it saves me the effort to teach, just keep it…”

“Speaking of which, it’s not time for the master to show his concern.”

Gu Changge’s mind flashed with many thoughts, but a gentle smile appeared on his face.

“Yaoyao, from today onwards, you will follow Master How about it”

“Mmmm, Yaoyao will listen to Master.” Yaoyao nodded.

Although she had a great relationship with the Northern Mountain Village, she also knew that it was impossible for Gu Changge to stay here with her.

“But Master, can grandma leave with us”

Yaoyao asked tentatively with anticipation on her face.

She felt very sorry for her grandma Yinhua, but she was not sure whether Gu Changge would agree to take her away with him.

“Since she has raised Yaoyao for so many years, why not bring her along”

Gu Changge smiled, and what he said surprised Yaoyao very much, but she didn’t expect the master to agree so quickly and decisively.

“Thank you, Master!” She obediently said.

“Thank you, Mr.

Immortal!” Granny Yinhua said with excitement and gratitude.

It was all thanks to Yaoyao, otherwise she would not be so lucky.

Now that her cultivation base was exposed, if she didn’t leave, the enemy family would find her soon.

From this aspect, following Gu Changge was definitely the best choice.

Of course, she didn’t know that Gu Changge kept her, but there were other functions, even if Yaoyao didn’t mention it, he would still bring her along.

Afterwards, Gu Changge took the two of them and left the Northern Mountain Village, planning to find an ancient city in the Heavenly Domain, to find a good foothold first.

On the other hand, as a Master, he would definitely have to fulfill his obligations as a Master for Yaoyao at this time.

Spreading the cultivation technique, strengthening her body, building the foundation… Anyway, the process that should be followed had to be done.

And soon, in the next period of time, terrifying rumors began to appear in various restricted areas of Heavenly Domain and the Sacred Mountain, causing a sensation in all parties.

A man in white a little girl, an old woman, and a servant, went straight to the major restricted areas and the Ancient Sacred Mountain, as if entering an ownerless realm, and came to ask for various divine blood essence and divine medicines.

Even a master of the forbidden area who had lived for more than 100,000 years and had reached the Sacred Realm.

His most precious horn was slashed by the man in white with a sword, and his rarest blood essence was taken to build the foundation for the little girl.

Even the Sacred Mountain that was in the Sacred Realm refused to accept it.

As a result, the servant of the man in white wiped it out of this world with one palm, causing a sensation in the entire Heavenly Domain and causing all kinds of discussions.

All kinds of terrifying rumors made many Sacred Mountains and restricted areas uneasy, for fear of when it would be their turn next!

This news shocked countless monks and creatures to the extreme.

Many people speculated that the Immortal from the Upper Realm who appeared in the Xuan Domain had come to Heavenly Domain!

And the identity of that little girl also shocked countless cultivators and forces, and there were all kinds of speculations.


At the same time, the leader of the Black Wind bandits was in a cold sweat after listening to the reports of the other chiefs.

The incident in the Northern Mountain Village had not only shocked them, but even the forces in other places had heard of it.

When the Immortal descended on that day, all the bandits who raised their hands were wiped from the heavens and the earth.

Such a fairy tale was even more shocking when the villagers of the Northern Mountain Village told it in person, which led many forces to quietly send people to investigate.

The current Northern Mountain Village was different from the past, although it was full of mortals without cultivation.

But no force dared to provoke it.

Because some cultivators speculated that the little girl next to the Immortal was someone from the Northern Mountain Village!

So much so that the villagers of the Northern Mountain Village seemed to have a relationship with the immortal.

Even some Holy Land disciples did not dare to offend them too much when they saw them!

“Master, shall we repay this revenge”

The third chief next to him asked with a solemn expression.

But before he finished speaking, their leader slapped him in the face.

“Revenge A fart All of you must remember.

Don’t ask me anything about the Northern Mountain Village, don’t say a word, just pretend that you don’t know, understand”

Their leader said fiercely, but only he knew now that his back was wet with cold sweat.

That Immortal from the Upper Realm was definitely the mysterious Lord who suddenly appeared during that time!

On this point, the leader of bandits was convinced.

He didn’t know why the Immortal from the Upper Realm arranged it like this, but he knew what he was doing, and it would be fine to rot in his stomach.

He was a wise man, so he knew that it was already the greatest gift that the Immortal from the Upper Realm did not take action to wipe out the entire Black Wind bandits!

Or tell him what to do.


Thinking of this, the leader of the bandits was even more decisive, and he directly took action, and abruptly cut off his memory about that part!

At this time, no one except the Immortal from the Upper Realm knew that it was him who arranged the Black Wind bandits to suddenly want to slaughter the village.

No one could trace the truth anymore.


On the other side, Gu Changge took Yaoyao to travel in the Heavenly Domain, looking for some precious divine blood material for her to train.

At the same time, he also learned a lot about her and her brother.

Of course, these things started when Granny Yinhua accidentally picked up a baby by the river after she went into seclusion.

Granny Yinhua was also a disciple of an incomparably powerful master in the Holy Land back then, and she had a good talent.

But for some reason, the sect where she was, went into a rapid decline, and after encountering an opposing sect, it fell apart.

Gu Changge was not interested in this.

If it was the Son of Luck, maybe he would help the silver haired granny to restore the sect or something.

But for him, it did nothing to do so.

And the baby that Granny Yinhua picked up was naturally Yaoyao’s older brother, the current reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, Jiang Yang.

From this point of view, Jiang Yang might have a background of bitterness and hatred behind him, and he was abandoned by his parents because of some last resort.

Gu Changge was not interested in learning about it.

The name Jiang Yang was different from the usual Son of Luck.

Gu Changge was a little surprised that there was no Ye, Fan, Hao, etc., but it was reasonable.

Like this kind of reincarnation, the Son of Luck was not comparable to that kind of cliché.

This kind of start was high, the background was strong, it was estimated that even his mood was also quite different from those ordinary Children of Luck.

Gu Changge didn’t find it challenging.

After all, there was no one from the Upper Realm to intervene here.

In the Heavenly Star realm, he didn’t say that he could cover the sky with one hand, but it was actually not much different.

Now that the identity of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor had been determined, everything was easy to handle.

Nip the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor in the bud.

On the way, drain all the Luck points from him.

This was Gu Changge’s next purpose and plan.

From Granny Yinhua’s words, Gu Changge knew even more that the Human Ancestor was reincarnated more than a year ago and was taken away by the cultivators of the Immortal Lun Sect to practice, and there was no news since then.

Immortal Lun Sect, their ancestor was Immortal Lun Supreme.

This surprised Gu Changge.

According to the world barrier of Heavenly Star Realm, there was a Great Sacred Realm at most.

If you want to achieve the Quasi-Supreme Realm, you need some luck or chance.

Or seclusion for countless years to make a breakthrough.

The Ancestor of this Immortal Lun Sect turned out to be someone in the Supreme Realm.

This could only show that he was not a creature born in this world, and it might also be from the Upper Realm.

In addition, the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor was now cultivating in Immortal Lun Sect, but he didn’t know how much of his reincarnation memory had awakened.

“The good thing was that the so-called Awakening of Reincarnation was actually no different from taking over someone’s body, swallowing up the original consciousness and letting the previous memory dominate.”

Gu Changge smiled with deep meaning.

To deal with such a Son of Luck, he had long been familiar with it, and naturally he was within his grasp.

He had already thought about the plan.

Yaoyao and Granny Yinhua, as the relatives of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor of this world, were naturally his main weakness.

On the other hand, except for Gu Changge, no one knew the true identity of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor.

Even Yaoyao didn’t know about it.


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