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Chapter 38 - New TaskYuuji looked at the little guy and stared at him.

“Hey, is this person the super genius of Konoha He surpassed the strongest new generation of Kakashi…”

Itachi was shocked and stared at Yuuji.

“Kazue, it’s time for our team to cultivate.” Guy waved his hand.

“Let’s go.”

Kazue threw out the sword in his hand and hit the bullseye with a thud.

He said lightly.

“Sister, you can do it —” Izumi said in a childish voice.

“Seniors, thank you for your hard work.” Itachi stood up and bowed.

“No, you are the one destined to be the most difficult one… Itachi, right The son of Clan Leader Uchiha.”

Yuuji looked at Itachi with a smile and said something that Itachi could not understand at all.

After the three of them walked away, Itachi still stood there in a daze with a confused look on his face.

“I am destined to suffer the most… Senior Yuuji’s words are really hard to understand.

Forget it, let’s go ask Shisui.”

The three of them walked out of the house and went straight to the training ground.

“I haven’t seen you in the past few days.

I heard that you went to Shibi-sensei’s place… Did anything happen” Kazue asked casually.

“Of course not.

Why do you ask”

“Because after thinking about it, I still feel that this is not in line with Yuuji-san’s way of doing things… Did you lose contact with Shibi-sensei for a few days in order to develop a better quality insect”

“Don’t underestimate these insects.

If you train them well, with their powerful numbers and reproductive abilities, they will also be very terrifying…”

Yuuji smiled.

The big insect was a fierce giant insect that could tear apart tailed-beasts, and it was also an important means for him to rope in the Aburame clan.

“Oh! Yuuji-san has been following Shibi-sensei for the past few days.

I have to work hard too!” Guy encouraged himself loudly, saying some incomprehensible words such as youth.

Just as the three of them walked out of the Uchiha clan grounds.

At this time, an old figure was slowly walking over.

Kazue paused and bowed slightly.


“En, so this is your companion Truly full of vigor… I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Kazue.”

The other person slowly sized up Guy, and then his gaze fell on Yuuji.

He nodded slightly and slowly walked out, walking past the three.

After walking far away.

“That person just now is…”

“Setsuna-sama, he is an elder whose status and prestige are second only to Patriarch Fugaku,” Kazue said indifferently.

‘Uchiha Setsuna… turned out to be that radical hawk..’

Yuuji thought for a moment, but did not say anything.


The three of them arrived at the training ground and began their team training.

For a moment, the entire training ground was filled with the figures of the three people.

They began to fight against each other with high intensity.

“I haven’t seen you for a week.

You seem to have become stronger, Kazue.”

Yuuji made his move.

First, he grabbed Guy with one hand.

Then, he punched Guy hard and sent him flying.

He couldn’t help but praise Kazue, who was rushing towards him.

“That’s not all.

What makes me stronger is not just my insight…”

The two magatamas in her eyes slowly rotated.

Demonic Illusion – Fox Heart Technique!

The vision that Yuuji saw suddenly changed, and the entire training ground underwent an indescribable subtle change.

“It’s a maze-like illusion technique that makes people spin in one place, but what are you thinking about using this technique at this time”Yuuji said lightly.

This kind of illusion technique that he had long been wary of was meaningless to him.

In the next moment, he easily broke this illusion.

He didn’t know whether it was because of Godzilla inside his body, or because Yuuji had a strong chakra reserve, his resistance to the illusion was very high.

‘He easily broke the illusion again Yuuji-san, this is not something that can be explained by the blood ability…’


Kazue frowned, and in the next moment, she directly spat out the Phoenix Fairy Flower technique, and more than ten balls of flames rushed towards Yuuji.

At the same time, the two magatamas in her eyes rotated a bit faster, and her eye power surged.

With a slight shake of her fingers, several threads that were difficult to detect with the naked eye moved the swords in her hands hidden in the flames, and they all rushed towards Yuuji.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yuuji did not dodge.

He was submerged by the flames and the sword in her hand, making the sound of his body being pierced through.

“This is a physical clone Looks like it is a special clone created from the flesh and blood of that white thing…”

Kazue turned around Sharingan, searching for the whereabouts of Yuuji.

But soon, her body shook, and her face revealed a look of surprise…

The radiation that came from the collapse of the physical body suddenly spread out.

It was detected by Kazue.

Her sensitive body quickly reacted.

All the bodily functions of her body were stimulated and began to become active.

“This is the feeling.

If this power belongs to me…” Kazue trembled all over.

For a moment, she was dazzled.

But at this time…

“Life Gate, open!”

Guy shouted loudly and directly pounced towards Kazue.

This forced Kazue to retreat quickly.

He completely ignored Kazue’s eyes and ignored Guy’s illusion technique.

Relying on his powerful body technique, he forced Kazue into a very sorry state.



Guy used the Great Circle of Konoha to send Kazue flying.

Although Kazue’s Sharingan could capture Guy’s physical skills, her body couldn’t keep up, and she was the first to be defeated in the three-person battle.

“It seems that you have neglected the training of your body during this time.

Your physical skills have not grown much.”

Guy stood where he was, maintaining his posture with one hand behind his back and the other with his other hand.

Kazue just stood up silently.

“Enough, Guy, let’s do it like this…”

When Yuuji appeared, he first retrieved Nuclear Release’s clone, then walked in front of Kazue and pulled her up.

“Maintaining enough physical training is good for your health.”

“I know, and I have already undergone physical training, but the effect is minimal.” Kazue looked at Yuuji with a hint of desire.

‘What a greedy girl.’

Yuuji could not help but shake his head.

This woman, the speed of her own training was very slow.

Now, she relied more on the dangerous power of radiation.


At this time.


A member of Anbu suddenly appeared.

“Team Shibi, immediately go to the Hokage building.

You have a new mission, and superior Shibi has already gone there first.”

Yuuji smiled and said, “Understood, we will rush over now.

It is really hard on you, senior.”

The members of Anbu nodded slightly and disappeared from the spot with the Body Blink Spell.

“After resting for a week, are we going to the battlefield again War is always a mess.”

Yuuji shook his head with a smile.

After sighing with emotion, he immediately took Guy and Kazue to the Hokage building.


Pushing open the door, there were already several people waiting.

“You guys are actually here…”

Yuuji looked at these people in surprise.

Obito, Kakashi, Rin.

There was also Namikaze Minato and Aburame Shibi, the two leading ninjas.


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