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His Dark DesireTales of a Yandere Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Set

Dominus grunted when he was awakened by knocks barraging his door. Whoever was on the other side must have a death wish.

He has no patience for anyone disturbing his sleep, especially so since he has just been hit by numerous poisonous arrows.

He frowned thinking how easily an ordinary civilian could have succumbed to death if hit even by any of those deadly arrows. His heart clenched as visions of the queen dying in his arms crossed his mind.

“Fuck off,” his voice boomed throughout the room and it seems even up to whoever might be knocking at the other side of the door.

The knocking stopped, and thats when he realized it was coming from the adjoining door connecting his chambers to the queens.

“Damn it,” he mumbled and hurried to open the door then stopped and grabbed his robe that hang on his chair. It was ill-fitting, to say the least, it barely covered his body as the castle doesnt have anything for his size.

He covered himself with the robe, and run towards the door, then yanked it open. The queen stumbled in, it seems like she has been holding the doorknob likewise, probably contemplating whether to enter uninvited or leave as how he rudely requested her to do so.


“My queen,” his baritone voice surprised her again, it was deeper than the voices she grew up accustomed to. She blamed that when her heart skipped a beat.

“Sir Dominus,” she smiled, a lopsided smile for sure. One that conveyed her hesitation as she showed him a basket filled with antiseptics and bandages for his wound.

She tried her best not to flinch when he leaned over to see what was inside the basket. She reminded herself she owed her life to him, but she still glanced at the wide-opened door and for a minute had the urge to run back to her bed chambers.

Her eye movement didnt escape Dominus who immediately closed the door behind him. “Please come in, my queen,” he led her to his bed and stood like a wall between her and the door until she finally climbed up his bed.

It was tall, such that her toes cant even reach the floor after sitting on its edge. He blushed at seeing her dangling her legs on the edge of his bed, clothed in her nightgown and robes, smelling of vanilla and rose.

Gods forbid, the scene just does things to him, evil unspeakable thoughts crossed his mind as he faced his innocent child-like queen who smiled with such naivety it just hurt.

Damn heavens, this must be punishment enough for all the men he has killed. He forced a smile, hoping he can put her at ease even a bit.

She cleared her throat as she blushed profusely, faced with the muscled boulder of a man she couldnt think of the words she practiced to say.

“I brought some change of bandages, and antiseptics,” she said, her fingers trembling as she handed him the basket.

Seeing her all anxious and trembling in front of him made him want to do nothing else but to pull her close to him, and soothe her anxious mind, calm her nerves.

But doing so will just scare her more, he knows that. He knows her like the back of his hand.

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Everything about the queen is the only thing that managed to occupy his mind ever since he saw her on that battlefield, running like a fool as she tried to save lives, not caring if they are her men or from the other side.

The day she saved his life, was a memory etched into his soul if barbarians like him have souls indeed. It consumed him, the memory of her flowing auburn hair and set of deep blue eyes that assured him everything will be alright.

That was his most treasured memory, she has given him a health potion she has with her, the one she has given the others, soldiers and rebels alike. He remembered not trusting her until she took a sip of the potion to demonstrate it has no poison.

The sound of the horse hooves fast approaching the field made the queen leave him behind a bush, and motioned for him to keep quiet. She waited for her men and boarded the royal carriage as they took the wounded soldiers away.

He glanced around once they left and found several of the childrens rebels holding some of the healing potions, holding into them like lifelines.

He and his men survived, but in return, she has stolen his peace of mind. He couldnt forget her, no matter how hard he tried.

He wanted, no needed to see her again. He has to keep her safe with him, never mind the consequences.

It was terrible, like finally being able to see and taking the sight away from him. No, it was crueler... being away from her made him feel like being unable to breathe.

So he did what he must to secure the place right beside her, but even the short distance between them is making him suffer. Damn the hells and the heavens, he cursed himself.

“Please clean your wounds and change your dressing before you sleep,” she smiled faintly, her sweet voice and rosy scent invading his senses and reeling him back into the present.

“Sadly my queen, I dont think a patient like me can also act as my own nurse,” he whispered, his jaw clenching as he tried to stop himself from sniffing her scent.

“Does it hurt that much” she asked, worry and guilt rushing to her at the same time.

“Dont worry my queen, Ill have it cleaned by the nurse tomorrow,” he said, adding to her conscience.

“I- I can help,” she volunteered and felt her cheeks turn hot as she realized what she had just said.

“That will be most helpful. Thank you, my queen,” a wide smile painted across his face.



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