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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 27: Just Buy (Part 1)

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Chapter 27: Just Buy (Part 1)

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth


There was not one customer in Yuan Zhous restaurant who wasnt eating the Juicy Steamed Pork Bun in a proper way. They continually gasp for air since it was too hot, yet were also reluctant to let the gravy flow out. Although they had different gestures, there was one thing in common, that is, the joyful look on their faces.

“Its my first time eating such delicious Juicy Steamed Pork Bun. Young Master, you are really great.”

Having eaten up the steamed bun first, the old grandpa put down his chopsticks and said, sighing with emotion.

“Young Master, your craftsmanship is far more superior than even those century-old restaurants near the Xizi Lake.”

While smacking his lips, he continued to reminisce, “Once, I travelled out for official business and passed by the Xizi Lake on the way. After finishing my official business, I specially stayed another day just to eat the Juicy Steamed Pork Bun in that restaurant. The crowd there was larger there compared to your restaurant and the man who made the steamed bun was also a Master.”

“At that time, I stuffed my mouth until even the gravy flowed out. I thought that was a world-class delicacy. But it seems that your craftsmanship, Young Master, can indeed be evaluated as one and only in the world.”

An undisguised look of admiration appeared on the old face of the old grandpa. He looked at Yuan Zhou and praised him.

“Thank you for your compliment.” Yuan Zhou accepted the kind words with grace. After all, he lived by the principle of respecting the old, helping the young.

“So, young master, please offer me another serving. Im not yet full.” Actually the old grandpa had already seen the notice on the wall that only one serving was available for each dish. But in front of such a superb delicacy, he would rather pretend to be an illiterate person.

“Im so sorry. My rules are written on the wall.” Yuan Zhou hinted at the old grandpa to look at the wall behind him.

“Young Master, the rules are rigid, but we people are flexible. I dont think you have the heart to see an old man like me stay hungry.” Not even looking at the wall, he just stared at Yuan Zhou and said while making an expression that he was too old to endure hunger.

Once that sentence was spoken, several others who had just eaten the Soup Dumplings started to persuade Yuan Zhou as well.

They started to compliment Yuan Zhou one after another, with great sincerity and enthusiasm. The only goal of their appraisal was to persuade him to provide each of them another serving. Someone even said.

“Boss, you dont even have soybean milk here. So why dont you offer another serving of the Soup Dumplings”

“I see many stalls are selling the soybean milk outside on the street. You could buy and drink that outside.” Yuan Zhou had already found there were so many mobile stalls on the street in the morning.

Everybody was defeated by Yuan Zhous firm manner. Moreover, there were still many people behind them waiting to buy the Soup Dumplings, thus they couldnt affect the bosss business much. Therefore, those several people could only leave unhappily.

Excluding the 4 Soup Dumplings that had been eaten by Yuan Zhou, the remaining 96 were sold out within one hour. And it was only 9:00 in the morning.

However, the system showed clearly that there were only 5 business hours left. That made Yuan Zhou a little depressed, hence he decided to do something.

He climbed upstairs, found a piece of A4 paper and wrote on it, “Going out due to an emergency. Will be open for business tonight.”

Then he carefully locked the door and went out for fun.

However, his first stop was the bank. Only after the 200,000 RMB was deposited into the bank could he proceed with his other affairs.

He deposited a total of 245,000 RMB into the debit card of Construction Bank. Now, this small card currently contained all of Yuan Zhous wealth.

When he left the bank, he couldnt help reaching out to touch his wallet and card in the pockets of his jeans. As an ordinary twenty-something year old, this was the first time he had earned more than 200,000RMB within half a month. This would have been absolutely unbelievable previously, but currently it was fairly easy with the help of the system.

Thinking of that, Yuan Zhou felt relieved in the heart. It was simply his first 200,000 RMB. He would earn more 200,000RMB later. 200,000 RMB in the future may be for him may be just as little as 2000 RMB or 200RMB.

“We are the common people. We are happy today, really excited and really contented.” Yuan Zhou suddenly got excited and started to sing a song.

His thick wallet brought about a sense of satisfaction from the bottom of his heart. As for cash, he had as much as 4800RMB now. The feeling of “I dont lack money” was definitely impressive.

So the now-wealthy Yuan Zhou took a taxi and went directly to his destination.

The weather was turning hot in mid April. As the taxi driver didnt seem to like heat, he turned on the air-conditioner. Yuan Zhou sat in the cool taxi quietly while the taxi driver also kept silent and drove to the destination within 20 minutes.

“Zi Zi”

The taxi driver parked the car along the kerb steadily.

After paying the bill, Yuan Zhou got off the taxi. It was not at weekend, but this street was still quite crowded. It was the largest digital market in Chengdu, “Chengdu Digital Market”.

Considering the tragic scene of his laptop when it fell, Yuan Zhou had decided not to repair it and just buy a new one. Of course, his mobile phone could retire as well. It can be considered a grandpa phone as it had been in use since the first year of his university. It was the time for it to rest eternally.

The parking skill of the driver was pretty good. The place where Yuan Zhou got off was right at the place where iPhones were sold. Advertisements of iPhones were displayed all over the buildings. It oozed a sense of luxury with a mere glance.

If it were the previous Yuan Zhou, he would have never bought such a fashionable new model. In his mind, if there was a mobile phone with a good quality and a reasonable price, why would he spend money just for a popular one

It was too expensive. For an ordinary person, they would have to spend time trying to make the best possible choice, unlike millionaires who could just buy all the choices they like. Although Yuan Zhou wasnt too rich, he still wanted to follow the trends since he didnt have any family to take care and just wanted to enjoy himself.

While Yuan Zhou was walking up the stairs, several salespeople standing at the entrance crowded around him immediately and started their interrogation. God knew which stores these people were from.

“Sir, what are you buying”

“Hey, handsome bro. We have new product on promotion this year and the price is reduced by 200RMB. Come, let me show you.”

“Handsome bro, my mobile phones are all of latest model, very cheap. Come over for a look.”

Several salespersons spoke one after another, as noisy as five hundred ducks quacking.

“I already know what I want.” After speaking that one word in a hurry, Yuan Zhou parted the crowd and went deeper inside, where he found it was much quieter.

“Morning, sir. What would you like to buy today” A sister with big eyes dressed in a white uniform and knee length skirt walked up to Yuan Zhou and asked with a polite smile.

“Id like to look around the mobile phone and computer sections.” While taking a look at the sister, he told her his aim directly.

“Ok. The mobile phones are on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor while the computers are on the 4th floor. Let me first show you around the mobile phones section. What do you think” With her hands crossed over her abdomen and her eyes gazing at Yuan Zhous lips, the sister with big eyes asked him politely.

“Perfect. But I would like to buy an iPhone. So lets go there directly.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and requested.

“Sure. Which model do you like in the iPhone series” The girl started to lead the way to the special counter of iphones. On the way, she confirmed Yuan Zhous preference, with a smile on her face never faded and a sincere manner that never changed.

“Look, this is the latest model that you described just now. It has powerful functions and can access the internet easily. Furthermore, no freezing problems will occur. The memory is so big that you can probably download 10 movies, and of course playing games with the phone is not a problem.”

“Now please try it”

While saying that, the phone was handed over to Yuan Zhou.

When they arrived at the special counter for iPhones, the girl with big eyes took out the latest model requested by Yuan Zhou and started to introduce it. The introduction was very professional and straight to the point. Yuan Zhou just simply tried the phone in his hands and then returned it to the girl, saying,

“Ok, Id like this one please.”

“Great. Sir, do you want to pay in cash or use your debit card” When she heard Yuan Zhou order it so decisively, the girl asked with a more sincere smile.

“Then Id use the debit card. But I still need to buy a computer. Lets go to check the computer section and Ill pay for both altogether.”

Yuan Zhou had already glanced at the price of the mobile phone, 8877 RMB. He didnt have enough cash with him.


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