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Chapter 21 - This Country....The heart of the last fleeing Iwagakure ninja was full of anger and anger.

“Those three little ghosts are not ordinary little ghosts! They are clearly the new generation who had been sent to the battlefield not long ago, but they are so terrifying… If we let these three fellows grow up, could it be another three ninjas!”

The Iwagakure ninja could not help but be furious.

Unfortunately, his team was almost completely wiped out, and it was impossible to seize this great opportunity to kill the three genius little ghosts.

More importantly…

“There is something wrong with my body as well.

It seems that something has interfered with my body.

The extraction and operation of my chakra have a trace of obscure obscurity….”

Unfortunately, he no longer had the chance to find out the truth….

A large number of insects broke through the surface and hid underground for an unknown time.

At this moment, they finally rushed out and tore this Rock Ninja into pieces.

“This is a parasite… Could it be that you are…”

In the end, not even a corpse was left behind.

His clothes and bones were all eaten clean…


Aburame Shibi secretly returned.

“This fellow’s body is also filled with that kind of poison… What kind of poison is this And when did it poison…” Aburame Shibi pushed his sunglasses, becoming more and more interested in Yuuji.

‘Was he poisoning the air This was very similar to the man who was called a demigod.’

‘What an amazing newcomer.

If he could grow up….’

Shibi didn’t dare to imagine Yuuji’s future.

“Shibi-sensei, you’re finally back.

Even if you let us practice with these guys, you should be too relieved…” Yuuji shrugged helplessly.

There were ten Iwagakure Ninjas who had seen blood before, and half of them were Gennin.

If it were forany other new team, they would have basically fallen to the ground when the leader of the team was not there, and only Kakashi’s team could barely protect themselves.

“It took me some time to kill the enemy superior Ninja.

Moreover, my insects have been lurking underground for a long time and are ready to support you at any time.

However, I did not expect you to be so excellent.” Shibi said in a deep voice.

Although his tone was calm, it was full of praise.

The first time he went into battle, he used his powerful strength to fight and defeat the enemy.

Such a team was really something to look forward to.

Umino Ikkaku laughed even more and heavily patted Yuuji on the shoulder.

“Yayaya, little brat, unexpectedly capable, you will become a genius like Kakashi!”

“Ikkaku, you have started again.

Your mouth is always a bad thing…”


The group set off again.

Half a day later, they arrived at the border relay.

This was the base camp of Konoha on the western battlefield.

It was next to the Amegakure, bearing the heavy responsibility of fighting against the Iwagakure ninjas and Sunagakure ninjas.

The current highest commander was Tsunade.

After handing over all the scrolls filled with supplies to the western camp, Shibi also brought three people to meet a friend.

Namikaze Minato.

“Shibi, long time no see.

I didn’t expect you to be the leader of the team.”

Minato was a very sunny person with a strong affinity and strong strength.

It was no wonder that such a man would attract so much attention.

“Yes, I brought three very talented young people… As for you, not long ago, you fought with Brother AB in the east, and now you are rushing to the west line.

Is it really okay”

“Orochimaru-sama is currently recuperating in the village, and he will return to the west line after a while… As expected, Orochimaru-sama is better at dealing with Iwagakure and Sunagakure.”

Minato grabbed a head of blond hair in distress.

Jiraya was also on the east line, responsible for monitoring Kumogakure, and commanding Hyuga and Uchiha to deal with Kirigakure and the guys who crossed the sea to shore, so he could not move lightly.

And Tsunade, although nominally the commander of the west line, because of the fear of blood disease, could only configure medicine in the rear.

To treat the wounded, one can not go to the frontline to fight.

Naturally, Minato, who had just advanced to the Kage level, became the Western Front’s fighting force leader.

For a twenty-year-old young man like him, it was still a little difficult to carry the Western Front flag, but this was a step he had to go through – learning the general command.

Fortunately, Minato’s talent was very terrifying, and his learning ability was even more outrageous.

He became more and more proficient at commanding the general.

At this time, Minato looked at Shibi with some envy.

It was a good task to personally train outstanding juniors…

“Are you Shibi’s subordinates Come on, Shibi is a very comprehensive ninja.

If you learn from him seriously, you will definitely grow a lot…”

After giving Yuuji and the other two a few words of encouragement, Minato immediately pulled Shibi away.

The two of them muttered to themselves, probably discussing the war.


“It seems that the war here is not as tense as the east…”

After walking out of the tent, Kazue said casually.

In the east, Hyuga and Uchiha were the main forces to deal with Kirigakure, so Kazue naturally listened to the clansmen talk about the situation in the east.

In addition, Kumogakure, who was extremely powerful in military strength, was the most radical village in the early stage of the Three Battles and directly sent the Pillar Strength to the battlefield, which led to the most fierce battle in the east.

Now, Kumogakure had temporarily stopped, and the west was still in a state of anxiety.

Konoha, the Iwa Ninjas, and the Suna Ninjas fought in the Amegakure, smashing Amegakure into pieces.

The three villages themselves did not suffer direct damage, and the three sides were in a stalemate in the Rain Country, consuming each other.

“Don’t be too careless, Kazue.

Maybe the Western Battlefield will become a place to change the direction of the ninja world…” Yuuji said with a smile as he tidied up his equipment.

Kazue naturally did not believe it.

However, Yuuji was very clear.

The war on the Western Front has always been a difficult problem for the boss.

—Cutting meat with a blunt knife is also very painful for a long time.

This is the biggest problem Konoha faced in the whole three battles.

The Battle of Kikyou Pass* broke out at the end of the three wars.

The background was that Konoha was almost pushed all the way to the village entrance by Iwagakure and Sunagakure.

[*TL Note: The Battle of Kikyō Pass (Kikyō Tōge no Tatakai) was a battle between Konohagakure shinobi and an unknown group.

The battle took place at the end of the Third Shinobi World War.]

If not for Orochimaru and Minato, who were reliable, the result would be hard to say.

More importantly…

“Is that Amegakure What a sad country, crying every day…”

Yuuji looked to the west, looking at the country that was always dripping with rain.

“Such a country is indeed very suitable for growing rice…”

Yuuji suddenly sighed.


Kazue and Guy were full of question marks.

Originally, they thought that Yuuji, who dreamed of world peace, was sad about this war country.

‘Why did he suddenly talk about rice….’

“… The angle of Yuuji-san paying attention to the problem is really strange…”

Kazue and Guy looked at each other.

However, Yuuji narrowed his eyes and smiled at the cryingAmegakure.

“Is Yahiko still alive at this time That guy Danzo should not have colluded with Hanzo to attack the Akatsuki.”

‘Yahiko, an unrealistic idealist… As expected, it would be better to die, right’


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