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Chapter 17: Redirection

Dominus crumpled the telegram he had just received, he was about to tear it to pieces when the queen arrived.

“Sir Dominus,” she called his name as her eyes darted to the piece of paper in his hand.

He tried to fake a smile as he greeted the queen. She is breathtaking as always. Her hair was kept in a neat bun adorned with jewels, exposing her milky shoulders.

“What is it” she asked, looking intently at the telegram he held in his hand.

“Nothing my queen,” he lied, his voice was low as he tried to hide the paper from her.

“Hand it over,” she demanded with her hands on her hips.

He sighed and handed her the telegram, displeasure clearly written on his face as he maintained his famous scowl.


She giggled from seeing the expression on his face. “Why are you so worried anyway”

She began to silently read the contents of the letter and looked up at him. “You should go,” she said seriously.

“No, I will not leave you alone unprotected,” he maintained his stance and frowned at her.

“But you needed to celebrate the festival with them. Its your tribes tradition, isnt it And if I understand correctly, you are a descendant of your tribes chief, dont pretend that this doesnt mean anything to you,” she scolded him.

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“The old chief yes, but the new chief is my sibling,” he looked away from her, thankful that she is not aware of his culture. He as the first son should have inherited the chieftain upon his fathers death if not for his decision to leave it all, to be beside her.

It will just spurn new questions when she finds out, and then how will he ever convince her of his reasons. Even he finds his reasons crazy and terrifying.

How can she not hate him when she knows of the depths of his reasons He who has schemed to stay beside her, he who dared to believe he can be permitted to stay by her side

He said coldly, “I do not care for the new chief. It was one of his men who attempted to take your life.”

“I know, and I have forgiven them. Your tribe was naturally angry when you made them surrender. They felt betrayed, they felt like your ideals have been undermined by the crown, which I represent. That is why I want to be there and bridge the gap between the crown and your people. I want them to get to know me,” she tried to rationalize with him.

“Sometimes, you are too kind for your own good. Nevertheless, I will not be joining them. I could not possibly leave you here with the bunch of your other royal knights. The gods know they could not protect you when they have never actually seen a real battle,” he said with finality as his golden eyes dimmed.

She laughed seeing his reaction, “Then must I find a new escort”


The question made him look at her as if she had suddenly grown some wings. “Are you insane You just arrived, the gods know you need to rest. And thats your enemies territory, you simply cant march into it.”

She touched his arm as he seethed with anger, “Ill do this thing to get to know my people. They have always been my people as well. I want to learn your culture, your language, your beliefs, so that I can embrace you wholeheartedly as part of the people I serve.”

“And what of your health and your safety” even the gentle touch of the queen did nothing to ease his outrage from hearing those words.

“We both know we can do nothing about my health. It is what it is, and like a candle, my life will one day be snuffed out,” she smiled at him, the smile making his heart hurt more.

“You are not going to die, I will do everything to keep that from happening,” he said seriously as he held her by her shoulders.

“Everyone will die one day or another, Sir Dominus. At least let me do something to stop the division among my people while Im still able,” she begged him, her blue eyes seemed to have calmed the fire that has been lit up inside him.

“Will you be my escort, Sir Dominus” she asked him, hopeful.

“As if I could let any other man stay by your side,” he said grimly, this time his hold loosened and his hand tenderly cupped her chin.

“I am glad to hear that,” she said, blushing.

“Why do you seem to know exactly how to make me do things that I hate You are the most formidable queen I have ever met,” he whispered with such tenderness it made her feel like she might melt in his arms.

“I rather thought I am too frail to ever be called formidable,” her soft voice was laced with teasing as she smiled at him.

“Ahhhh, see what I mean” he caressed her cheek, admiring the beautiful smile that painted across her face.

“What do you mean” she asked him, her heart making summersaults as his golden eyes met with hers.

“Your smile is enough to make me forget about resisting,” he said, the deep baritone of his voice continuing to echo in her ears.

“Then why do you even try” she asked him, not knowing if they are still discussing the same topic.

“Because it is unreasonable not to try to resist you,” he lowered his head to hers and dipped his lips, allowing their lips to brush softly against each other.

“Who cares about reasons, I do not want you to stop yourself,” she blushed as her hands desperately tugged on his collar.

“A queen shouldnt be foolish,” he gently caressed her cheek, then replaced the trail with his lips.

She melted in his arm as he left butterfly kisses on her cheek, “I dont mind being foolish. If asking you not to stop is me being foolish, Ill rather never regain reason.”

He chuckled, loving the words she uttered just now, “Even then, Ill have to try to stop myself. The gods know a frail little thing like you can easily be broken. I fear you might not last even a minute on my bed.”

She hit his arm and smiled as she looked up at him, “Ill just have to try then.”

His deep voice made tingle run down her spine, excitement making her heart thump faster against her chest as he whispered, “Once I find you a cure, I promise not to hold back any longer, my queen. At least let me do that for you, and let me claim you as a reward once I do so.”



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