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He was constantly sending out clones to search for Yuuji, who was suitable for building a secret base.

He received a message from the special clone.

“Is that so Sure enough, I still have to take this step… I will immediately take Root’s ninja to Rain Country and meet Hanzo.”

Yuuji couldn’t help but shake his head.

He casually placed the scroll in his hand on the shelf.

This was the best thing to become a high-level disciple.

There were all kinds of high-level ninjutsu that ordinary ninjas could not obtain.

There were as many as they wanted here.

Moreover, it could be said that he could learn it as he pleased.

Even if he wanted to learn those forbidden techniques or the techniques sealed in the Book of Seal, it was not impossible to find Danzo directly.

Yuuji was seizing all the time and opportunities to madly sweep through all kinds of techniques, absorbing a huge amount of knowledge like a sponge.

The Shadow Clone Technique was suitable for learning.

“Even if I am not proficient in many techniques, at least I have to memorize them first…”

Yuuji raised his head, looked at the arranged scrolls in front of him, and turned to walk out.

Root’s Ninjas, who were waiting outside, silently knelt down on one knee.

Yuuji expressionlessly walked out of Root’s base, facing the sun outside.

Unconsciously, he studied for another night.

As the overall situation of the eastern battlefield gradually stabilized, more and more ninjas began to withdraw in batches, adding more popularity to the village.

Yuuji strolled along the streets like this.

This was one of the few pleasures he had.

“Uncle, give me a bowl of the latest ramen.”

Yuuji walked into a shop and placed a hundred taels on the table.

“Oh! Customer, this is your first time coming to our shop.

We can give you an extra bowl of ramen.

Do you need to pack the second bowl for takeaway”

“No need.

I can’t eat that much food… You’re so generous no wonder business is booming.” Yuuji rested his arm on the table.

He smiled.

“Ha, business is not good now.

I also hope to use this method to make more customers feel warm.” The uncle immediately rolled up his sleeves and began to make noodles.

Yuuji turned his head and glanced around.

He saw that there was a guy with swirly hair eating madly from two seats away.

The bowl was quickly finished.

The man immediately put the bowl on the table and shouted, “Hit me with your best dish, give me another bowl!”

Yuuji remained calm and waited patiently, but he kept glancing at her from the corner of his eye.

As expected, it was her.

When she came in just now, she felt that it was very similar…

Uzumaki, Kushina.

The current Nine-tailed Jinchuriki.

If I can cut off a few tails from the complete Nine-tailed Body…


Nine-tailed, who was lying in Kushina’s stomach, suddenly raised her head.

With a strong sense of crisis, it suddenly felt a trace of uneasiness.

“What’s going on with this feeling This inexplicable feeling… It’s like I’ve encountered something that poses a great threat to me.”

Nine-Tailed became alert.

The last time he had this feeling, it had been controlled by a single glance from Madara and was held down by Hashirama.

“What’s wrong, Kyuubi I’m just having a meal.

Are you going to make a fuss” Kushina was a little dissatisfied.

“No, idiot woman, I’m being targeted… The guy beside you gives me a sense of danger!”


Kushina put down her chopsticks and pretended to glance at Yuuji inadvertently.

She saw that Yuuji was taking the hand-made noodles and carefully picked a few to taste.

“Hey, the taste of this noodles is really different.

Even the soup is very delicious…” Yuuji exclaimed.

“What Nine-Tailed Isn’t this guy Shiranui Yuuji The disciple of that damn Danzo.

Although he once defeated the Three-Tailed Beast with Jiraiya and Sensei, how could he threaten you”

Kushina immediately patted her chest.

Really, she always heard Nine-Tailed Beast talking nonsense, which made her suspicious.


Nine-Tailed remained silent.

Shiranui Yuuji… A family that I have never heard of Without the bloodline of Senju, Uchiha, and Uzumaki, it is indeed not worth being afraid of, but what is this feeling…

“Shiranui Yuuji is known as the strongest genius in the history of Konoha.

He is a 12 year old special superior Ninja.

He fought against Bijuu when he was almost 13 years old.

I really don’t know how far he will grow in the future.”

As Uzumaki Kushina spoke to Nine-Tailed, he looked at Yuuji with interest.

“I heard that his blood limit is used to create sub-class or even atomic level changes.”

“Particle Atomic I understand now.

So that’s how it is.

If it’s this technique, I will also…”

Nine-Tailed immediately understood.

She raised her head and laid down again.

Hmph, Shiranui Yuuji is just so-so.

The technique that it imagined to burn its life to obtain an incomparably terrifying attack was very similar to this little demon’s technique.

“Because the danger of this technique is very high, and it is very similar to the heavy particle model that I imagined that I did not have time to perfect, so it attracted my attention…”

Nine-Tailed snorted coldly and closed her eyes.

When Kushina asked it again, it was already too lazy to pay attention to Kushina.

In the outside world.

“Are you Shiranui Yuuji I heard Minato mention you.”

Uzumaki Kushina pushed a new bowl of ramen over.

“Ah, you… are you Senior Kushina Senior Minato often mentions you, but there is no need for ramen.

I am already full after eating two bowls in a row.”

Yuuji smiled as he stood up and placed the empty bowl in his hand on the table.

He stood up and left the shop.

“What an unlikeable brat…” Kushina shook his head and continued to bury himself in his rice.

A few days later.

Yuuji slowly put on Root’s mask.

With a team of Root ninjas, a total of seven people team was ready to go.

“Iroha, I appoint you as the vice-captain.

This time, something very interesting might happen.

Watch carefully with your eyes.”

Yuuji looked at the person beside him.

“Yes, Sir.”

This person slowly raised his head, revealing his white right eye.

Tenseigan and Rinnegan had the same level of eyes.

It was not a bad thing for Iroha to be able to pry into the power of this level in advance.

The group left and quickly rushed to the Rain Country.

Yuuji once again headed towards this sorrowful country.

The more they entered the Rain Country from the Fire Country, the more they could clearly feel the difference.

The west line was still in a state of intense war, and the Rain Country was the battlefield of the three great countries.

In the past four years, who knew how many people from the Rain Country had died of hunger and illness.

Although Akatsuki was working hard in his own way, their strength was too weak.

But even so, their existence brought new hope to this country of despair and grief.

Even to a certain extent, Akatsuki’s reputation and influence in the Rain Country began to shake the power and prestige of Amegakure’s leader.

“Great, Lord Hanzo has already given us a reply.

We can have a peaceful talk!”

Yahiko held the letter in his hand with an excited face.

He was extremely happy.

“In this way, peace will come!”

“If Lord Hanzo were to make a move, the three great powers would definitely not dare to act rashly!”

“Lord Hanzo’s strength and our Akatsuki’s strength…”

Many people were excited.

No one noticed that something was wrong.

It was because Hanzo, a powerful ninja who shook Ninja World, really had no need to deceive such a small organization.


“Akatsuki’s guys have already responded and will negotiate with us.”

Hanzo looked coldly at the letter in his hand and let out a cold laugh.

In this country, he was a supreme god.

He, who was known as a demigod, was already in the first echelon of Ninja World in terms of strength.

However, it was also undeniable that he turned a blind eye to the fact that the three great Ninja Village was wreaking havoc in the Rain Country and remained silent.

As early as during the second battle, Hanzo had already deeply realized the cruelty of this world.

The five great countries were the power to suppress everything.

Even he, a demigod, had a limit in front of the five great countries.

“Akatsuki… should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Otherwise, when the war is over, these guys will be hard to deal with.”

Hanzo burned the letter.

At this time, a figure wearing a mask walked in.

“So, Lord Hanzo, we can take action at any time.

Lord Danzo is still waiting for my reply…”

Hanzo’s figure disappeared in an instant.

In the next moment, he had already appeared by Yuuji’s side.

His slowly widened eyes were bloodshot.

“Even if you are Danzo’s subordinate, don’t get too complacent.

I am the leader of this operation.

Danzo will definitely tell you this.”

Hanzo’s voice was cold.

Yuuji paused and said indifferently, “Of course, Lord Hanzo.”

“Root’s guy has no fear.

How boring.”

Hanzo snorted coldly and immediately gathered the troops, preparing to go to the rendezvous point with Akatsuki.

Yuuji looked at Hanzo’s back.

The pair of eyes behind the mask emitted a cold gaze.

Hanzo… was no longer as energetic as he used to be.

His edges and corners had been flattened by time and reality.

In this terrible world, Ninja World, who was full of tragedy, would always make more and more people fall into an endless abyss of despair.

Even someone as strong as Hanzo had to go with the flow.

“Akatsuki’s original intention was to go to peace, but this is not the kind of peace I need.”

Yuuji caught up with Hanzo.

“Yahiko, even if you don’t die in my hands, Obito will definitely think of a way to kill you.”

There was no doubt about this.

Soon, it was the appointed time.

Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan were standing at the appointed location.


A few Amegakure ninjas suddenly launched a sneak attack.

The moment the three of them relaxed, they directly captured Konan.

“Konan! Lord Hanzo, what are you doing” Yahiko was furious.

Nagato’s expression changed drastically.

He looked up at the ninjas standing on the cliff in all directions, looking down at them from above.

“Yahiko… We have been surrounded.

This is a trap.”

“But why What did we do wrong to be targeted by Hanzo like this They even captured Konan… damn it!”

Yahiko gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly.

They only wanted peace… Was it really that difficult

At this time, among the many ninjas, Hanzo slowly revealed his figure.

He coldly snorted and said, “Foolish fellow, I have seen all of your actions.

If we can obtain peace like this, then we will view this world too beautifully.”

“Yahiko, Nagato, run!” Konan screamed.

The next moment, he was punched by a ninja.

“No… I don’t understand! Hanzo, we are working hard in my way.

We don’t intend to hurt anyone.

But why do you do this Why do you want to destroy us…”

Yahiko roared angrily like an angry lion.

“Let everyone understand each other and help each other.

Whether it is a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, all of us will unite to face it together… This way, peace will come!”

“There will be no war, no hunger.

The weak children can also be taken care of, and no one will be left to wander…”

Yahiko trembled all over.

This was the future he hoped to see.


The heavy rain was getting heavier and heavier.

“No, the future that you are imagining will never be realized.

If peace is achieved by the sincerity and understanding between people, it will at most maintain one or two generations.

This false peace will disappear.”

At this time, Yuuji suddenly spoke.

“It will be realized.

This is my dream! If everyone can…”

“As I said, this is impossible.” Yuuji’s eyes behind the mask looked down at Yahiko in a calm and terrifying manner.

“Yahiko, right Even if there are more and more people like you who are full of idealists, what can you do All the children are taken care of.

There are no diseases and no hunger.

Many years later, those with talent and good luck would obtain more resources.

Their descendants would also inherit the resources of their fathers.

After generations, the high and mighty monopoly would spontaneously be born.

In the future world, the weak might not necessarily become stronger, but the strong would definitely become stronger and stronger, naturally compressing the living space of others.”

“No group would be dissatisfied.

Some people would be able to learn high level ninjutsu at will.

Some people risked their lives and could only learn three body techniques.

If they wanted to get more, they would have to risk their lives to become chess pieces and be sacrificed.

This kind of world is the world that you imagined Even if everyone is full and warm, there will still be a brand new demand, a brand new style of injustice and oppression, and no guild will trigger new dissatisfaction that has never been seen before…”

Yuuji looked down at Yahiko, a trace of pity flashing through his eyes.

He was an idealist.

He was an idealist who only had dreams but did not have enough strength.

Such a guy was the most regrettable.

Even in his previous life, his theory was extremely developed, the education system was so fair and complete, and the average qualities and ideological knowledge of the people beat up Ninja World countless times.

Moreover, people did not have the extraordinary power of chakra, and humans could achieve equality on the level of life.

But such a world, peace, is also achieved by relying on nuclear deterrence.

Peace, from beginning to end, is built on absolute force.

If you can’t recognize this point, then you have taken the wrong path from the beginning.

Want to rely on more idealists to build a peaceful world This is no problem, the premise is that these idealists have the power to crush everything, such as Shoudai Hokage.

Moreover, the descendants of these idealists, the descendants of the descendants of the descendants, also have super strong force, and also are idealists, constant.

As long as there was one person who changed his heart midway, possessing both military power, status and power that could crush everything, and also not being idealistic, the naturally oppressive and unbreakable Monopoly would be born.

Shoudai Hokage’s close friend, Uchiha Madara, realized that it was impossible to achieve peace by relying on people’s self-awareness or things like love, and parted ways with the first generation.

Shoudai Hokage’s successor was the second generation Hokage who was unwilling to trust others easily.

The second generation Hokage was Sandaime Hokage again.

A person can control himself and keep his original intention, but he can’t control others, not even his own descendants.

“No, this will not happen.

This kind of thing…”

There was unprecedented panic on Yahiko’s face.

Some things he had never thought of, or some things that Root did not dare to think deeply about, were exposed in blood.

“Damn it, what about you At least we are working hard to do it.

What are you guys doing You kidnapped my companions…”

Nagato roared in anger.

This was the first time he had seen Yahiko in such a state.

“I am doing it too and I have found a feasible method.

There is no need to tell you naive fellows about this, especially Yahiko.

He will never agree with my method.”

Yuuji coldly threw down this sentence, and then retreated out of Yahiko’s sight.

He, who had lived two lives, especially in the previous life, was an extremely developed and “equal” world.

He knew better than anyone how naive and unrealistic Yahiko’s idea was.

Not to mention, Ninja World, who had the path of a Transcendent and was able to pull apart the gap between life and death.

The strong did not die for thousands of years and relied on their physical bodies to cross the universe.

The weak died after decades.

This kind of world was even more unsuitable for Yahiko.

The strong would only be equal to the weak if they were crazy

The weak lived for decades and died of old age and illness.

In order to be fair, wouldn’t the strong also have to die with them Isn’t this fair Only then will the oppression be eliminated and the war that might appear, isn’t it

But is that possible The strong also put in great effort to obtain power and lifespan to increase their level of life.

They don’t owe anyone.

Why should they play equal with the weak

It is naturally impossible to rely on the mutual understanding between people, but if one relies on a power core that can suppress everything, to forcibly suppress all disobedience, to cut off all greed and advance from Root’s source, forcing everyone to rely on this power to survive…

If there is a problem with this power, everyone will die.

Moreover, this power itself has its own will, but it does not contain good and evil, and will not produce a tendency to benefit…

Whether Infinite Tsukuyomi reads, Infinite Izanagi, or Yuuji wants to walk the path.

Both of them were more practical than Yahiko’s path.

Even if it was the twisted path of Nagato who wanted to collect Bijuu and create a ten-tailed version of nuclear deterrence, it was more feasible than Yahiko’s path.

“Hmph, I heard something very interesting.

The peace you guys are talking about…”

Hanzo stood behind many ninjas.

After the second battle, he cherished his life very much.

He instinctively protected himself.

For this reason, he even arranged a fake substitute.

He said with a cold smile.

Once upon a time, he had thought the same.

He also pursued peace, but it was useless.

“Root, if that’s the case, then you can think of a way to execute Yahiko.

You have to show your sincerity on behalf of Root.”

Hanzo coldly stared at Yuuji.

“… Understood.

Lord Hanzo, leave it to me.

Please step back a little.”

Yuuji glanced at Konan who had been knocked unconscious and then began to form seals.

Transformation technique!


“Hey, that redhead over there, if you want to save this woman, use this kunai to kill Yahiko!”

Nagato looked up in disbelief and saw Hanzo throwing a handful of Kunai over.


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