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Chapter 288: The routines are too old, he should come up with new tricks, Building the immortal road to the sky (Part 1)

Through Jiang Chuchu’s body, Gu Changge saw the plan against the human ancestor.

The faith of the beings in heaven and earth was a great source of luck for the human ancestor.

And such a thing as faith was very illusory.

The means of smearing sounded easy, but when implemented, they were actually very unrealistic.

If the plan to replace the human ancestor failed, Gu Changge would consider this, reversing right and wrong, confusing black and white, this kind of thing was something he was always good at.

“That said, the merits of the human ancestor is not that easy to discredit, after all, it’s kind of a brilliant role, if I really want to stain it, it’s not going to be easy, in the history of the long river of time, many truths were covered up.”

“Human Ancestor Hall prefers to establish such an image, so that the beings of heaven and earth would worship and chant for them.”

“It’s not like it’s not rewarding, maybe this guy’s cultivation style of the human ancestor is related to faith.”

Afterwards, Gu Changge left the inner world and went back inside the Taixu Sect.

From Jiang Chuchu, he didn’t get any effective method, but the scope of the Heavenly Star Realm was only eight domains.

There was no hurry.

If the forces of the Human Ancestor Hall really wanted to descend into this realm, he could consider ambushing a handful of people and finishing them off here.

The actual location of the reincarnated body of the human ancestor could not be found by Jiang Chuchu, but she could sense the people of the Human Ancestor Hall.

Gu Changge would have all the means to make her talk.

“In addition to that, it is necessary to keep an eye on the whereabouts of Yue Mingkong……”

Gu Changge closed his eyes, the eyes on Yue Mingkong, again played a great role at this time.

Soon, he sensed the exact area of Yue Mingkong.

Flood domain.

It was at least a hundred million miles away from the Xuan domain where he was now, so it wasn’t too much trouble if he wanted to rush there.

He just didn’t plan to show himself in front of Yue Mingkong.

In the following days, the whole Xuan domain was in a terrible turmoil.

A profoundly cultivated and mysterious superior immortal descended to the Taixu Sect, and even had an old relationship with the ancestor of the Taixu Sect from 800,000 years ago.

This news swept all around.

For a while, it caused the other three major powers to become anxious and precarious, fearing that the Taixu Sect would suddenly attack and unify the entire Xuan domain.

After all, in this situation, no matter who it was, one would certainly swell up with ambition.

The Taixu Sect was already strong and domineering, and now with this Supreme Immortal sitting on top of them, they would not make a move towards the rest of the forces

In everyone’s opinion, it was only a matter of time.

And soon, along with an oracle that came out from the Taixu Sect, the entire Xuan Domain was in uproar.

“The Xuan domain needs to be unified.”

It was a very simple, understated voice, delivered by the Taixu Sect Patriarch himself.

Hearing this news, all cultivators and creatures were shocked and stood frozen in place.

To them, it seemed that although it was transmitted by the Taixu Sect Patriarch, it was clearly the meaning of that Upper Immortal.

That mysterious superior immortal was going to help the Taixu Sect unify the Xuan domain!

Soon, this news quickly swept through like a big earthquake!

One of the other three forces in the Xuan Domain, the Heavenly Forest Sect.

Inside the main hall.

The current Saint Lord of the Heavenly Forest Sect was speaking to a group of elder disciples in front of him with a grave expression, saying.

“The Taixu Sect will definitely not let us go, that superior immortal can easily break the barrier of realms, his strength is absolutely unfathomable, reaching an unknowable realm.”

“Even if we wake up our oldest ancestors, it probably won’t help.

Now it has reached a critical moment of survival……”

His voice was heavy, as was his mood, and he slowly finished these.

“How can this Taixu Sect be so lucky that such a terrifying superior immortal has descended to help them!”

“I’m not willing! Could it be that the foundation of my Heavenly Forest Sect for hundreds of thousands of years is now going to be destroyed”

“Why Why Isn’t it good to stay in the upper world Why did he have to come down to……”

“He’s clearly an immortal from the nine heavens, why is he in this mortal world Meddling with the affairs among the mole crickets.”

Hearing these words, many elders had a face of despair.

They did not want the sect that they had painstakingly operated for hundreds of thousands of years to fall into the hands of the Taixu Sect, nor did they want to submit to the Taixu Sect, but what could they do


With such actions, the consequence was tantamount to burying the entire Sect.

The entire Heavenly Forest Sect was enveloped in this desperate, unwilling emotion.

Against Gu Changge, they could not resist in the slightest, nor did they dare to resent!

In the Xuan domain, they were high and mighty figures who could easily decide the life and death of countless creatures and cultivators.

But in the eyes of that immortal, they were not even enough to be ants.

Things like the Heavenly Forest Sect were still being played out in the rest of the major powers today.

Under this oracle, the entire Xuan domain was plunged into this oppressive atmosphere of fear.

The rest of the powers, except for the Taixu Sect, were incomparably worried, especially the cultivators who personally witnessed that Upper Immortal descending into the world that day.

How far was the strength of an upper immortal who could give a divine weapon at will Who could know

What should we do at this time Naturally, it is to honestly obey the order, show the intention of submission, do not try to resist, because there is only a dead end.

With such thoughts, many of the great powers in the Xuan domain were not stupid and began to take the initiative to surrender to the Taixu Sect, willing to submit.

Many cultivators realized that the Xuan domain, which had been in constant strife, had begun to achieve unification at this time.

This news also alarmed several other domains.

In terms of the entire Heavenly Star Realm, the overall power of the Xuan Domain could only be considered to be at the upper middle level.

Except the Heavenly Domain, where the Dragon Veins of the Heavenly Star Realm converged.

The rest of the top powers of the domains, at this time, were more or less aware that a mysterious Immortal had appeared in the Tai Xu Sect of the Xuan Domain.

Many rumors about this immortal also began to spread among the cultivators.

Some said that he was an old acquaintance of the ancestor of the Taixu Sect 800,000 years ago, and that he was an ancient being who had lived for millions of years, with an unfathomable cultivation.

Others said that it was an immortal posture, divine bones of the exiled immortal, immortal intent dazzling, and one simply could not see the appearance.

For a time, the Heavenly Star Realm became dark and turbulent.

The forces led by the Taixu Sect also searched for all kinds of talented and powerful young heavenly talents during this period of time under the pretext of recruiting disciples.

If one suffered a setback when he was young and then soared to the sky, it was even better, and would be given preferential treatment.

The Xuan domain was vast and boundless, and the number of cultivators and living beings was simply too many to count.

But there were very few young talents who met these conditions.

The Taixu Sect would do this, in many people’s opinion, there was no excuse.

After all, after the unification of the Xuan domain, they urgently needed a lot of manpower and wide recruitment of disciples or something was too normal.

“His luck is indeed quite a bit more than the average geniuses, but obviously compared with the reincarnation of human ancestor, it’s still far from the same, it’s simply a difference of the worlds.”

“There is no comparison.”

“However, it is better than nothing, a few thousand luck points are better than nothing.”

Inside the main hall, Gu Changge shook his head slightly, looking a little disappointed, and waved his hand to let the Taixu Sect Patriarch go back.

He stared at the young genius who looked shocked and appalled, still unaware of what was about to happen, and looked a bit puzzled.

Hearing this young genius’s origin, Gu Changge was a little interested at first.

Because this young genius had also been down and out for a while, suffering a fiancée’s withdrawal and betrayal by his childhood sweetheart.

His mother, a young lady from a large family, was passing through a certain place and was attacked by the enemy and was seriously injured.

As a result, his father stepped forward and saved her.

The two then got attached, got married, and gave birth to this young genius, and then the usual drama.

The mother’s identity was discovered, the clan forcibly sent people to take her away, seriously hurt his father, but cut the grass and not remove the root, forcibly pulled a brainless hatred.

The bitter teenager carried the powerful bloodline of his mother’s clan, but because of his father, resulting in meridian depression, was treated as a waste of time for many years.

It was not easy to get a divine blood grass by chance, and was cheated by his childhood friend.

What happened after that, Gu Changge di not ask anymore.

He had thought that it would be good leeks, but it turned out that there were not many luck points at all, no, for him now, the luck points could only stuff his teeth.

“I don’t know what’s the matter that the superior immortal summoned me here”

This young genius still looked somewhat calm in front of Gu Changge, and did not panic.

After all, he was a son of luck, and still had an edge in terms of guts.

However, Gu Changge was too lazy to talk nonsense, and didn’t even bother to pay attention to him.

With a puff!

A palm directly covered down!

After casually harvesting the thousands of luck points of this scrappy reverse stream son of luck, Gu Changge soon fell into thinking again.

He looked thoughtful and began to consider what went wrong, looking around, but not many sons of luck appeared.

Still the usual routine was too old.

This time the reincarnation of the human ancestor should have some new tricks, right

“It seems that waiting for the rabbit is not going to work, I have to go around to do it, if I only rely on these people, I’m afraid it will not work.”

Thinking of this, Gu Changge then got up and left the Taixu Sect, appearing outside in the high sky.

With a single step, he blurred the void and was gone in an instant.


At the same time, the Heavenly Star Realm, the Heavenly Domain.

In the middle of a remote and vast deep mountain, the mountain was lofty and stretched endlessly.

Spiritual aura was dense, ancient trees were in the sky, the aroma of divine medicine was incomparably fragrant, and the spiritual aura of heaven and earth was rising up everywhere, transforming into various fierce beasts.

True Dragon, divine Phoenix, Black Tortoise, Qilin ……

If there were proficient in the direction of the terrain, dragon line cultivators here would certainly be shocked to stare at this place to find the anomaly to come.

The various mountains were like resurrected and appear majestic.

Looking down from high altitude, a dragon vein converged and warms this place.

If it were in the upper world, it would definitely be a place to fly to immortality, which would attract all parties to fight for it.

And at this moment, many cultivators and creatures were gathered here, all kind of races with majestic bloodlines.

In the excavation of the mountains below, they seemed to be building something.

High in the sky, a strong man shrouded in divine glory and aura was standing.

He was wielding a whip, and scolding the cultivators below.

Apparently, the crowd of cultivators and living beings below were all treated as slaves and were doing hard labor here.

Their expressions were dull and indifferent, just like the walking dead.

They only knew to build altars and other things here, seemingly unaware of the hard work.

A powerful being with two wings on his back, like a blue-colored stern ghost, looked down on the people below, and with a smug face, said to the few people next to him.

“Today I have captured another group of slaves, this merit, when the time comes, I must let the patriarch give me a reward!”

“Definitely take note, definitely take note, Brother Qing Gui just don’t worry.”

“You have joined my Immortal Lun Sect for less than a hundred years, and you have already made great achievements, and you have been promoted to the position of deacon, which makes us envious.”

“In the future, when the road to immortality opens, among the great events of my Immortal Lun Sect, Brother Qing Gui will definitely take the lead and soar to the upper realm……”


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