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Chapter 10: Giant

“We- we should go,” the queen stuttered, she felt herself panic for some reason as her eyes were glued to her knights eyes.

She felt herself mesmerized by those golden eyes as they looked at her with such... longing. She shook her head, it must be just her wishful thinking.

Surely, a man like him would not be attracted to someone like her. He has seen the world, and she has been locked up all her life.

She heard from her chambermaids that he has visited several brothels ever since his arrival, and according to rumors he wantedexperienced ladies to take care of his needs.

She gulped down, plus she is not someone who can feel this way for anyone. She is a queen who has chosen to take the vow of celibacy, she is barren, and quite possibly on her way to dying.

“As you wish, my queen. I will instruct the men to prepare the caravan,” he stood up, his face dark now. His scowl was back in place as he walked toward his men.

The queen felt her heart clench seeing him walk away. Why does it hurt her so


She dismissed the thought as she realized she has been holding into his cloak and wrapping them on her shoulders tightly as he walked away.


The queen heard the blowing of the trumpets which woke her up from her stupor. She glanced around and smiled wide at seeing the beautiful castle of Aurora, it is where her cousin lives.

Cinderella stood in front of her castle, her eyes focused on the unusually tall man who boarded a dark and massive stallion seemingly perfect for his size.

She wondered if the creature is even human, his muscles were prominent and cannot be ignored. It is almost as if she was looking at a giant.

She wondered if he is one of them, one of the barbarians who has surrendered to the crown. But was there a reason for such a creature to be made a member of the royal guard

She placed a calculated smile on her lips as she waited for her cousin to board out of a rather miserable-looking carriage.

She tried her best not to smirk as her frail cousin boarded out of the carriage and handed the knight a cloak.

Mary glanced around and smiled warmly at seeing Cinderella. She walked towards her and curtsied as Cinderella did the same.

“Welcome, cousin,” Cinderella smiled wide though all she wanted to do was to raise an eyebrow at how unqueenly her cousin does look.

“You look like you had a hard time. Was the journey that bad” she couldnt help but voice out her fake concern.

“Thank you, my queen. And yes it has been quite a journey,” she smiled back and followed Cinderella as she begin to walk towards the wide opened castle gates.

“How so If I may ask, my queen,” Cinderella lead her towards the halls where the banquet is being held. It is where the knights and nobles were gathered.

The rest bowed down to them as they walked in. Most actually did so out of fear of seeing the quite domineering giant of a man walking behind the queens.

Queen Cinderella has not taken a suitor as well and has ruled Aurora alone. She motioned for Mary to sit on the throne beside hers, one unoccupied by a king.

As the queens sat on their throne, the festivities started which is mostly comprised of nobles kissing the back of their hands and trying to court favors from both.

Dominus looked sharply at the earl who just went ahead and kissed the queens hand. The bastard did not stop irritating him with that, he even had the balls to ask the queen for a dance.

The other knights kept their distance from him and left him alone as he scowled at anyone who passes by.

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He was on his fifteenth, maybe even twentieth bottle of vodka as the earl continued to dance with the little queen who laughed at something he whispered in her ear.

When the bastards lips came too close to her cheek, Dominus lost his self-control and walked up to the dancefloor. He just stood there, menacingly looming over them as if he has lost his mind.

“Sir Dominus,” the queen greeted him, surprised. The earl trembled across from them as he was faced by the furious giant.

“What is it” she asked, taking her hands off the earls shoulders.

“I think you shouldnt overexert yourself, my queen. You look as pale as a ghost, surely even gentle nobles would not take it against you if you prioritize your health a bit. You were shivering just earlier tonight, and now is forcing yourself to dance nonstop throughout the night,” Dominuss voice rang in the air, his loud voice vibrating in the night air making the poor gentlemans knees tremble from fear.

“Please excuse me, my lord, ” Mary frowned but nodded, trying not to make a scene.

She curtsied before the earl, and not finding Cinderella, excused herself from the hall.

Dominus followed her, still frowning and making people run in the opposite direction whenever they passed by.

She turned to him when they reached the end of the hallway. “What is wrong Do you really think so little of me, that I will faint over a simple dance”

He looked down at her small form seething with anger as her eyebrow arched up and her tiny lips stretched into a thin line.

He wondered how someone so tiny can have so much effect on him. That an enemy advancing barely five feet tall can make a seven feet giant cower in fear.

He couldnt explain to her his reasons, for even to himself it was all unclear. So he stood there motionless as she sized him up.

“Speak up,” his queen demanded, it was almost funny if not for the situation. He frowned and didnt move.

The queen lost her temper and walked out on him as he silently followed behind her, staring at her stressed shoulders as she moved almost mechanically.



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