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Chapter 20: Curse

Dominus sat on the throne, on his lap was the queens corpse starting to rot. You would have expected the nobles to make a fuss as they first did. But theyre all dead now, and so were the useless healers and scholars who did nothing to awaken her.

He sat there as his men brought a new healer before him. This time, he knew she was more than that.

“A witch you are, are you not” he said, his voice serious even while he pulled his queen closer to himself.

He like thishealer she didnt flinch from the sight of him kissing his queens lips. The barbarians surrounded the witch, preventing any attempt from her to flee.

“I like you, you think Im worthy enough to be married to my precious queen,” he kissed the queen again, running his tongue on her rotting lips and then smacking his lips as he tasted what for him is the sweetest taste in all the land.

The barbarians have overrun the palace and anointed him as king. He married his love in their ceremony and took her ever since.

In his mind, she has always been meant for him. She has always been his.


The ceremony wouldnt have been necessary but he wanted to give her his name, he wanted to own her in every way possible... exactly the way she has owned his heart from the very start.

Day in and day out he would take her when he wants, where he wants, and sweet lords his love never did complain. She has always been calm no matter how hard he took her, but he is getting tired of it all.

She has refused to utter any word ever since their return. How else will she take care of the child growing in her stomach He made sure she will be filled with his seeds every time, so there is no way she wont be carrying his heir.

Not that he cares about having an heir or a child but even a baby would have tied her more to him. The gods know she will look perfect with their children. He would even try to be the best father just to please her.

He would do anything to make them a complete and happy family. He would give her everything she lacked before, people who sincerely loves her, a family to care for her. She deserves that.

She is his queen, after all. She is the one who has captured his heart and soul. She is his.

Those who dared to say anything against their marriage were all dead now, he carved their pretty tongues out so they can not say anymore lies.

No one ever dared to repeat that the queen is dead, not even in whispers do they dare mention the queen has long gone.


The witch met his eyes proudly, “What do you want, young man” the old lady asked. Although she has heard about this monarch she never really realized how sugar-coated those rumors were compared to the truth.

“As you can see, I am the king now. But my queen wouldnt talk to me. No matter what I do for her, no matter how hard I do it, she refuses to say anything. I know she has become sickly, but I wish she can at least say something. I want her fire back,” he said the last words softly as if afraid of the part of him that knows the truth.

“You wish for me to bring her back to life,” the old lady was shocked when the kings eyes blaze up and the barbarians took hold of her arms as if they will twist them off away from her.

“Watch your tongue, old hag,” the king said, his voice filled with anger and threat as he clenched his fist.

“Forgive me, my king. I said the wrong words,” the elderly woman trembled before him, the barbarians let go of her as she knelt before their king.

“What I meant to say is, her soul has left her body. The only way is to rewind the time, to that point where her soul is still with us,” the old lady felt her blood run cold when the king kissed the queens forehead and walked towards her.

He dangled her in the air using one hand, and only let her go when she uttered, “I know a way.”

He let her go, and asked her, afraid that he has been hearing things again which he has been for the past months. “What did you say”

“I know a way, my king, for you to bring back your time with her. To prevent her death, you simply have to meet her before she became a witch,” the old lady grinned, knowing she has the upper hand now.

“At what price” he asked her, knowing very well he will give her anything she ask for.

“Oh, first you must kill those men, they have been threatening me ever since I came in. Without me, your queen will never wake, my lord. They dared to try to take that from our ladyship, the opportunity to rise again,” she pointed at the kings trusted friends who moments ago brought her in.

The king without hesitation took out his sword and struck them down. Each of them died with eyes wide open, they couldnt believe the king would kill them after all they have done to secure his reign.

“Now tell me, or follow them to the grave,” he advanced towards the old witch, now trembling before him once again.

“You have to take your life and let me curse you. Curse your soul to be bound to hers. This way you can find her soul in whatever world, in whatever time and place she may be. Until you finally reach her at the time right before she became a witch,” she explained the conditions.

He took out a vial from a nearby table and crooned her neck, forcing her to drink the poison inside the flask.

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“Pray I come back alive, or you too shall die. Now chant,” he ordered the witch and walked back to his queen.

He stood before the old woman and took out his sword as she chanted, for a while the old lady feared he would strike her.

Instead, after she completed her chant, he pierced the sword through his chest as he coughed up blood, he sat with the queen still lodged on his lap.

He held her lifeless body close to him as he felt his body slowly turning cold, he whispered lovingly before kissing her lips, “My queen, lets meet again.”



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