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Chapter 289: The routines are too old, he should come up with new tricks, Building the immortal road to the sky (Part 2)

Next to several strong people, they heard the words and laughed.

In the words of this strong man named green ghost, there was a little flattering and ingratiating.

The reason was also very simple, because the creature named Green Ghost, had already reached the cultivation level of the God King realm.

They were only at the Heavenly God realm, which was more than a chip away.

On the other hand, this Green Ghost was now highly valued by the Immortal Lun Sect, and his future success was unlimited.

Now he was responsible for guarding this place of the old antiquities, which was also very important to its reassurance.

Many important things were given to him.

On hearing this, the green ghost also smiled smugly, after getting bragged about, he appeared to be in a good mood.

Then, remembering what the Sect master had explained, he looked right and said.

“There is no mistaking the echo this time, this is the perfect time for us to raise our clan to ascend to the upper realm, the ancestors of Immortal Lun are waiting for us up there!”

“Forge the road to immortality, cut down the sky and ascend, today!”

His words also ignited the emotions in the hearts of the people beside him, and when they thought of what was going to happen in the future, they couldn’t help but become overwhelmed with emotions.

They also became incomparably excited.

The rest of the people also spoke up, their expressions were angry and resigned, but with emotions such as yearning and longing.

“Yes! Forging the path to immortality, such great achievements, who can think of it”

“Nowadays, it is difficult to ascend to the upper realm, in the entire Heavenly Star Realm, it has been almost 200,000 years since anyone has ascended, and now they are all wondering if the path to the upper realm is broken”

“Since the heaven wants to stop us, then why should we obey the heaven!”

“Casting the road to immortality is the best chance for our Immortal Lun Sect to raise our faction to the upper realm! No one will know that we have found the perfect place to fly to immortality in the canon here……”

For a while, thinking about this matter, they all had hot eyes and could not wait for that day to come soon.

To ascend to the upper world, that was almost all cultivators’ lifelong dream and pursuit.

They were naturally no exception.

Now, there was such an opportunity in front of them, how could they not be excited and thrilled

The Immortal Lun Sect was an extremely mysterious and powerful force in the current Heavenly Star Realm, with an incomparably long heritage.

The sacred realm elders known to the world alone were nearly ten, sitting in the secr, no one dared to offend them.

In addition to this, there were also the Great Sacred realm ancestors and other existences, and it was suspected that there was a great sacred realm existence sealed deep in the sect.

This kind of heritage was astonishing in the Heavenly Star Realm, strong and prosperous!

And at its peak, there were rumors that there was a supreme being in the Immortal Lun Sect, the ancestor of the current Immortal Lun Sect!

Among the rumors, it seemed that this Immortal Lun Supreme was not the original character of the Heavenly Star Realm, and had a very odd origin, not a human race.

On the contrary, it was a kind of congenital birth, born with an extremely terrifying strength.

Later, he created the Immortal Lun Sect and disappeared, and he is said to have left this realm and ascended.

Under the many rumors, no one was clear about the truth.

But about the powerful mystery of the Immortal Lun Sect, there was no doubt.

In the Heavenly domain, only a few forces dared to provoke the Immortal Lun Sect, and had also disappeared into the dust and smoke of history.

“I heard that an incomparably mysterious upper immortal has recently appeared in the Xuan domain, could it be that he came down here because he sensed movement in the upper realm”

At this moment, a strong person suddenly spoke up and mentioned this matter, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

The Green Ghost was no exception.

An immortal coming from the upper realm, just these words alone gave an unparalleled terrifying deterrent effect.

“It’s unlikely, if the ancestor didn’t have a feeling and entrusted a dream to the patriarch to let us forge the path to immortality.

How could we possibly know such things I think this matter should be a coincidence, right”

The person next to him shook his head.

“Anyway, it’s better to be careful, don’t let anyone notice what’s going on here in the Flying Immortal Mountain.

Especially that immortal of the Xuan domain, I just hope it leaves soon!”

“Understood, the matter is important, when catching the hard labor, I will also be careful.

The repercussions and ominousness of destroying the terrain of the Flying Immortal Mountain is not something that ordinary cultivators can bear, several batches of hard laborers have died……”

They said, with a worried gaze, swept over the crowd of toilers below who were reclaiming and digging to build the altar, intending to forge the road to immortality.

The matter of casting into the immortal road, in fact, began more than ten years ago, except that the natural terrain of the Flying Immortal Mountain, involving a lot of mysteries.

It always invited a lot of ominous, causing the process to push back.

“Hey, how is this guy still alive! I remember the toilers who came with him, all died, and he had boiled three groups of people to death……”

At this time, a strong man suddenly noticed a tall youth with a pale face and tattered and blood-stained clothes below, but with an incomparably resolute look, and could not help but be a little surprised.

This somewhat tall youth, who looked 18 or 19 years old, was gritting his teeth and digging at the mountain rocks in front of him.

His face was full of stains and looked dirty, but it was hard to hide his beautiful face.

And there was an inexplicable aura about him that could not be concealed even in the midst of a crowd, and one could not help but notice him.

“Oh Isn’t this the young man I took when I passed by a small village I still remember that his name was Jiang Yang.”

At this moment, the strong man named Green Ghost said with a dazed expression, carefully identifying and recognizing the youth.

“At that time, I found that his physique seemed to be a bit special, his aura and strength far exceeded that of ordinary people, so I thought I might have found a miracle talent and brought him back to the Sect.

But I did not expect that it would be the kind of cursed desolate sacred body, difficult to break the shackles of cultivation……”

“Even with the resources of my Immortal Lun Sect, he can not be cultivated, that is a bottomless pit, thinking that he has good strength, thrown here to cut the mountain……”

He continued, explaining the origins of that youth for the crowd.

At these words, the crowd all dawned.

They turned to look at that youth’s eyes, which have changed, with a strong regret.

After all, the Desolate Sacred Body, as can be seen from the name, was a waste physique, cursed by a certain existence in ancient times.

No matter how many resources were consumed, there was no possibility of a breakthrough in cultivation.

“This kind of physique, how long has it been seen No wonder it could boil so many batches of hard labor to death, this strength is indeed amazing.”

Several people nodded their heads and soon did not continue to care.

After all, a small cricket-like character would, sooner or later exhaust their essence and strength, and die here.

It was not worth their care.

If it was the Desolate Sacred Body without curse, they would probably still treat it as a treasure and do their best to cultivate it.

But after being cursed, this was a wastrel, without power and authority, only worthy of being a albor here!

“I can’t die here, I have to go back, I have to see my sister and granny……”

“Sister is still so young, if I die here, what will she do”

“Grandma is also so old, frail and sickly, older, but there is no one who can take care of her.”

And at this moment, the young man named Jiang Yang below, his eyes muddled, his body stained with blood, was struggling to reclaim the mountain rocks in front of him, his mouth muttering.

He was like a walking corpse, his fingers were already bloody, but he still didn’t give up, there was a belief and strength that was holding him up.

The strong man in charge of this place told him that if he survived three years, he would be able to leave.

There were still one year and 300 days left until three years.

He kept that in mind for all this time.

“Why bother You just need to accept my existence and you don’t have to suffer this torture anymore.”

At this time, a voice rang out in Jiang Yang’s mind.

Like with helplessness and sigh, more like a kind of compassion for the world sublime and great.

“I am me, why should I accept you Who the hell are you Get the hell out of my body!”

Hearing this voice, Jiang Yang’s spirit, which was still a bit muddled, was suddenly shaken.

He shouted in his heart with anger, telling this voice to get the hell out of his body.

“This is obviously my body, except that before I awakened, this consciousness of yours was born.

I don’t want to do anything to erase you.”

This voice, with helplessness and a few vicissitudes, sounded again.

Faintly, an arrogant figure with his hands on his back appeared in Jiang Yang’s mind.

He stared in shock, this was the first time since this voice appeared and explained.

“You just need to accept my existence, then I can fulfill all your long-cherished wishes for you, and take care of your young sister as well as your aged grandmother.”

I have to say, this voice, directly poked Jiang Yang’s weak point, so that his expression greatly changed up.

“Sister and granny……” He was muttering, looking torn.

And the voice, too, was bland and seemed to be in no hurry.

Then, Jiang Yang asked in his mind, “Accept you, or be erased by you, does it make a difference By then, I’ll already be gone, right”

“There is a difference, there is a difference between you accepting me voluntarily, and being erased by me.”

“What is not the same”

“The principle is not the same.”

At these words, Jiang Yang was silent, then smiled bitterly, “So in the end, I will still not be there, right At that time, am I still the real me I won’t promise you that.”

This voice, seemingly slightly stunned, then asked rhetorically.

“Do you know who I am What will you gain by accepting me……”

Jiang Yang was silent for a moment, and his face flashed with a touch of determination.

He thought of his sister, and the elderly grandmother who took care of both of them growing up.

“I don’t know who you are, but I know you are not simple, but as long as there is still a glimmer of chance, I will not give up!” He said steadfastly.

“You are a stubborn kid, it’s just that this body is not going to last a few days, when the time comes, you will understand……”

Letting out a disinterested laugh, this voice faded away.

No one could stop his return in this life.

Although many of his reincarnation memories had not been fused yet, it would not affect him in the least.


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