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His Dark DesireTales of a Yandere Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: ii. Struggles

Mary nervously glanced around at the school grounds that has been suddenly converted into a luxurious setting for an event.

She parked her bike and felt her cheeks turn red when she sees the expensive cars around her. She debated whether to continue to go inside the school premises or just run back home.

She looked at the gift she held in her hands and thought of how much she wanted to give it to the celebrant. She will go home then, once she finally hands him her gift.

She can barely see recognizable faces. Of course, it helps that they were all wearing their uniforms but even then they were able to outshine their usual selves by putting on fabulous make-up. And here she is, wearing nothing but lip gloss.

She looked down and felt a bit smaller because of the shoes she wore. They were old and had been used for years, she could not even afford to pay for a new pair.

Unlike the rich kids swarming the school grounds carrying their luxurious purses and sporting blinding jewelry, she carried nothing but the gift she made herself. She felt small and inconsequential as people ignored her when she asked if they have seen Dominus yet.

She felt like at that instant, she wanted to melt. She does not belong to this party. In this place, someone like her does not stand a chance at being visible.


She nervously glanced around, looking for that familiar surge of bright golden locks, but she couldnt find him.

As she took a step back, she bumped into another. She immediately turned around and uttered her apologies.

She felt hopeless seeing it was Dominuss friend. One of those who has bullied her to no end. Although everyone else bullied her before, this man is the worse.

A grin spread across his face seeing her cheeks turn red, he has always fancied this school nerd. Well, he is quite sure it will be her utmost pride to belong to someone like him. Tonight will be her lucky evening then, he smirked.

Mary felt cornered by the way his eyes trailed her form, from her lips to her chest, and stayed quite comfortably at her legs.

“Im sorry, I didnt mean it. Ill get myself out of your way then,” she apologized again and tried to flee.

The man caught her arm and Mary felt her skin crawl from his touch. The man brushed his fingers on her arm and Mary had to control herself so as not to punch him. She did not want to call attention to herself and ruin Dominuss birthday party.

“Why leave so fast when you have no company I am willing to spend this night with you Mary,” he leaned closer which scared Mary more.

“I just want to find Dominus and give him my gift, I will leave right away afterward. I promised him Ill attend his birthday, that is the only reason why I am here,” she felt like crying as panic begins to overtake her.

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“Leave right away Then what about the party, Mary Tsk. And by the way, when did you and Dom got together I certainly never knew he has changed his preference from the classic beauties to someone so plain like you,” he teased her, in his mind, no way in all the world will someone like her catch Dominuss attention.

“We are not together. I- I just want to give him my gift. Please, I just need to find him now. I dont want to bother you more,” her vision started to go blurry as she felt her tears about to fall.

“Tsk, just being close to a man makes you feel so uneasy already huh. It makes me wonder, are you really that pure If so, then you have a lot to learn, which a man like me can teach you,” the man leaned closer and whispered in her ear.

She pushed him away but she was dragged back forcefully by the man. “Where are you going I know where Dominus is. So stop crying and I will let you hand him your gift as you wanted.”

“Please unhand me then and retain your distance. I do not wish to be held by you,” she said point-blank.

The man raised his hands as if surrendering to her, “Fine, Ill do that. Now stop crying before everyone thinks Im doing something to you. It is not good for my reputation.”

Mary wiped away her tears and followed him. He has kept his distance, and with this many people, she felt like he wont try to do anything more.

Mary followed him but stopped when she felt like the visitors are sparse in the area. “I think I will wait for you here. There are hardly any visitors passing by here. I wont be comfortable going further,” she clarified.

“Wont be comfortable going further, I see. Do you mean to say you are better than I deserve Are you insulting me just now, you prick Do you know who you are, right now You should be happy Im wasting this much time on you! Where did you get the guts to think, someone like you deserves more than me” the football player held her by her shoulders and squeezed on them.

“Please stop! I dont mean that, please. Im not insulting you! I just want to hand my gift to Dominus!” she tried to explain even when her voice got shaky.

“You really have no shame! You reject me because you like Dominus! Do you think he is into girls like you Your head is way up in the clouds! No way in all the worlds will he like someone so plain looking and nerdy. You make me sick,” he began to grip her shoulders tighter, making her shout for help.

He gripped her chin as his fingers began to squeeze her cheeks. She tried to struggle. She pushed him away and continued shouting but not even one of those who passed by them lent any help.

To these rich kids from influential families, the likes of her do not deserve to be helped by them. She is nothing but trash in their eyes. Even if something bad were to happen to her, how is that important now She and the likes of her are trash.

Mary felt dirty as he held her again with his perverse hands. His hands forced her head forward until their lips are just a hairs breadth away.

“Should I kiss you then, and make you wake up from reality I can teach you how it feels like to belong to a man. I can bring you heaven on earth, Mary. You just have to trust me. If you continue to struggle, then I can not promise you Ill be gentle. What if you struggle more and your privates got ripped off, huh” a grin plastered across his face as she trembled from disgust and anger.

“Ill ** you like a rag doll until your knees weaken and you cant think of anything more. I will make you forget your hallucinations of Dominus falling for the likes of you. Once I am done with you, I will expose you for the whore that you are. Then tell me when that happens, are you still way better than I deserve” he hissed and held her by her hair, forcing her eyes on him as a sadistic smile painted across his face.



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