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There was a situation where they were mutually restrained.

Unfortunately, Aburame Torune’s type was precisely the type that was countered by Yuuji.

No matter how fancy these bugs were, they were still a group of inferior lifeforms after all.

Under the constant impact of the nuclear radiation cloud…

All of them would die completely.

“Ah! My body… What is going on with your blood inheritance”

Aburame Torune knelt on the ground and wailed in pain.

The special protective suit on the surface of his body began to break under the intense heat.

Large amounts of pustules were crazily growing.

As he struggled and twisted, Torune could clearly feel that his body was collapsing.

“Senior Torune, you know the danger of a nano bug weapon, but you still insist on using this thing to deal with me.

I must make a move on you.”

Yuuji sighed.

He remembered that Torune’s future descendants did not even participate in Gennin’s examination and directly joined Root’s department to partner with Yamanaka Fuu.

One of the reasons was that the danger factor of the nano bug was too high.

Those who were touched would die on the spot.

Yuuji lowered his head and looked at this.

From time to time, his entire body would bulge out with terrible bulges.

The internal structure of his body was beyond recognition.

It was really sad.

Such a special superior Ninja was crippled just because he found his head.

“You evil brat! I must complete Lord Danzo’s mission, even if the price is my own life!”

Torune tore himself apart like a madman.

The indescribable pain made him even tear off his flesh and blood, his entire body dripping with blood.

The terrible situation in his body had already made Torune understand that even if he did not die from now on, he would be crippled and lose the possibility of becoming a ninja.

The madness in his heart, as Root’s ninja mission supreme, made him make up his mind.

In the painful wails.

At this time, a forbidden technique had already been activated by Torune.

A small barrier suddenly spread out.

“This is…” Yuuji raised his eyebrows.

“This is a forbidden technique that I developed.

Yuuji, you are a genius, but you should not reject Lord Danzo’s invitation… Let’s die together!”

Torune screamed shrilly.

Within the barrier, a strange smell began to spread out, brewing a type of stimulating power.

“So that’s how it is.


Using a barrier to create an environment suitable for insects to rapidly reproduce… However, this technique of yours seems incomplete.”

Yuuji nodded repeatedly.

This technique was also used by Torune’s descendants after they were resurrected by Edo Tensei in the four wars.

It was indeed a great killing weapon.

If used well, it could be said to be a super biological weapon that could destroy a country.

Most of the ninjas had no way to deal with the nano bug that could easily drill into the human body and destroy all the cells.

Torune trembled and used the psychic technique to plant a new nano bug swarm into his body.

He tried to breed the bug swarm with his remaining life, and then at the cost of his own explosion, let the nano bug fill every inch of air.

Unfortunately, it was useless.

The power of the radiation cloud was everywhere.

These insects that had been summoned had been wiped out in an instant.

Root had not even been able to drill into Torune’s body.

Torune was like struck by lightning, lying on the ground like a dead body, motionless.

“This technique is very good, but you are still too naive.”

Yuuji slowly formed a seal, as if he was about to kill.

Suddenly, a figure appeared outside the barrier.

He stretched out his hand, and a large number of parasites broke through the barrier and rushed in with a buzzing sound…

“That’s enough, Yuuji.

To do this, Torune has already paid a sufficient price.”

Shibi slowly walked in.

A large number of swarms separated the two.

At the same time, countless parasites were killed by the violent radiation.

A large number of deaths.

“Seriously, Shibi-sensei, I just came to visit you, and I actually encountered such a thing…” Yuuji shook his head and withdrew all the radiation.

“I’m really sorry, this is the Aburame clan’s lack of hospitality.”

Shibi said in a low voice.

“Shibi! Since you’re already here, why didn’t you help me Just now This evil little devil, his blood inheritance is full of sins, allowing such a person to live…”

“Enough! You shouldn’t have used the nano bug to deal with Yuuji.

The technique to control the nano bug has been classified as a forbidden technique from the clan since the moment you were born! Moreover, you even prepared an immature poison pot technique to feed the nano bug with your body… ”

Shibi’s expression was extremely gloomy, and he felt even more pained.

Ever since Torune entered Root, he had become someone that Shibi did not even recognize.

Especially this technique.

First, it used a barrier, then used the human body to feed the bugs, and then it detonated the human body.

This technique… could not differentiate between friend and foe, it was extremely vicious!

He had indeed noticed the battle between the two through the ubiquitous parasites.

But one was his own clansmen, and the other was his subordinates.

On behalf of Root and Danzo, Torune was the first to attack.

“This matter ends here.

I will report to the Hokage Sama that the best result is that no one died.” Shibi looked at the swollen Torune and said stiffly.

“Let’s go, Yuuji.

Let’s go to my house and talk about the insects.”

Shibi took a deep breath, turned around, and left.

Yuuji glanced at Torune.

After Shibi left, he squatted down.

First, he confirmed that there were no other insects monitoring him.

Then, he leaned over and said in a low voice to Torune’s hateful and desperate eyes.

“I respect Lord Danzo very much.

I don’t object to joining Lord Danzo, but I will not go to a Root that I don’t know at all.

Senior Torune, you made a mistake at the beginning.”

Yuuji got up and followed Shibi.

Only Torune, who was lying motionless on the ground, was left.


After a while, Root’s Ninjas appeared and silently brought Torune back to Root’s base.

“… Is that so That’s what he said.

I understand.”

In the dark underground base, Danzo leaned on his walking stick and looked at the almost inhuman Torune expressionlessly.

The burning and pus on his body still did not make Danzo feel any emotional fluctuations.

It was as if he had once thought highly of and relied heavily on Torune.

Now, Root was not worthy of his attention.


A medical ninja appeared beside Danzo and whispered a few words into his ear.

Words such as “large amounts of cells in the body die”, “body tissue collapse”, “nano bug complete destruction”, were faintly heard.

All of Root’s Ninjas were respectfully kneeling on one knee, silently burying their heads, waiting for Danzo’s orders.

“Lord Danzo, I’m afraid I can’t serve you anymore…” Torune had a look of despair.

His last bit of hope was looking at the respected Lord Danzo.

However, the only response was Danzo’s silent back.


Danzo left without a word.

Many of Root’s Ninjas also left in silence.

In the empty space, only Torune was lying alone on the ground, staring blankly with empty eyes.


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