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Kisame fell to the ground and fell into Yuuji’s hands.

What was worse was that his body was integrated with an unknown object.

He, who was already seriously injured, lost control of his body.

“Shiranui Yuuji, you are really terrifying.

I didn’t expect that your subordinates also have this kind of strength…”

Kisame followed behind Yuuji stiffly, opening his mouth full of sharp teeth.

“You didn’t lose unjustly.

Even if you are Tailless Bijuu, it is nothing to me.” Yuuji glanced at him, raised his hand, and pointed.

A ball of flesh immediately appeared on Kisame’s bleeding part and began to stop the bleeding.

The broken ribs in his body were also corrected by the proliferation of flesh and blood.

“It seems that the one who defeated Bijuudama before was not Fugaku, but you… I really don’t know whether my luck is good or bad.”

Kisame followed behind Yuuji, trying to find an opportunity to commit suicide, but every time he moved, his body would not listen to him.

A clone of Nuclear Release emerged from his body and stretched out his neck to stare at Kisame.

“Give up.

Don’t think of committing suicide.

To me, you still have a lot of value.”

At this time, Yuuji threw a mask and robe of Root to him.

“Wear this and pretend to be a member of Root to avoid the examination.

I spent so much effort to catch you, not to kill you.”

“Then, what do you want me, an enemy ninja, to do Aren’t you afraid that I will find an opportunity to assassinate you” Kisame was controlled and put on Root’s mask and robe.

“If you can do it, you are welcome at any time.

However, if you want to kill me, you can only take the opportunity now.

If you wait for a few more years, even if you scatter my ashes, I can find a way to revive.”

Yuuji spoke casually and brought Kisame back to the camp.


When the guard saw Yuuji, he immediately felt deep veneration and opened the door to let the group in.

“Lord Yuuji, I heard that you have killed dozens of enemies…”

“Many of the teams have been saved by you.

I am very grateful!”

Along the way, many people looked at Yuuji excitedly.

In the end, they returned to Yuuji’s tent.

The others guarded outside the room, and Yuuji went straight into the tent.

Kazue was in there with a painful expression.

Strange protrusions appeared on her body from time to time, as if something terrible was wriggling in her body.

“Fortunately, it didn’t deteriorate to the point of being uncontrollable…”

Yuuji directly slapped the cells and suppressed them.

Gradually, Kazue returned to normal.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and was silent for a moment.

She whispered, “It was really dangerous just now.

I felt like I was going to disappear and become a mass of flesh and blood…”

“Don’t worry about it.

This is a very normal thing.

My strength is not so easy to bear.

If it were for someone else, they would have died a long time ago.” Yuuji said calmly.

Fortunately, Kazue’s talent was focused on stimulating genes.

In the end, she activated Indra’s genes.

If it were someone like Hiruko… even if that guy had Chimera Technique, at most, he could only continuously weaken the cancer cells in his body, unable to control them.

As long as he dared to use chakra, those cells would go berserk at any moment.

“However, do you really not plan to transplant a new Sharingan If you have two eyes, I think you can further stabilize your body.”

Yuuji looked at Kazue.

‘One Three Jade Hook Sharingan is still a little weak…’

“I might have found a way to heal my blindness.

Mangekyou Sharingan, if I can awaken these eyes, I might be able to solve the problem…” Kazue said with a smile.

“Mangekyou… This thing isn’t that easy to obtain.”

‘It is indeed possible for Mangekyou to repair her eyes.

Even if she couldn’t heal herself after advancing, she could awaken a special eye technique through her powerful will.’

‘Madara that guy’s eternal eyes, after becoming blind, he would have to advance to Rinnegan to be able to repair it.’

“This guy Kisame, how should I deal with him… It would be a pity to kill such a qualified ninja.”

Yuuji controlled Kisame to walk in.

“It’s you.

We meet again.

It seems that you have fallen into the hands of Yuuji-san.” Kazue looked at this guy.

“Humph, I originally had a chance to escape, but you people are too strange, especially you…”

Kisame stared at Kazue, ‘How did the Uchiha clan have this kind of terrifying chakra and self-healing ability’

He recalled the strange clone that had merged into his body… He seemed to have thought of something.

“Kisame, leave the hypocritical and bloody Kirigakure and serve me.

The past you have been killed by me, and the new you only live for a new goal.”

“Oh Is this considered solicitation You, a ninja of Konoha, a disciple of Shimura Danzo, are in the core circle of Konoha.

How dare you recruit me, an enemy”

“The world itself is hypocritical.

War, slaughter, children are homeless.

In this sick world, there are only two types of people who can live, the people who issue missions, and the people who carry out missions.” Yuuji calmly said.

He stopped for a moment and continue, “I need you to help me.”

Kisame was silent for a moment.

He suddenly sneered and no longer spoke.

“After the war is over, I will return your freedom.

Whether you want to return to Kirigakure or defect, it is up to you.

When the time is right, I will tell you what to do… In order to achieve eternal peace, destroy this hypocritical old one.”

Yuuji’s voice was flat.

“If you follow my method, you can achieve this goal.

Because my method still has hope.

The other methods are doomed to fail.”

Kisame was still looking for an opportunity to commit suicide.

He immediately sneered, “Is this only way Just say that these empty things are for me to brainwash When I meet you next time, I will not show mercy.”

“If you can do it, you are welcome to do it, but sooner or later you will come to me.”

Yuuji raised his hand and pointed.

A large number of balls of meat began to proliferate, wrapping around Kisame, and were slowly stuffed into the ground.

Kisame was the most “Ninja” among the many ninjas, cold-blooded, rational, and persistent.

Since Yuuji decided to use Madara to clear some obstacles and seize Bijuu’s chakra, then Hoshigaki Kisame’s power could be used to make it convenient for him to mix some sand into Akatsuki.

Time passed.

The battle between the two sides was getting more and more intense, and the information they grasped was getting more and more.

There was no need to endure any longer.

On this day, a total of more than 10,000 ninjas from both sides gathered together, officially opening the prelude to the decisive battle in the east.

“After this battle, the dawn of peace is not far away,” Fugaku whispered.

“I hope so.

I only hope that it will be as Lord Fugaku said.”

Yuuji led Root’s group and Kazue’s group to stand in the middle of the group, raising his head to look into the distance.

The killing intent of the decisive battle spread out, making it hard for people to breathe.

“Three-tailed Beast’s chakra…”

Suddenly, Yuuji frowned and patted his stomach in surprise.


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