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Chapter 60 - Huh That's It

Setsuna also thought about teaching Izanagi to Kazue for a long time.

Because this forbidden dojutsu had the ability to rewrite destiny, although the price was losing an eye, in a desperate situation, this kind of sacrifice was worth it.

Shiranui Yuuji… Unfortunately, he never found the opportunity to brainwash him.

Previously, Minato and Shibi took him on a mission, and now there was Shimura Danzo…

Elder Setsuna sighed and looked at the back of Kazue.

Even though Setsuna knew that even if he was given the chance to brainwash, the possibility of success was very slim because Yuuji himself was a theoretical master, and it was impossible to believe him so easily.

In the past two years, Shiranui Yuuji has been very close to Obito.

It was said that he had even put in a lot of effort to send a shadow clone to take care of Obito’s sick grandmother.

“Such a guy who has good intentions for Uchiha was given to Danzo by Sandaime Hokage…” Setsuna sighed with regret.

Originally, he had planned to use peaceful methods to pull Yuuji into Uchiha’s faction slowly.

Based on the relationship between Obito and Kazue, it should not be difficult.

Unfortunately, it was a pity.

Now, it was up to Kazue’s fate.

If Kazue died, there was no need for him to endure anymore.

He would think of ways to attack Yuuji and seize his kekkei genkai.


Time passed.

The news of Yuuji becoming Danzo’s apprentice gradually began to calm down.

With the return of many new generations of Genins and a ten-thousand-year Genin, the village that had withered a lot became more lively.

Gennin’s exam had arrived.

“Well, can’t we rely on military merits to get Gennin Why do we need to take the exam”

Early in the morning, Obito began to complain.

“Don’t say that.

There is naturally a reason for the village to do this.

Moreover, even Kakashi has come back to take the exam.

You don’t have to complain so much.”

Rin gently comforted him from the side, “With Obito’s strength, there will definitely be no problem!”

Obito immediately calmed down.

He stared at Rin and chuckled.

He turned around and whispered, “Rin cares about me.” “She’s starting to like me.” “Damn, Kakashi.”

“Gennin’s exam will not be a problem for us.” Guy clenched his fists.

“These days, I have been studying theoretical knowledge with all my might!”

“Oh! That’s right, Guy.

Let us work hard together.

This is youth!”

Duy and Guy hugged each other and cried bitterly.

Everyone quickly distanced themselves and pointed at the two guys.

“Look, the little guy is one of the members of Yuuji’s team.

It is said that his physical skills are very strong.”

“This, I feel that they are so terrifying.

Yuuji is even more terrifying.

He can actually bring such a guy to kill enemies…”

“Hmph, what an idiot.”

The last sentence was said by the problematic youth, Sarutobi Asuma.

This guy swept his gaze around arrogantly, sneered, and directly stepped into the examination room.

With the appearance of the examiner, the freshmen who had been restless because of the arrival of Yuuji’s team and Kakashi’s team immediately calmed down.

Under the arrangements of the examiners, everyone began to enter the venue one after another.


The first round was the theory examination.

“Don’t think about cheating.”

The chief examiner looked coldly at this new generation without any warmth, as cold as an iceberg.

“Hmph, if you want to use this method to scare us off, it would be too childish.

Sarutobi Asuma sneered.

The exam was the most ridiculous.

At the same time, he also quickly moved his eyes and scanned the examination room.

Finally, his eyes fell on Yuuji.

He has already made careful preparations.

If he can defeat this guy in theory class, maybe the old man will have a whole new level of respect for him…

“Kurenai, the theory examination is a good opportunity.

In a while, you can use illusion to control him.

I also contacted Yamanaka for three days.

You can find a way to interfere with him.”

“Asuma, what are you going to do” Kurenai’s expression changed slightly, and she anxiously looked in the direction of Yuuji.

Her father, Yuhi Shinku, had explained to her about the terrifying forbidden technique that melted everything.

Facing Yuuji, who had such power… Why did Asuma provoke him

Asuma only shook his head and sneered.

He definitely couldn’t defeat Yuuji in the Actual Combat Lesson, but if it were for the Theory Lesson, he might be able to give it a try based on what he had prepared in advance.

“Don’t be afraid.

This guy has been fighting on the battlefield for almost two years.

I’m afraid he has lost a lot of theoretical knowledge.

This is my chance.”

Asuma just sneered, and his eyes were shining.

Thinking about it, the old man liked to sigh repeatedly with the bull** written by Yuuji in his free time and asked him to read more…

Damn it, isn’t it just a thesis I can do it too!


Soon, the exam began.

Sarutobi Asuma had a confident look as he quickly browsed through the exam paper.

There were six questions; one calculation question, four knowledge questions, and one discussion question.

‘Oh, just this’

‘First question –Channel System; the second question –Ninjutsu activated, ha, ridiculous.’

“In the third question, our ninja stands on the top of the tree and throws a shuriken at the enemy, hitting the target.

It is known that the height of our ninja is 1.8 meters, the height of the tree is 7 meters, and the distance between the tree and the enemy is 50 meters.

Please write down the characteristics of the hostile ninja based on the movement trajectory of the shuriken in the figure below.”

‘Oh, this is probably a parabola question… Speaking of which, which idiot came up with this question, the characteristics of the enemy ninja’

Sarutobi Asuma’s expression changed.

He braced himself and wrote, “Our Ninja only threw 50 meters horizontally to hit the target.

It can be imagined that my arm strength is insufficient, and my strength must be Genin.

And to be hit by our ninja, the enemy must also be Genin…”

Looking at the fourth question, Asuma felt that he was blind.

“The fourth question: There is the ether that completely dissolves all aromatic compounds.

After adding the mixture of rare salt acid and stirring it, the ether will be extracted in different layers.

After adding the sodium hydroxide solution into the ether and stirring it, the ether will be extracted in different layers.

Please write down the ratio of compounds contained in the last ether layer.”

“Examiner, there is a problem with this question!”

“Nonsense, this question is used to test you.

How can there be no problem”

The examiner grinned: “Or, do you want to give up the exam Even if you are the son of the Hokage, the Hokage will never forgive you.”

“Damn, damn, this kind of strange question, I think…”

“Enough! Can’t you see that Yuuji has already started to answer the last question” The chief examiner casually pointed.

Many people who were about to go crazy immediately turned their heads and looked at the extremely calm existence.

The legendary number one in theory.

“Since he can do it, you have to do it too.

Don’t forget your identity, ninja! The exam is the task you must complete now!”

Only when the examiner looked at Yuuji would his gaze not be so cold.


‘You are asking for the reason’

‘There is no other reason.

It has nothing to do with him secretly being Root Ninja or something.

The reference answers were hidden in his sleeves, and there were people in the mountains who were always ready to help Yuuji cheat and answer questions outside the examination room.’

The other examiners looked at Yuuji, who was writing rapidly and had a solemn expression on his face.

They all revealed satisfied expressions.

Some of the examiners even began to stroll around the classroom.

In fact, they were planning to look at what kind of content Yuuji, who was attacking the last question, could answer.

The last question is about your opinion of the will of war and fire.


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