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Chapter 1: The Young Master, Gu Changge

“Is this what the so called Taixuan Holy Land, one of the six great holy lands of the Eastern Wilds, is really like Bullying the weak, sucking up to the strong, forcibly pushing one’s own daughter into hell”

“From start to end, have you ever even bothered asking whether the Holy Maiden of Taixuan herself whether she was willing Today, I’ll be the one to stand up for her.”

“As for the position as a disciple of the Taixuan Holy Land, I’m fine throwing it away this day.”

“However, I’ll have the Taixuan Holy Land remember this.

I, Ye Chen, will pay back the shame of this day manyfold in the future.”

Within the brilliantly decorated main hall, it was quite rowdy and filled with people.

At this moment, a handsome and determined looking youth was clenching his hands and roaring out his defiance.

His name was Ye Chen.

He was an inner disciple.

“Presumptuous! For a mere inner disciple to dare to challenge the Holy Master.

Do you tire of life”

Off to the side, an inner elder shouted at the youth with a terrifying aura.

His face was turning purple in an ugly expression.

This was the main hall of the Taixuan Holy Land, one of the six great holy lands of the Eastern Wilds.

How could they allow a mere inner disciple act out here

Plus, today was the day for the ceremony where they inaugurate the Holy Child.

They even had invited a number of major powers to observe.

Now though, all of them were watching this debacle.

If not for the matter of face, he would already have slain this insensible inner disciple with a single palm.

Within the main hall, a horde of inner and true disciples pointed and chatted.

They looked at the determined youth like he was an idiot.

“Is that Ye Chen insane He’s actually saying such things right in the middle of the main hall like that”

“Although his abilities are fairly good among the inner disciples, and there were even rumors that a certain elder wanted to accept him as a true disciple.

But, from the looks of things, there’s probably no way anymore.”

One individual couldn’t hold back their sneer.

“In my opinion, he’s seriously just tired of living.

If he ends up angering that young master, our entire Taixuan Holy land might end up paying for it.”

The true disciple next to him was somewhat angry and worried.

If that mysterious young master ended up becoming unhappy because of the incident that Ye Chen just stirred up, it might not end with just the Taixuan Holy Land paying for it.

Instead, it might be the whole of the Eastern Wilds that ends up paying for it.

That what why he almost wanted to personally kill Ye Chen on the spot.

Some of the disciples of the elders of various major powers that came to observe the ceremony, at this time, was watching the whole thing unfold like it as an interesting drama.

Of course, many of them just looked at this inner disciple named Ye Chen like he was a monkey.

For a mere inner disciple, he could have done anything else.

Yet, he just had to act out against the current Holy Master of Taixuan.

“You’re called Ye Chen, right I remember you.

You came from a remote place in Tianqing City.

After experiencing countless trials, you finally managed to enter my Taixuan Holy Land…”

“Now though, you’re telling me that you’re throwing away your position in the Taixuan Holy Land”

At this point, a middle aged man at the head of the main hall started speaking.

His gaze swept through the room like a golden flash of light.

His aura was deep as the depths of the oceans.

The divine light flowing from his form released a terrifying majesty without even doing anything.

Obviously, he was someone super powerful.

That was the current Holy Master of the Taixuan Holy Land.

The moment he spoke up, the entire hall quieted down.

Even the various guests who came to observe the ceremony had stopped talking.


Ye Chen felt a powerful pressure, and sweat started pouring down his forehead.

However, he can’t possibly back down at this moment.

After all, he had a trump of his own.

“Holy Master.

I merely wanted to seek justice for the Holy Maiden, that’s all.

After all, I can’t just watch and do nothing as she falls into hell…”

Ye Chen’s words were forceful and full of justness.

As he spoke, his gaze involuntarily shifted to a girl up at the front.

That girl was very beautiful.

Her features delicate and well formed.

Her eyes were like the streams in autumn, her brows beautiful as the mountains.

Her dark hair perfectly framed her face, which was pale and smooth, glistening with a light that captures the heart.

Her white dress flowed about her, giving her an otherworldly impression.

Her aura was peaceful and calm to the point where it was hard to describe with words.

Her was like a divine maiden of the heavens that had accidentally fallen to the world below.

Even with all that had happened in the main hall, her expression remained peaceful from beginning to end.

“Falls into hell You dare…”

When he heard those words, the Holy Master of Taixuan’s face fell with some anger.

At that moment, many people had understood.

Their face made strange expressions with a hint of mockery.

After all that this Ye Chen had said, wasn’t it all just because he was mad that the Holy Master gave the Maiden that he was smitten with for so long to another man

They weren’t idiots.

After all… That young master was someone that even the Holy Master had to act so respectful and toward.

At this point, many people all looked toward the young man sitting at the front, sipping tea like he hadn’t paid any attention to all that had been going on.

Gu Changge!


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