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 Chapter 69 - Nuclear Escape...

Art of Erase...At the critical moment, Yuuji brought his team over.

“I didn’t expect that the enemy would launch a large-scale attack.

It seems that the enemy is planning to fight a decisive battle.”

Yuuji slowly raised his head and looked at Kirigakure’s ninjas, who were rushing over.

He said indifferently.

“Yuuji Did the village send you to support us But now is not the time to chat.

Let’s retreat.”

Fugaku glanced at Yuuji, then looked at Kazue and nodded.

Of course, he recognized his own genius.

“Yuuji-sama, be careful of Kirigakure’s Silent Killing Technique.

These guys hide in the thick fog and launch assassinations.

They are very difficult to deal with!” Shisui raised his voice and looked at Yuuji with a burning gaze.

“Silent Killing Technique… I understand.

I’ll treat you to a drink when we get back.”

Yuuji glanced at Shisui and nodded slightly.

‘Oh, this guy was that depressed Shisui It seemed that the battle for fame was at the end of the third battle, and he had established the name of Shisui in the blink of an eye on the battlefield against Kirigakure.’


Yuuji suddenly clapped his hands.

A huge amount of radiation particles immediately began to spread wildly in his body and quietly mixed into the fog.

“Lord Fugaku, take your team and retreat.

Time is on our side… Although the enemy has more troops than us, there is still a chance to win.”

Yuuji formed a seal with one hand and said indifferently.

The terrifying radiation continued to surge forward, and it was closely connected to the fog of Chakras.

Some of the nearby Kirigakure Ninjas felt some discomfort in their bodies.

Their bodies were hot, and their bodily functions were declining, and their minds were dizzy.

“Is this ability of your Nuclear Release’s Kekkei Genkai… some kind of cellular level chakra poison No, it is even more subtle than cells…”

Fugaku opened the three magatamas and used his powerful eye power to observe the burst of chakra from Yuuji.

He vaguely seemed to see something.

“Ah, as expected of Lord Fugaku.

To be able to vaguely see such a microscopic level, your eye power is a bit too strong…”

Yuuji smiled and stared at Fugaku’s eyes.

Mangekyou Sharingan, even if he was only maintaining the shape of the three hook jade, he was far superior to ordinary three magatamas on all levels.

In the original work, Obito could see the large movement of nano bug in the eyes, and now Fugaku also had a similar vision.

Fugaku’s heart jumped, and he met Yuuji’s meaningful gaze.

“How wide can your technique cover”

“All of the enemies.”

Yuuji made a powerful move, and the chakra within his body crazily surged and once again increased the intensity of the radiation.

Gradually, the numerous Kirigakure who were fighting noticed that something was wrong in a short time.

“Quickly use chakra to cover your body!! Konoha’s Nuclear Release Ninja is here!!”

At this time, Ao couldn’t help but shout, and with a cold expression, he released his chakra to protect himself.

But this method could only be used on superior Ninja and some outstanding ninja… For an ordinary ninja, this… was hopeless.

“Attack, everyone follows me, kill Shiranui Yuuji!!”

Ao roared loudly, and his heart was extremely shocked and angry.

‘This Nuclear Release brat actually came directly from the western battlefield to the eastern line’

He recalled the information about Yuuji in his mind.

This was a guy who was unfathomable but possessed terrifying abilities.

He had to kill him here!!

A large number of Kirigakure abandoned their opponents and quickly gathered together in this thick fog.

Soon, Fugaku, Yuuji, and the others were surrounded and blocked by a large number of Kirigakure.

No one could understand the anxiety in Ao’s heart.

According to the information he had obtained, many of Iwa ninja and Suna ninja, who had fought with this little ghost, had a terrible physical illness and could not be cured for the time being.

There was no possibility for them to recover in their entire lives…

Uchiha could leave, but Shiranui must die!!

“He is here… Lord Fugaku, get ready.

No matter what cards you have in your hands, there is no need to use them here now.” Yuuji said indifferently.

As he quickly retreated, he increased the intensity of the radiation.

A large number of Uchiha’s clan members were freed and quickly retreated inland.

Fugaku and his group attracted the pursuit of at least four hundred Kirigakure.

More than half of these four hundred people were here to kill Yuuji.

Soon, the weak Kirigakure ninjas began to collapse.

They screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

As time passed, more and more howls of pain rose….

Many people grabbed their bodies in pain.

Their internal organs withered, and their blood dried up.

Large amounts of bumps and pus appeared on their bodies.

They all died in endless pain.

“This, this, this, this kind of natural disaster-like technique…” Ao’s body trembled.

In just a short while, his team had lost a tenth of their members.

Although they were all cannon fodder and had no value, this terrifying reduction speed was shocking.

Ao’s eyes were red.

He was looking at Yuuji, who was about to catch up, he gritted his teeth and chased after him.

Even more Kirigakure Ninjas went crazy.

Suppressing the fear in their hearts, they roared and charged at Yuuji.

As long as they could kill this little brat, everything was worth it!


“This is Lord Yuuji’s technique…”

The young Shisui followed beside Fugaku, looking back with a shocked face.

Under the gaze of his magatama, one after another, chakra fell one after another….

The dense fog made by the enemy was now like swallowing their poison, greedily and obsessively swallowing the lives of Kirigakure Ninjas.

The deeper they went into the fog, the more they could feel this indescribable horror.

“Yuuji, how much longer can you maintain this technique”

“En, two hours is no problem.”


Fugaku directly called out.

It seemed that there was no need for him to use the unskilled Mangekyou Sharingan.


Ao, along with a group of superior Ninja and Gennin, finally caught up.

“Die, Konoha’s evil little ghost!”

Ao looked at him with a face full of hatred.

The blood vessels around the stolen Byakugan tightened, and his hands quickly formed a seal.

“Water Style – Water Surge!”

“Waterwalk: Ao Dragon Style Hand!”

A large amount of water-style ninjutsu came crashing down…

At this time, many Kirigakure Ninjas also hated Yuuji to the extreme.

They even abandoned Uchiha, and all kinds of powerful ninjutsu greeted Yuuji.

Especially Ao’s Dragon’s Hand, this was a type of technique that coordinated with Byakugan, using water attribute chakra to attack Yuuji’s acupoints.

As long as he could block the acupoints and interrupt Yuuji’s chakra flow, this kind of terrifying range attack would naturally dissipate.

But what a pity…

“I finally lured you here.

A guy like you must be killed… You guys clean up the other trash.

I’ll deal with this guy alone….

Ao, right Return the Byakugan.”

Yuuji said.

He suddenly reached out and grabbed Ao’s palm.

Ao’s dragon hand had pierced through Yuuji’s palm at that time, but Yuuji did not care at all.

This kind of ridiculous injury, he could heal himself in two or three seconds.

“Die here.” Yuuji used his other hand to form a seal.

Nuclear Release – Core Clone Technique!

As Setsuna moved, the cells in Yuuji’s body began to reproduce crazily.

Two balls of flesh immediately emerged from his back and wriggled, gradually transforming into Yuuji’s appearance.

“What kind of technique is this” Ao widened his eyes.

This strange scene drove him to retreat instinctively.


Two of Nuclear Release’s clones, who had just drilled out half of their bodies and had constructed their upper bodies, suddenly grabbed out with their hands.

Their five hands had firmly grabbed onto Ao at that time.

Yuuji formed a seal with one hand, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

Nuclear Release… Art of Erase!

A terrifying scene appeared in the blink of an eye.

The four palms seemed to have melted and merged into Ao’s body!


A shrill scream resounded in the depths of the fog.


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