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Chapter 197: Why Doesn’t Brother Gu Back out of This Marriage Contract; Brother Gu is Truly Unfathomable!

Wang Zijin’s personality was indifferent and arrogant, showing a sort of aloofness carved into her very bones.

Her temperament was actually similar to Gu Xian’er in that sense.

It’s just that Gu Xian’er only acted cold and arrogant, especially in front of outsiders.

However, when she was in front of Gu Changge, she was just a silly kid that couldn’t hide from his eyes.

Gu Changge was very familiar with these types of people and knew exactly how to deal with them.

Wang Zijin didn’t know that he was also a transmigrator.

As such, when dealing with anything related to her, he must always consider and be attentive towards the transmigrator’s unique opinions and perspective.

Gu Changge’s smile deepened upon thinking of this.

All he wanted to do now was accompany Wang Zijin’s plotline and act like a somewhat special Young Supreme.

Wasn’t she interested in him

One must know that being interested in a strange man was a fatal attraction for a woman.

A fact that even Wang Zijin did not realize.

Gu Changge would never keep someone who was a threat to him by his side.

Of course, Gu Changge had another method to deal with this.

As long as Wang Zijin wasn’t aware of his identity as a fellow transmigrator, he could devise a very useful plan and catch her unawares.

Wang Zijin was still a woman, after all.

It was not too difficult to make her submissive to him and use her for his own purposes.

[After a few hours.]

On the mountain peak filled with dense mist, the gnarly ancient trees grew towards the heavens, and many priceless medicinal herbs could be found scattered all around.

An ethereal divine land.

Originally, it was Wang Wushuang who had come to visit Gu Changge.

And his sister, Wang Zijin, had only come to join the fun, intending to be a spectator on the sidelines and take a look at this so-called strongest of the younger generation.

And yet…

Wang Wushuang and the others didn’t expect the tables to suddenly turn, and that they would be the ones to keep the two of them company.

Gu Changge and Wang Zijin were now talking very leisurely, raising and clinking their cups together.

With a smile on her face, Wang Zijin discussed the various aspects of cultivation and life with Gu Changge, as if she had completely forgotten about her surroundings.

This made Wang Wushuang, Xiu’er and others a little shocked, feeling dumbfounded.

Although Wang Zijin usually acts very approachable, she was very haughty in reality and was prideful down to her bones.

She would not put any ordinary Young Supremes in her eyes at all.

Xiu’er knew that even if a descendant of an Ancient Emperor in Heavenly Domain, with a distinguished status and thousands of vassals, were to come to visit the Young Miss, she might still not bother with him at all.

It was possible that the Young Miss would dismiss him without even saying a word.

That said, Wang Zijin’s attitude towards Gu Changge could be said to have changed a lot.

Since she had previously considered him as mere cannon fodder.

Now, she had instead taken the initiative to engage in a conversation with him.

This change made Xiu’er’s eyes widen in disbelief.

But Wang Zijin didn’t care about the opinion of the Wang family around her.

At this moment, she had already noticed the difference between Gu Changge and the rest of the ordinary Young Supremes.

There were a shocking amount of similarities between their views on cultivation and other things.

This feeling surprised her and she became more and more interested in Gu Changge.

For the first time after arriving in this world for more than 20 years, she felt like she had finally found a confidant. 

In this strange fantasy world, she found a sense of familiarity.

Gu Changge’s refreshing perspective, whether it was his speech, insight, or opinion, astounded her.

He was completely different from the other young Supremes she had seen.

Even those old monsters who have been cultivating for a long time were far inferior to Gu Changge in this aspect.

His views were so similar to hers that Wang Zijin doubted whether he had the same origin as herself, though Gu Changge’s words and actions soon dispelled those doubts.

 Although she and Gu Changge possessed many similar opinions, on other topics, Gu Changge’s perspective was actually no different from those of the native Young Supremes.

Gu Changge was just a little special.

But… these similarities were already enough to make her have a strong interest in him, to the point where there had never been a moment when she wanted to dig deep into one person’s past more than now.

‘Although he truly doesn’t seem like a decent and upright fellow.

He’s still much better than the kind of people who keep two-facedly upholding justice and virtues…’

Within Wang Zijin’s eyes, that strange gleam was getting cleared, growing ever more intense, showing the high evaluation of Gu Changge she had in her heart.

It was not easy for anyone to make her this interested, not to mention that today was only their first time meeting each other.

“Miss Zijin’s insights are really enlightening.

This Gu truly found our conversations refreshing.”

At this time, Gu Changge couldn’t help but sigh, “Only after meeting Miss Zijin today, did I understand what the phrase “meeting a fated one late” means.”

After saying that, he looked at her as if he had just found a confidant.

Hearing this, Wang Zijin pursed her lips and spoke with a smile, “Brother Gu seems to be the same as me.

In the future, brother Gu will surely become a supreme being, standing on top of the world.

Someone who can overlook all worldly matters.”

Her words shocked everyone in the Wang family behind them, especially the old monsters of the Wang family, setting off a huge wave in their hearts.

Wang Zijin was bound to become a True Immortal in the future because of her special physique.

Hence, her views have always been completely different from the rest.

She doesn’t even take Young Supremes with the bloodline of an Ancient Emperor to heart, let alone mention those ordinary Young Supremes.

Yet she still spoke highly of Gu Changge, though this was their first meeting.

Those words, if spread out, were enough to cause a sensation among the Young Supremes and within the Heavenly Domain, sending great waves everywhere.

This only shows that Gu Changge’s true strength was by no means as simple as it seems.

They had been deceived.

The hearts of the old monsters of the Immortal Wang Family were restless for a long time.

‘What kind of ability does Gu Changge possess to make Miss Zijin evaluate him so highly’

Gu Changge couldn’t help but be stunned at these words as he chuckled lightly.

After thinking of something, he couldn’t help but show a regretful expression, “It’s just a pity that I didn’t meet Miss Zijin sooner.

It might be one of the greatest regrets in my life.”

Hearing this, Wang Zijin was full of smiles, and the shine in her eyes began to stir.

The cheeky Favoured Daughter of Heaven smirked.

“Oh, Brother Gu.

If you say this, aren’t you afraid your fiancée will hear it and become jealous”


Well, it’s not too late to know each other now.

So Brother Gu, why not we go and cancel the engagement together How about you marry me instead”

She could also see that Gu Changge was merely being polite and nothing more.

Such a domineering man couldn’t be tempted by a woman so easily.

His so-called greatest regret or whatever, was in fact, simply a superficial remark.

In the blink of an eye, the woman of the past may be forgotten.

Even if the woman was as dazzling as she was.

This was enough to show the firmness of his Dao Heart, unlike the rest of the Young Supremes, who are easily disturbed by external objects.

So Wang Zijin’s intentions when asking that question were just to tease him a bit.

“Elder sister…”


When Wang Zijin finished speaking…

Gu Changge hadn’t even said anything yet, but the faces of Wang Wushuang, the old monster of the Immortal Wang family, and the others behind her had already changed drastically.

Their eyes widened in extreme shock.

How bold Wang Zijin was to say those words so casually!

‘If this remark is heard by someone with even a little bit of intelligence, they would definitely think that the Immortal Wang Family is deliberately provoking the Supreme Immortal Dynasty.’

‘There’s no need to say such a thing so casually in public even if she really did appreciate Gu Changge, right’

It was unthinkable.

Both as a woman and as the Humans Ancestral Hall’s descendant.

Her careless words were practically begging people to criticize her.

Everyone was dumbfounded, including both the Immortal Wang Family and the powerhouses of the Primordial Divine Sect behind Gu Changge.

 Even the man himself seemed stunned as his expression shook from its usual indifference.

He reacted a moment later, “Miss Zijin’s words are really hard for this Gu to accept.

That said, even if this Gu wanted to agree, the forces behind you probably won’t allow it…”

He naturally knew that Wang Zijin was merely teasing him.

Which normal girl would dare to say such bold words like her

Gu Changge didn’t take it to heart.

Thus, he used this topic to counter-ask a question to see if he could get some information about the forces backing Wang Zijin.

Hearing this, Wang Zijin said with a wry smile, “Brother Gu rejected me so straightforwardly, how sad.”

She was actually not surprised that Gu Changge would say that.

How can it be so easy to break off a marriage between forces

She was indeed interested in Gu Changge, but not to the point where she wanted him only for herself.

As a transmigrator with an ancient power backing her and a terrifying talent, even the direct descendant of the Ancient Emperor can’t get into her eyes, let alone normal Young Supremes.

She also had no intention of taking advantage of some big pig’s foot[1].

[1: Big pig’s foot is a Chinese saying referring to a loathsome, unfaithful, insensitive or chauvinistic man.]

Moreover, Gu Changge pointing out the forces behind her meant that he had obviously guessed her identity.

This surprised her.

One should know that even members of the Immortal Wang family might not know about her backers.

“Brother Gu, you don’t have to worry about the forces behind me.

Whatever I want to do, they can’t stop me.”

Afterwards, Wang Zijin continued to speak, with a bit of self-confidence and arrogance in her words, like she didn’t take her identity as the descendent of the Human Ancestral Hall as important.

Hearing this, Gu Changge’s eyes flashed with a strange glint.

He really didn’t know what Wang Zijin’s backers were since he didn’t even investigate her yet.

He had been spouting pure nonsense.

There were so many forces in this world, how could he know where Wang Zijin was cultivating before

But according to Wang Zijin’s calm words, it seemed the forces behind her did not affect her decision.

And it happened to go against him

Was it the Ancient Immortal Gu family’s enemy Obviously not.

Then it was most likely.



against the other identity of his, being the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

Almost instantly, Gu Changge guessed the identity of Wang Zijin.

‘Human Ancestral Hall’s descendent After all, apart from the Human Ancestral Hall, “Gu Changge” didn’t know any power in this world that could oppose the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.’

‘How interesting… Even the Human Ancestral Hall is beginning to intervene in worldly matters.’

While thinking of this, Gu Changge retained a calm expression on his face.

No one could detect anything unusual about him.

He nodded and replied, “Miss Zijin is so talented and strong.

Indeed, you don’t need to care about the forces behind you.”

This time, it was Wang Zijin’s turn to be surprised.

She was unable to see through Gu Changge’s true strength, but from what Gu Changge said, it seemed that he had seen right through her

She understood that her talent isn’t weaker than any Young Supreme that has existed since ancient times.

But now… Wang Zijin found out that Gu Changge was hidden under a heavier fog than she initially imagined.

Combined with previous rumours about Gu Changge, his actions of digging up his cousin’s Dao Bones while he was still young, or how he showed his identity as the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation’s heir, one must wonder how many unknown means in the dark he still had left

She wasn’t able to tell.

“Brother Gu is really unfathomable!”

Wang Zijin had to say so at the moment, acknowledging Gu Changge’s strength.

She had really underestimated the native Young Supremes of this world, and Gu Changge had taught her an important lesson.

At this moment, Gu Changge also heard the system prompt.

Thousands of Fortune Value and Destiny Points were obtained.

As a leek, Wang Zijin was obviously way easier to harvest than the other Favoured Daughters of Heaven.

These Fortune Values and Destiny Points came one after another, and they were so abundant that even Gu Changge was a little surprised.

However, his face remained without abnormality, and his smile was natural.

Fortune Value and Destiny Points were but one aspect.

He saw another useful thing in her outside of being an easy farm.

After chatting for a while, everyone in the Immortal Wang family soon decided to leave.

Today’s events made them see Gu Changge in a new light.

His methods, talent, and cultivation base were all unfathomable and mysterious.

Everyone was immersed in their own thoughts.

“Brother Gu, we will meet again.”

Wang Zijin left her parting note, and then bowed slightly, lightly smiling.

The Holy Daughter turned around and left in a leisurely manner.

“Take care, Miss Zijin.”

Gu Changge faintly smiled and said, standing on the top of the mountain as the mountain wind blew, his hair shining like crystal.

An otherworldly scene like an immortal from myth.

After watching the Immortal Wang family leave…

The smile on his face quickly disappeared, replaced by an unfathomable expression.

“Lets go.” Gu Changge ordered.


Inside the void behind him, several Heavenly God Realm powerhouses arrived, all of whom were members of Gu Changge’s Inner circle. 

They respectfully saluted.

“Young Master.”

“Go and observe what Mingkong is doing recently.

You are required to report her every movement to me at all times.”

Gu Changge thought for a while and decided to start with Yue Mingkong, but not because he wanted to ‘spend a night’ with Yue Mingkong again.

But because Yue Mingkong, as a regressed person, should possess some information about the future.

Knowing her whereabouts would also allow Gu Changge to roughly see what situations might happen and enable him to prepare for them.

And he needed information more than anything now that even the descendants of the Human Ancestral Hall were coming out.

Gu Changge naturally knew about the rumours regarding the Human Ancestor, so he had to make some arrangements in advance.

He must guard against that person, and most importantly, plot against them.

This was because he harboured a sneaking suspicion that this fabled Human Ancestor carried the highest amount of luck in the Upper Realm.

As for whether he was the Favoured Son of Heaven, it doesn’t matter, as long as he had a great amount of luck, it was enough for Gu Changge.

Fortune plundering cards could not only plunder the luck of Favoured Sons of Heaven, but also the luck of the person with a great amount of it.

As the descendant of the Human Ancestral Hall, Wang Zijin’s appearance in the outside world meant that the Human Ancestor of this generation will soon be born.

Gu Changge will definitely not leave such a big hidden danger alive for the future he planned to craft.

The Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor and the Human Ancestor had always been life and death enemies.

Since Immortal Period, there have been many Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritors who have died at the hands of this Human Ancestor.

Adhering to the ideal of purifying the world, once the Human Ancestor was reborn, he would definitely make a move on him.

Gu Changge was actually very clear about this.

Although he had put the blame of the Forbidden Demonic Art’ Inheritor on Ye Ling’s head temporarily, this was not a lifetime solution.

Especially, if the Human Ancestor possessed the means to identify the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, making it a huge potential danger to him.

Gu Changge plans to get rid of the Human Ancestor before they could even get a chance to rise.

Whether it was to replace him or to kill him quickly, they were both good options.

“Yes, Young Master.”

These subordinates left the instant they received the orders, ready to inquire about Yue Mingkong’s whereabouts.

Gu Changge had planted someone at Yue Mingkong’s side before, but after the incident in the Baiheng Mountain Range, Yue Mingkong seemed to have noticed his trick, so she carefully cleaned up the people around her.

In the end, she found out who Gu Changge had planted.

Regardless, Yue Mingkong didn’t exactly care too much about this.

After all, in her opinion, doing this type of action was perfectly in line with Gu Changge’s temperament.

She just replaced all of Gu Changge’s spies the day after.

And Gu Changge’s trust in Yue Mingkong was high as well, so her replacing those spies did not bother him either.

The reason why those people were placed beside her last time was mainly because Yue Mingkong refused to tell him where the Fairy Gate was.

If there was anyone else in this world that Gu Changge trusted the most besides his parents, it would definitely be Yue Mingkong.

No doubt about that.

[After a few days.]

The turbulent situation in the Ancient Immortal Continent had undergone tremendous changes.

Following the fall of the True Dragon Clan, the other major clans hesitated for a long time before finally making a decision.

The Ancient Serpent, the Divine Crocodile, and the Black Heavenly Eagle Clans slaughtered the remaining traitors in every cardinal direction, cleaning up the dregs of resistance remaining in the Ancient Immortal Continent.

As for who the traitors were It didn’t really matter.

As long as one did not surrender to Gu Changge, they would be branded as traitors.

And traitors would be hunted down and killed.

Under such oppression, the rest of the Ancient Immortal Races also made their choice and decided to surrender to Gu Changge, latching onto the life-saving boat that was the Immortal Gu Family.

The entire Ancient Immortal Continent was henceforth a fully united front.

One with both the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace and Ancient Immortal Gu family backing it.

This decision caused a huge sensation throughout the Upper Realm.

Of course, in the eyes of many Daoist Sects and Immortal Clans, this matter was quite normal, and it was bound to happen eventually.

The Ancient Immortal Continent itself was created by the ancestors of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace.

Conceived during the Immortal Period with his supreme power, a fact that has allowed them to survive until today.

Once the True Dragon Clan was defeated, the rest of the Ancient Immortal Races would not have the guts nor the ability to contend against the forces behind Gu Changge.

And in this battle, Gu Changge’s momentum has once again reached an unprecedented peak.

The title of strongest in the younger generation was also circulated among the cultivators of the Dao Lineages.

The roar bustled with a great sensation as the waves reached everywhere at once.

His identity as the Heir of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation was also exposed to the world.

No one had thought that Gu Changge would have such an identity.

This made who knows how many cultivators envious and jealous, especially those from the younger generation.

Gu Changge’s talent was already outrageously powerful, and now that he was the Heir of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation, it was like giving wings to a tiger.

Subsequently, the battle details were relayed to the world from various sources.

Countless cultivators were shocked beyond words, deeply shaken, not daring to imagine how one person could achieve so much.

— — —

[Within the territory of the Royal family of the Vermillion Bird Clan]

Inside a grand palace, with rune-like clouds and looming treasure lights.

“Wheel of Samsara.

An imitation of a Dao Weapon…”

“I didn’t expect Daoist Brother Changge to be the Heir of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation.

He has hidden it well.”

“No wonder Ye Ling used powers that seemed related to the Laws of Time that day.

It turns out that he knew about this matter long ago, and planned to put the black pot of being the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor onto Daoist Brother Changge…”

[Kshn: Author made her an idiot.]

Chi Ling, the Holy Maiden of the Vermillion Bird Clan, had a cold expression on her face, as she spoke in a soft voice.

After leaving the Ancient Immortal Continent, she had been looking for the traces of Ye Ling but found there were apparently none that could be seen.

However, some time ago, the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor appeared again and attacked many Young Supreme of various Daoist Sects and Immortal Clans.

Most of them were found dead with their Origins sucked dry.

This alerted her.

These incidents showed that Ye Ling hadn’t gone far, but was instead secretly hiding somewhere.

Chi Ling felt uneasy.

She had not found any trace of Ye Ling after all this time.

But she knew that Ye Ling’s methods were amazing, especially his concealment technique, which could deceive even the Heavenly Insight.

Back then, he could hide his origin and even disguise himself as the Heir of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation.

Finding out Ye Ling’s whereabouts was immensely challenging, like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thinking of this, Chi Ling sighed and decided to look up the relevant books.

She could only accept the fact that people like her could do nothing when faced with the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

After all, it was impossible for everyone to be like Gu Changge, who could deal fatal injuries to the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

Facing such a legendary figure, unless they have innumerable means to save their lives, they would most likely end up dead.


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