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Chapter 28: ii. Stay

Dominus couldnt understand how after that night, Mary just seemed to be more determined to avoid him.

It has been more than a week since then but just seeing him at the end of the corridor is enough reason now for her to run towards the other way.

He frustratedly sighed as he looked at her seated at the front seat of the bus while he was lodged at the far end.

They were on their way to the camping site for the seniors. A supposed team building and retreat for the students.

“Dom, you are not even listening, are you” Cinderella, who was seated next to him has been rubbing her legs to his, trying to get his attention to no avail.

She felt mad at the idea that he is literally ignoring her now even as she tries everything she can to make him focus on her.

She looked sharply at the unaware nerd sitting in front who is currently stuck up in a book she is reading.


Dominus turned his attention back to her, “Of course I am. Go on, Im listening,” he tried to focus on his ex who was busy yapping and being excited about spending a week with him. He is quite irritated, to be honest, but he couldnt tell her off without sounding rude, plus they did have a history and continued to be friends.

The school bus finally stopped, having reached the camping site which is nested in the middle of the forest.

The students noisily boarded out of the bus but the nerd girl did not move from her seat, her eyes still focused on her school book.

Cinderella and her troops got out as well, hauling their inappropriate luggage bags with wheels.

Were they expecting a cemented pavement to walk on Only Cinderella and her group can answer it.

TheIt Girls as they call themselves found trouble in walking in their high heels as well plus their silly wheeled luggage meant for the airport.

However, it didnt take long for members of the football team torescue them from their plight.

Dominus waited for the nerd to finally walk out, truth be told he is now seated at some seats behind hers.

He himself doesnt understand why he was behaving this way towards someone obviously not interested in him. But he felt like he couldnt help himself, he just worry about her almost all the time.

He thought they were making progress, they seemed almost like friends. Then, was she avoiding him because she is rejecting his affections

She finally stood up when everyone has already gone inside the cabin. He stood up as well and snatched her backpack from her.

She blushed and looked up at him, fear in her eyes as she realized she was yet once again left all alone with the reason for all her sufferings.

“Give me back my bag, now!” she demanded, as she tried to get it back from him, jumping up and failing to retrieve her bag which has been raised by Dominus over his head.

“Do you realize how silly you are right now” she continued in the offensive, she wasnt used to acting tough but she felt like she has no recourse. She doesnt want to be bullied again just because people misunderstood these things.

“I am just trying to help you, you are the one behaving irrationally, queenie. Stop fighting me off, I just want to help,” he said, his deep voice reverberating in her ears.

“I dont need or want your help, cant you see that I can take care of myself just fine!” she hopelessly sat back in her seat and began to cry, feeling deep pity for herself.

Dominus kneeled in front of her, his worried face tensed at seeing her sobbing like this. He doesnt understand why she suddenly broke into tears. What exactly did he do just now to make her cry

“Whats wrong Tell me what I did, and Ill make it right,” he asked her in a pleading voice. He has never been more serious in his entire life until now. He just wanted them to go back to that moment, when they were almost friends.

Whatever it is thats making her cry, whatever it might be in the whole world... he will go and stop it. He will do it, whatever it is she so wanted. He needs her back.

“Then stop this, please,” she looked at him with tears cascading down her cheeks.

“Stop what Say it clearly,” he asked, unable to comprehend what she wanted. What was it that was making her burst into tears What exactly has he done that made her want to keep her distance away from him

“Stop following me around. Stop trying to talk to me. Stop trying to befriend me. I dont want you to be around me anymore. It is suffocating to be around you,” she whispered.

She was afraid to look at him as she said those words. What if he loses his cool and hit her She has seen him in a brawl and she for sure doesnt want to be at the receiving end of his fist.

That even is a lie, she knew in her heart he will never hurt her in that way. She cant look at him because she fears he will see the truth, that saying these things to him hurt her as well.

He clenched his jaw and smiled bitterly, “Is that all All you wanted was to stay away from me”

She nodded and looked at the palm of her hands already wet with tears. She felt her knees tremble and her breathing uneven. She is afraid terribly of what he will do. Another lie, the truth is- she is afraid exactly if she can still keep this act.

She was surprised when he didnt say more. He let down her backpack in front of her and stood up.

He walked away from her, his footsteps heavy as if he was forcing his legs to move, dragging his steps away from her.

He clenched his fist once inside the cabin lodge and cursed. Why does it hurt him so Why does a girl like her matter so much

He looked out the window, still looking out for her, making sure she is safe.

It took her a few more minutes before she composed herself and came down the bus, hauling her backpack and walking towards the cabin.

When he heard knocks coming out from the outside, he walked ahead and called another student to open the door.

He fought the urge to look at her, just hearing her voice from a distance as she uttered thank you is enough to calm him. That was all he needed anyway, to make sure she was safe.

He entered his designated room and let down his things on the sofa. He kicked his shoes away and threw himself on his bed then stared at the ceiling.

He wondered how silly he has been indeed. How can it be that he is still not angry at the words she said She has rejected him with no reasonable explanation. Made him believe they are friends only to tell him in his face that all she wants is to be away from him.

He closed his eyes and cursed, all he can see is her beautiful face as she cried and begged for him to stay away from her.

He wondered if there is a chance in this world that he can do just that. He feels the need to see her, to be with her, to have her close to him. He wondered how on earth he can survive without her, she is his person, his queen.

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It wasnt fair is it, that the only one he ever wanted doesnt even want to be in the same space as him



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