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Chapter 21: ii. Prince

Dominus grunted as he woke from another nightmare, he switched on his lamp and drank the water waiting for him at his bedside table.

Damn that woman, ever since she transferred he has been suffering from recurring nightmares like this one.

Can anyone blame him for hating her so And what of that weird story about him being a knight and the wretched nerd being a queen.

He tasted bile on his lips as he cursed the gods, ** the mother **ing gods!

He is just in senior high, goddamn it! Why the hell should he be dreaming of **ing rotten corpses and confessing love to a dead woman with that nerds face!

He kicked the covers off him as if they were the reasons for his recurring dream. He felt suffocated, like breathing in air is a difficult task to do.

He cursed the gods again and went to his private bathroom, he took off his pajamas and took a cold shower. Cursing himself for getting a boner just from remembering her face.


Why does he think of her **ing all the time He, the most popular high school jock, the football teams captain and star player, is attracted to a girl like her No, that is by far the most laughable thing he can think of. It is just not possible in this world.

He faced the shower as he opened his lips as if trying to cleanse himself from the sweet taste of her that his dream brought him.

He should be grossed out by the dream, he was kissing the lips of a goddamn corpse, but gross is something his mind cannot fathom right now. For some reason, the memory of the kiss just caused him an immediate surge of sexual excitement. He cursed again at the realization.

He showered until his body felt ice-cold and his heat finally calmed down. He and his classmates just turned **ing eighteen, how can his mind wander there

He is aware that most high schoolers their age have engaged in sexual stuff but he was waiting for at least until college to do that. He wants it to be with someone special, the thought brings him back to her beautiful face. Damn it, Mary!

He dried himself with the towel with still her body on his mind. Was the lack of physical intimacy the reason he has been attracted to her, was it not being able to let off steam as they call it

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He brushed his teeth and washed his face, trying to convince himself he just needed to try having sex. Legally speaking he is not a minor, and technically speaking he has been horny as hell these past few weeks.

If he can be honest, he has just been unusually bothered by only one person. He just couldnt stop thinking about the nerd, even porn actresses do no good to his plight. It was just her that caused his body to react this way.

He glanced at the clock and cursed at how early it still is. He groaned as he put on his boxers, and started to wear his uniform. He put in some new uniforms for their football practice later and a notebook barely filled up.

The maids greeted him as he walked towards the breakfast table. He is used to being served hand and foot, like some privileged noble born into a wealthy and powerful family.

The maids laid down a fine breakfast selection prepared by their chef as he dug in and ate, not waiting for his parents to join him.

To him, family is overrated. He never felt the need to spend more time with his parents which obviously was fine with them as they never even have time to stay inside the house anyway.

He is used to being alone when inside their lavish mansion. It was fine for he gets a lot of attention at school from girls and his famous clique, what more can he ask for Who needs real companionship anyway

He hurriedly finished his meal and boarded his black Ferrari, starting up the engine. As the engine revved up, he muttered, “nothing else beats traveling in a black stallion”.

He chuckled as he said that out loud, he was reminded of his dream about riding a fine giant stallion and saving a weak damsel in distress he called his queen.

He shook his head, wondering how on earth he can refer to that dream character of his as himself. He wont fall for a weak girl like that. Maybe he will never fall in love at all. That is something he doesnt believe in anyway.

He cursed the gods for torturing him as he entered the school grounds at the very same time the nerd comes in.


She have her mind in the clouds as she nearly bumped into his car if not for him stepping on the breaks.

He cursed as he went out, the girl in question sprawled over the floor. “Are you trying to get yourself killed Are you blind or just plain stupid” he asked angrily at the girl who trembled at the sound of his voice.

Who can blame her He has bullied her ever since her arrival. She is a mere transfer student who was lucky enough to be a part of the student exchange program.

But aside from that, there was nothing that would have justified his bullying. She has tried to stay very far from him since day one but he still mercilessly made her life a living hell.

“I- Im sorry,” she stuttered as the man towering over her small form. She tried to stand up but winced, she might have injured her ankle.

He stood menacingly in front of the five feet school girl who shuddered from how his almost seven feet height hovered over her.

Without saying anything, he carried her in his arms, yanking the door of his car open.

“But I can take care of myself, there is no need to trouble yourself, please. Please just put me down, I dont want to waste any more of your time,” she pleaded desperately which irritated him more.

Is being with him something to run away from Much more something to make another beg to be let go of Dominuss face darkened hearing her desperate plea. He has become more irritated at the school nerd somehow because of her antics.

“Shut up,” he ordered her coldly, his baritone voice vibrating through the small space. He cursed and started the engine again, heading for the school clinic.

She shuddered more, thinking about the trouble she will have to deal with for the rest of the day. His fans wont like this scene and she will for sure run into some of them again later.

Thats why she hates being seen with him like this, even his friends bully her, making fun of her as if she has dreams of making the school prince hers.

She sighed, there is no agenda like that! Dominus is not even her type, she wants someone soft and kind, and gentle, not someone who scares every part of her every time they ran into each other.

His mere presence is enough to trigger a heart attack. Her knees weaken in his presence, her lips tremble as she tries to grasp for words, and her head spins whenever he is near- so much so that she cant think straight.

Why in the world will she like someone who makes her feel that way

Plus do they really think she stands a chance I mean, look at him... he is the school prince, and she... is practically a wallflower.

There is no way in this universe that someone like him will find any interest in someone like her. They are clearly just wasting their precious time and energy making her feel miserable, when really there is nothing to gain.

If they can only consider this rationally, they wouldnt have bullied her. Still, they call her names anyway and pointed out how ugly and aggravating she is compared to their prince.

How does that make any sense She could not understand why they wont just leave her alone.

To be honest, it must be her ill luck. No matter how hard she tries to run away from him, the school prince somehow always finds her, unintentionally she bet.

It is just so unfair sometimes how she feels like there is some mysterious force at work, tying them up, ordaining them to be miserable together.

She looked at the rearview mirror and blushed when their eyes met. His golden eyes turned into murky gold as he looked into hers.

It was as if he has been looking at her for quite some time, observing her like a specimen that caught his interest.

She looked away, thinking nothing more of it but as a weird coincidence. For why in the world will someone like him look at someone like her



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