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Chapter 4 - Really CruelChapter 3 - Unknown GodzillaChapter 2 - Gene MutationChapter 1 - The Mummy in The Corner


Nuclear Release!

This was the name given to him by the unique power that Yuuji had mastered.

It was simply an unprecedented thing to master the power of the nucleus with a body of flesh and blood, and it was incomparably crazy.

Using chakra as a medium and driving, using powerful spirit and robust body to control the collision of atomic levels, the terrifying power erupted.

This was the Nuclear Release.

It was powerful, strange, and had never appeared in the Naruto world.

This was the most special Kekkei Genkai, and it also belonged to Yuuji.

However, the Nuclear Release was not perfect, and the problem that Yuuji faced was also extremely serious.

“Even if it’s just the most basic use of nuclear escape, it will still consume an astonishing amount of energy and physical strength…”

Yuuji sat on the bed, feeling the little bit of nuclear power that had gathered in his body.

He was silent.

The most basic essence of nuclear was that it involved the change in the atomic level.

It was easy to imagine the difficulty and pressure to push this step with manpower.

If not for the fact that Godzilla was there and directly transformed his body imperceptibly, Yuuji would have been finished long ago, let alone try to cultivate Nuclear Release.

“Godzilla is born with the ability to control nuclear fusion.

There is even a special organ in his body that can conduct nuclear fusion at all times.

By swallowing air and water as energy, he can have unlimited nuclear fusion…”

Yuuji could not help but rub his eyebrows.

That organ was called “Atomic Furnace”.

Yuuji did not have this organ in his body.

Still, thanks to Godzilla, Yuuji had survived the most difficult period of adapting, and he had touched the threshold of “Controllable Core” when running.

“I generally understand that in the original work, Yamato was embarrassed when he first used Mokuton.

They spent a lot of effort to create a dry wooden stake, which made Danzo speechless.”

Yuuji sighed and looked out of the window.

It was dark.

The difficulty was only one aspect, and the danger was, on the other hand.

A year ago, after the ability to control the nuclear radiation in his body gradually stabilized, Yuuji also tried to develop the power of nuclear radiation further.

Still, in the end, he almost killed himself!

That time, it was only a preliminary attempt, and the terrible burns were instantly scattered on his arm, and the unprecedented explosive nuclear radiation was crazily eroding his body.

Fortunately, relying on his amazing self-healing ability and the perennial bandage, it did not attract the attention of others and saved him from more trouble.

The technique that he had conceived back then did not even have the possibility of being used.

If he continued forcefully, it would only end with him being blasted into smithereens.

And that technique was also one of Godzilla’s signature abilities.

It was also the trump card that Yuuji had envisioned in his early stage.

“I couldn’t even use that technique before, let alone anything else.

Every technique unleashed by the Nuclear Release can be said to be a Kinjutsu*… ”

[*TL Note: Kinjutsu (literally meaning: Forbidden Techniques) are techniques that have been banned from being taught or used.]

Yuuji was deep in thought.

Rather than saying that the difficulty of cultivating a forbidden technique was high, it was more accurate to say that it was too dangerous and could easily cause harm to oneself.

Multiple Shadow Clone Technique and Wind Release: Rasen Shuriken were both classified as forbidden techniques.

As for Yuuji’s technique, as long as he used it, not to mention destructive power, just the spread of nuclear radiation would be enough to make the enemy suffer.

Fortunately, he now possessed the ability to control nuclear radiation.

“I should be able to do it now.

Although I have to pay the price, it should not be a problem for me to use nuclear mode successfully…”

Yuuji continued to refine his chakra and then adapt to the nuclear mode.


It was dawn.

There were some hidden dangers that he could now clear.

Yuuji did not sleep for the whole night, but his mental state had recovered, and his body condition was surprisingly good.

He got up an hour earlier than before.

He entered the woods next to the village.

Taking advantage of the time before school, Yuuji had always had the habit of studying and studying hard, especially sneaking into the woods.

Holding a few works written by the 3rd Hokage, such as “The Will of Fire”, “The Will of the First Hokage”, and so on, what Yuuji liked most was reading this kind of book.

After going through it dozens of times, he thoughtfully made a pile of annotations.

In particular, Yuuji paid the most attention to the book of the third Hokage.

He wrote many notes on it, so much so that even Yuuji himself did not know what he was writing at the end.

Anyway, it was right to write it blindly.

He did not write it for himself to see.

“Every time I open it, I feel that this set of village theory is a pile of good-looking but useless words piled up.

There are only a large number of piles of empty theories and rough and straightforward examples to testify.” Yuuji scratched his head.

For example, in the chapter “loving a village person”, a certain clan member of the Senju clan took the initiative to give up their false reputation and enter the Ninja School to shine and heat up.

They were happy to help others and often went next door to help the widow who lost her husband in the war.

In the end, the two of them lived happily without shame.

Later on, Yuuji also deliberately verified that this Senju clansman died in the Second Battlefield not long after becoming a father.

Of course, the latter part was not recorded on it.

“There is no stable pyramid framework, no specific guide outline.

It all depends on the Third Hokage’s theory as the general outline…”

Yuuji looked disgusted.

He was really trying to suppress his annoyance and look at this childish thing.


Shua, shua, shua!

At this time,

An Anbu in the village was secretly patrolling and appeared here.

He glanced at Yuuji, who was frowning and reading and could not help but nod secretly.

“It’s this child again…”

The expression under the fox’s face mask was full of strangeness.

(* ̄︶ ̄)

“Is this the legendary child who broke the village record in theory class Hokage said he’s good… Unfortunately, the direction of his efforts was wrong.

It was better to practice Ninjutsu more.”

Soon, the Anbu disappeared, and everything was silent.


Two hours passed in a row.

Yuuji closed the book with a snap.

Then, he stood up from the stone and stretched himself to the rising sun, “It’s another beautiful day, but why didn’t I see Mr.

Duy this morning… If not for the fact that he often trained here, I wouldn’t have chosen this place.”

After a few hours of not seeing Might Duy, Yuuji felt particularly insecure.

It was as if the enemy’s spies would appear by his side at any time and then wipe his neck at an innocent child like him.

Might Duy was a publicly known ten-thousand-year Genin.

Every day, he took his son, Mighty Guy, and carried out self-abuse exercises, suffering discrimination and ridicule.

However, Yuuji would not ridicule them.

He also wished that everyone would not humiliate Might Duy and Guy.

At this time, Duy, because he only knew physical skills and did not know any ninjutsu and illusions, could not be reused.

He was even being cannon fodder made people feel superfluous.

Therefore, he occasionally went to the battlefield as a logistics personnel and spent most of his time in the village.

Also, because the war situation was getting more and more serious, the number of tasks that Duy could receive was sharply reduced.

He could not even receive garbage tasks like weeding and finding cats.

Moreover, no one was willing to team up with Duy to take on a higher-level mission.

In the original work, when Guy, Genma, and Ebisu were in the territory of the Fire Country when they encountered the seven people who sneaked into the Mist, it was Might Duy who went to save them alone.

It could be imagined how difficult it was for Duy and Guy to be in Konoha at this time.

In addition to their training, the quality and quantity of food were very high.

When their lives were in a huge dilemma, Yuuji decisively made a move.

At this time, Yuuji did not hesitate to take out the few savings and specially issued low-level tasks such as chopping wood, doing housework, cleaning the roof, and so on to Duy and Guy.

–In the past two years, Yuuji had almost gone from a small, rich family to a pauper, spending his entire family to raise Might Duy and Guy.

For this, he also received the praise of the villagers.

Everyone felt that Yuuji’s awareness was too high.

He spared no effort to help his companions, worthy of being a perfect seedling to inherit the Will of Fire.

Even if it were for a second time, Yuuji would still do the same.

“With Mr.

Dai here, I will feel safe.

However, where is he now” Yuuji yawned.

‘It was almost time to go to school.’

He directly walked out of the training forest and strolled around the forest outside Konohagakure.

In the past, he had always been like this… But today, it was a little different.

“Eh There’s actually someone there” Yuuji’s expression changed slightly, and he looked at an inconspicuous little forest out of the corner of his eye.

Inside was the place where Yuuji had conducted secret training when he had developed that highly dangerous technique.

A year ago, the development had failed, causing this place to be filled with a certain degree of radiation clouds.

It had always been regarded as a forbidden area by Yuuji.

Anyone who went in other than him would be affected by nuclear radiation.

Today, Yuuji was planning to retrieve the nuclear radiation…

‘It’s so early.

Why would someone appear in such a place….’

Yuuji was silent for a moment and felt that it was a little tricky.

But in the end, he still tried to get closer.

He caught a glimpse of it in the gap between the trees and saw…

Uchiha Kazue, the sister of Uchiha Izumi ––future lover of Itachi.

This woman was sweating all over as she trained.

She was breathing heavily.

It was obvious that she had been bitterly cultivating for a period of time.

Moreover, after her cultivation was completed, she even took out her bento box and ate it on the spot.

At first glance, it seemed like there was no problem…

However, when Yuuji saw that this woman used her dusty hand, seemingly inadvertently, in fact, deliberately sprinkled the dust into the bento box and ate it in large mouthfuls, he realized it.

This was a ruthless person.

After more than a year, there was not much left of the nuclear radiation scattered in the air.

The real big head was buried deep in the soil.

“Who is it”

Kazue suddenly turned around, took out the Kunai, and threw it out.


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