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Chapter 11: Believe In the Young Lord.

Decent Self-Delusions

Su Qingge in actuality had deeply consider the matter before she said it.

She was a very smart woman.

The other soul of hers had its own wisdom too.

It helped her a lot with planning and coming up with ideas.

Gu Changge’s majesty was just too heavy.

Sometimes, he’s just completely cold, gazing down on all.

Yet, sometimes, it feels like he’s toying around with the world.

It made him really unpredictable.

He wasn’t like Ye Chen, who was pure like a blank slate.

But that was the reason why Su Qingge was so nervous.

It can’t be helped.

The only thing she could do was display her sincerity.

Nine Yin Mystic Concubine Body.

If it was exposed that she had a body so perfect for being made a cauldron.

She would definitely become targeted by a lot of old monsters.

For her to tell Gu Changge such a thing was basically a guarantee that she would not dare to have any disloyal thoughts toward him.

Su Qingge knows that with Gu Changge’s capabilities, he would definitely understand her intentions.

Thus, now she needs to observe just what how Gu Changge would react to all this.

“Nine Yin Mystic Concubine Body.

That’s a perfect constitution as a cauldron.

You actually just revealed it to me just like that”

Gu Changge’s voice was steady, not revealing any of his actual feelings.

Su Qingge lowered her head and spoke softly, “I believe in the young lord as a person.”

Those words were merely polite talk.

Is Gu Changge really such an upright person

He hides his thoughts deeply and is hard to predict.

He’s more like a villain than anything else.

At the very least, she couldn’t tell what he’s actually like as a person.

“What insincere words.”

Gu Changge let out a laugh.

Su Qingge pursed her lips and didn’t respond.

Gu Changge gave her a glance.

A lovely and admirable heroine was standing before him like that.

Her features were delicate and well formed.

Her eyes were like the streams in autumn, her brows beautiful as the mountains.

Her dark hair perfectly framed her face, which was pale and smooth, glistening with a light that captures the heart.

And there was a hint of nervousness to her countenance.

Truth be told, it’s not like he’s Liu Xiahui.

(T/N: Reference to Zhan Huo, ancient Chinese official famed for his virtue)

Facing the Su Qingge’s situation, he didn’t try to help or force her.

Everything happened by her own free choice.

It was completely just.

“System, what about this situation where she’s giving herself to me Would there be fortune backlash if I were to eat her up now”

Of course, Gu Changge will still consult the system first.

Out of everything in the world, it’s his own life that’s the most important here.

So long as it doesn’t endanger his own life, he wouldn’t care one bit just what Su Qingge’s really thinking.

Only the protagonist worry over feelings.

He’s the villain, so of course he’s going the physical route.

He wanted to take her forcibly before, but he was afraid of the fortune backlash.

But now she’s the one who’s handing herself over.

“Based on the heroine’s current fortune value, she has not truly submitted to the master yet.

Any relation right now has a high likelihood of causing a fortune backlash.”

The system so explained.


He should have expected this.

Shitty world.

Worthless fortune.

In the far east, a certain divine crab monster was watching and waiting.

(T/N: Reference to Baidu internet meme)

Things were within Gu Changge’s expectations.

Of course, he didn’t show the slightest change in his expressions and continued to speak indifferently, “I shall pretend that I didn’t hear anything about the Nine Yin Mystic Concubine Body today.

If Holy Maiden Qingge wanted to use that to tempt me, I’ll ask you to leave instead.”


Please have some self respect.”

His countenance showed a mix of indifference and a dismissive attitude of “my focus is on cultivation.

Women or whatever can get lost”.

Hmm, hmm, hmm.

At this moment, Gu Changge was somewhat in awe of his own acting skills.

If the system had it’s own thoughts and will.

It would definitely be loudly insulting Gu Changge’s shamelessness right now.

Just who was is lusting after the girl’s body just now

“Lord Gu…”

Those words had stunned Su Qingge for a moment.

Her beautiful was was contorted into an expression of shock.

She had actually already prepared herself for the worst when she came over today.

But that was something that couldn’t be helped.

However, Gu Changge’s words had completely flabbergasted her.

Of course, more of her was relieved.

“This Gu Changge really is hard to figure out, I can’t guess at what he’s thinking at all…”

At this moment, the other soul in her body spoke up with the exact same thought as herself.

“Lord Gu did not take advantage of my weakness.

It looks like I’ve been wrong in thinking badly of him…”

“In this case, I’m the one who was small minded.”

After she made her farewell from the hall, Su Qingge silently thought that to herself.

Her whole mood had for some reason become much brighter.

It wasn’t dead and gloomy like she was before.

Thinking on the whole matter carefully, Lord Gu didn’t seem to have done anything wrong that day in the main hall, right

The night she went to his place, he didn’t bother her at all.

In fact, he didn’t even care to notice her.

Wasn’t it normal for him t be shrewd and subtle

It’s not like her own actions normally are any different.

When she thought of that, Su Qingge suddenly felt somewhat guilty.

Just why did she jump to conclusions and think of Gu Changge as a bad person before

“Ding! Su Qingge’s opinions have change.

20 Fortune Value gained.

100 Fate Points gained.

At the same time.

In Gu Changge’s mind, system message pinged.

When he heard those notifications, he kind of lacked the words to describe his thoughts.

Was Su Qingge deluding herself right now Conquering herself for me

But overthinking things into misunderstanding worked too.

That said, he never imagined that the method to increase his own Fortune Value layed with the heroine.

However, either way.

He really did earn a heck of a lot of Fate Points with what he did this day.

It was so worth it.




All together, he had earned a total of 700 Fate points.

Ye Chen’s own Fortune Value had dropped to about 300 points.

For this Child of Fortune, he definitely lost a major pound of flesh this day.

Gu Changge was in quite a good mood.

He didn’t hurry in using those 700 Fate Points either.

He decided to save it up until the system shop was unlocked and see what’s in there.

Although he wasn’t lacking in powerful techniques.

It’s not like he’d reject even more powerful techniques.

Plus, now that he’s finished his preparations, it’s about time he started going after Ye Chen’s master.


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