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His Dark DesireTales of a Yandere Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Closer

It was almost as if the fool has been testing his patience. Dominus creases his eyebrows as he watched the earl whisper on the queens ear, leaning closer than necessary.

It was the day after the sleepless night he suffered and the tiny excuse for a man dared to invite the queen to his estate on what he described as a tea time.

Dominus was even instructed by the queen herself to not be in the garden with the two, he actually had to hide from them as he peeked from the bushes.

He gritted his teeth as he watched over the seemingly unnoticed or gods forbid a sanctioned flirting.

His frown deepened as he noticed the queen swaying a bit from her seat after taking another sip of her tea.

A wide smile painted across the earls face as he seemed to have expected the scene. He stood and carried her in his arms and started to walk away.

Dominus strode towards them and if not for the fact the noble was carrying the queen in his arms, he would definitely have punched him or to be honest crushed his skull.


“Give me the queen,” he ordered the wuss as he loomed closer, stopping just before the trembling man carrying his queen.

The earl stretched his arms, handing him his queen. Thanks gods she was breathing or he would have killed the one responsible in an instant. Dominus immediately took the queen in his arms and walked away without saying a word.

He fears if he stayed even a second more, he will lose it and kill the earl in front of him. He dragged the queen, her breathing was fast as she drowsily clung to his neck.

He walked faster, unable to think. This place is not safe for the queen. Going to Aurora has been a mistake, his guts told him so, and now he has proven that it was right.

He couldnt bring the queen back to the castle, if there is one nagging suspicion he has- it is that Cinderella was involved.

He couldnt even bear to call that thing in his mind as queen. She wanted to annex the kingdom of Selene, that is an obvious motive.

For why else will trouble come to them with each passing moment ever since they stepped foot in her damned kingdom.

Dominus walked towards the woods. He has found a cave in the deep part of the forest. He did so while the rest of the kingdom was asleep, and rightfully that he did so.

Dominus found his stallion and let go of her for a second. “My queen can you hear me” he tested her as she was still obviously awake.

“Shhhh... Dominus, I can hear you. How can I not when you speak so loudly every time Dont you know you scare even the birds perched on top of the trees Youre like a giant up to no good,” she giggled like a child.

He gritted his teeth as he tried to stop himself from going back to the castle to kill the stupid earl.

“We are going to board the stallion, do you think you can manage standing here alone for a second,” his voice was filled with worry and for the first time in his life uncertainty.

“Of courseeeeee,” she pouted. “Dont treat me like a child. Of courseeee I can stand up by myself,” she giggled again as Dominus boarded the stallion.

“Come here, stretch out your arms so I can bring you up,” he said with a firm voice.

“Dominus is alwayssss so scawwwwyyy,” the queen mumbled like an intoxicated drunk and raised her hands.

Dominus picked her up and rode the stallion fast, not giving chance for any enemy to catch up.

He stopped the stallion even when it was still a bit far from the cave so that if someone finds it they will still have time to vacate the place and escape.

“My queen, are you still awake,” he whispered softly.

“Yesssss sirrrr,” she giggled yet again. “Do I look asleep to you” she asked laughing.

“Ill board out of the stallion and I need you to sit as upright as you can as I did so. We dont want you to fall,” he instructed her.

“Yessss, I know that. No falling, falling can break my neck,” she laughed and tried to sit up as straight as she can given the circumstance.

Dominus boarded out of the stallion and carried her, still holding her in his arms he tied the giant stallion in a nearby tree.

“Dommmm... where are we goinggg” she asked him, her hands clasped together as she clung to his neck, pressing her face close to his neck.

Dominus cursed as he felt his body react to the mindless gesture. “Dont,” he warned her. “Dont do that,” he ordered her as he continued to walk towards the cave.

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“You bully me, dont you. Always telling me I cant do things. What if I do it more then,” she pressed her lips to his neck now, kissing it.

Dominus felt blood rush towards his loins from that simple contact. He cursed the gods again as he reached the cave, setting her down in a dry part of the cave.

“Stay here,” he gritted his teeth as he gathered some of the firewoods and started to make a fire.

The queen was thankfully behaving herself as she was left alone. She was just sitting there, looking at the flickers of fire like it was the most beautiful thing she has seen.

She dangled her legs at the edge of the stone formation he sat her in and looked around.

“Dominussss, is this a new castle” she giggled again, her emotions shifting from sad to happy faster than she can blink.

“No, its a temporary shelter,” he answered her though he sat in a corner as far away from her as possible.

“Come here, I miss you. If you dont come over, Ill jump and come to you okay” she said, standing at the edge.



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