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 Chapter 44 - You Are Too Big!At dusk, the red light shone on the earth and sprinkled on the countless corpses.


Yuuji used Kunai to pierce through the heart of a Suna ninja.

“Don’t always use Wind escape technique to blow at me.

It really isn’t as useful as you think.


Yuuji kicked this enemy who had a frozen expression away.

His surroundings were filled with densely packed corpses, layer after layer.

Most of them were dead, and the broken limbs were considered good.

Those skeletons that were not human form were the most terrifying.

More importantly, from the distribution of the corpses, the closer they were to Yuuji, the more densely packed the corpses, and the state they were in was even more terrifying.

“Damn, damn it, you devil, Wind escape is ineffective against you… Just what is your technique…”

An Iwa ninja’s body was festering, and his desperate face was staring blankly at the sky.

His life had already entered the brink of death.

—What was more terrible than defeat was that before he died, he personally felt the horror of Konoha’s new generation.

Especially Shiranui Yuuji, this kind of large-scale attack tactic… Just thinking about how they couldn’t kill Yuuji made people feel despair.

The next moment, Kazue had used Kunai to pierce through this guy’s head.

“It’s over.

Yuuji-san’s strength is much more terrifying than I thought…”

Kazue was exhausted, and her pale face emitted a strange color under the red sunset.

She turned her head to look at the people surrounded by countless corpses, surprises, and cheers of Konoha Ninjas.

Their faces were also full of exhaustion…

Yuuji indeed felt tired.

This was an extremely rare thing.

He had not felt this feeling of being squeezed dry for many years.

All the chakra in his body was almost exhausted…

The result of the battle was also astonishing.

In this kind of large battlefield, Yuuji was simply a human walking on the armory.

Wherever he went, a large number of Konoha Ninjas and enemies would follow him.

There were many people who died.


In the distance, the battlefield that belonged to Kage level also came to an end at this time.

The four Kage level fought with their lives on the line, and for the time being, no Kage-level had fallen.

“Chiyo old woman, the speed of her escape is still so fast, but from now on, she will have to change her method of forming seals…”

Orochimaru was in a sorry state, but he held a broken arm in his hand.

—This was Chiyo’s broken hand, and also the result of Orochimaru’s battle.


On the other side, even though Roshi had turned into a half-tailed beast, he was still unable to obtain victory.

He was harassed by Namikaze Minato and had no choice but to suppress his anger and escort Iwa ninja and the others to slowly retreat.


This great battle had officially come to an end…

Many of the exhausted Konoha Ninjas could not hide the excitement on their faces, and their cheers resounded through the sky.

“The enemy lost at least 2,000 people.

This is a big victory!”

“Ah, thanks to Orochimaru-sama and Namikaze Minato… Tsunade-sama is in the rear and didn’t go to the battlefield, so we defeated them.”

“Did you notice that kid from Shiranui’s family His Nuclear Release’s ninjutsu is too strong! Many people followed him spontaneously, so the efficiency of killing the enemy is higher!”

Many Konoha Ninjas were talking excitedly.

In the whole of Konoha, less than a thousand Ninjas were lost in this battle.

They were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

In the face of the joint attack of the two villages, it was no wonder that they were so happy.

“Iwa ninja and Suna ninja suffered heavy losses.

They probably won’t come again, right”

Guy sat down on the ground, unable to open his eyes.

“Who knows Anyway, no matter how many of them come, I will fight! Lord Obito will let them feel terror!”

Obito shook his arm as if he was showing off his strength and confidence.

After experiencing such a great battle, he even won.

Obito’s confidence was completely built up and his mentality was bursting.

Kakashi did not even raise his head.

As he accepted Rin’s treatment, he said coldly, “Speaking of which, you didn’t seem to be of any use in this war, right I even saw you almost cry out…”

“Wh, what Stop joking, there’s no such thing! I also killed three enemies!”

“No When I used lightning to kill an enemy, who was it that saved him There was even something shiny on his face…”

“No, it wasn’t tears, it was snot!”

Guy followed up and added, “Oh, I’ll give you a hundred taels.

Please come and tell me how you wiped your snot on your eyelids.

This might be a good kind of cultivation!”


As they spoke, they began to quarrel again.

In the end, they grabbed each other by the collar and pulled at each other, arguing noisily about a one-on-one battle.

‘They were really energetic.’

Many of the ninjas who passed by Konoha saw this scene and their faces immediately revealed looks of praise.

“Look, these brats are Yuuji’s teammates.

The most outstanding freshmen are all gathered here!”

“Oh! Looking at the way they are going to fight, I can tell that their relationship is very good…”

Many people stood in the distance, pointing at Obito and the others, their faces full of gratification.

After this cruel battle, many people, for the first time, personally experienced the strength of the strongest new generation, Shiranui Yuuji.

The terror of Nuclear Release’s Blood Limit Realm, after this battle, was vividly displayed.

That terrifying ability to control the field simply made people want to die, unable to stop.

In this regard, Yuuji was very calm.

“They won’t let this go.

Let’s see how their next round of attacks will be launched.”

Yuuji let out a heavy breath and rested for a while.

His exhausted physical strength had recovered a little.

The big guy in his body, to a certain extent, had been constantly supplying him with energy.


After a while, an order came from the central tent, asking Yuuji to go over immediately.

Along the way, when many people saw Yuuji, they stopped and looked at him with respect and admiration.

“Thank you for what you did just now.

If not for you, I would have been killed!”

“If you need my help in the future, just say it!”

“Ah, please don’t say that…”

Yuuji responded to these enthusiastic fellows and entered the tent.


As soon as he entered the central tent.

Tsunade punched him.


“It hurts…”

“Damn brat, you actually dared to disobey my orders.

Do you want to die”

Tsunade grabbed Yuuji’s neck, and her face revealed a fierce look.

“Tsunade-sama, you are going to strangle me to death… And in that situation, there is no need for me to retreat.

I can stand there and play a bigger role.”

Yuuji looked helpless.

‘Tsunade-sama… Don’t you know how big you are’


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