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The entire Country of Sound was bathed in blood by Sasori.

Performance of a Hundred Puppets Technique, this secret technique that almost pushed the puppet technique to the extreme launched an attack on a country.

Everywhere it passed, there were ruins and countless people were killed, becoming materials for Sasori to choose.

This small coastal country that was indifferent to the world, has been plunged into unprecedented destruction and slaughter.

A few days later.

“Damn it, you madman, why did you do this kind of thing”

A Fuma clan ninja roared.

As the last backbone of the Country of Sound, the Fuma Clan also fell under Sasori’s puppet technique.

This clan was weak to begin with; ran over to Country of Sound to accept employment, but in the end, they ran into Sasori.

The clan members suffered heavy casualties, almost wiped out.

“Yes, in the entire country, only you guys can barely satisfy me.”

Sasori said with a cold face.

He killed the last person sent by the Fuma Clan and collected their corpses.

As for the old, weak, sick, and disabled people who escaped in advance, Sasori was too lazy to chase them.

“In this way, I can also be considered to have conquered a country with puppet techniques.”

Sasori controlled over a hundred puppets and looked at the village that had fallen into a deathly silence.

His eyes revealed a trace of satisfaction.

He controlled a hundred puppet armies and walked around this village that was soaked in blood.

He picked up the corpses that filled the city and searched for qualified materials.

He planned to transform new puppets to supplement his Performance of a Hundred Puppets Technique.

The Fuma Clan was quite satisfactory to him.

In any case, it was a clan that had made a name for themselves during Warring States Period.

Although they were getting worse and worse by generation and they did not join any ninja village, they were still hired like in Warring States Period.

The quality of the corpses of this clan’s ninjas could barely be acceptable by Sasori.

“In the end, Country of Sound is still a small country.

I can’t find a good enough corpse.

This will lower the average level of the puppet…” Sasori was somewhat dissatisfied.

He then revealed a trace of loneliness.

‘How sad.

These bastards don’t even have the qualifications to be transformed by him.

They have polluted his eyes’.

“The strongest puppet I have right now is undoubtedly the Third Kazekage, but it is only one puppet in the end… If all the hundred puppets I have performed are all at the level of the Third Kazekage…”

Sasori revealed a hint of madness and ambition in his eyes.

‘That kind of scene would definitely be very wonderful.

Only then could his Performance of a Hundred Puppets Technique reach its true peak.’

‘But how could there be a hundred Kage-level ninja in this world for him to kill’

‘It was really lonely.’

‘Sure enough, it is still a puppet, which can make him feel at ease and happy.’

Several days of massacres from Country of Sound’s bordering village all the way to Country of Sound’s capital.

This small country with weak national strength had been destroyed by Sasori.

In the past few days, because of Yuuji, Konoha was the fastest to react and sent out an elite team to investigate the situation.

The other great countries did not react at all.

They also did not know that the Country of Sound had been wiped out.

In other words, in the west of Country of Sound, the Country of Frost, which was also located in the north of Country of Fire, knew that something major had happened to the Country of Sound because of the refugees.

However, they could only play dumb and did not dare to provoke Sasori.

When Kakashi arrived with his team, he was shocked by Country of Sound’s miserable condition.

“What is going on!”

“Why did so many people die… Is it a war Did an enemy country launch a surprise attack on Country of Sound”

“But Country of Sound is just a small country on the edge of the continent.

There is no strong ninja clan in the country, and their strategic value is not high.

Who would launch a large-scale attack on Country of Sound”

Kakashi and the others looked incredulous.

Country of Sound was facing the sea to the north, Konoha to the south, and a small country to the east, and then to the northeast was the Country of Lightning; to the west was the Country of Frost and the northwest of the Country of Frost was the Country of Earth.

Such a small country that was stuck in the middle without any sense of existence, who would spend so much effort to cross several countries to attack here

Kakashi said seriously, “No matter what, we have to be careful.

Once the war between the village and the hostile village is triggered, it will be troublesome… Hoheto, take a look at the situation around us.”

Hoheto use his Byakugan.

After observing for a while, he pointed in a direction and said, “There are living people there.”

The team of several people cautiously headed forward.

After some questioning, their faces all revealed stunned expressions.


“Only one person was able to turn the Country of Sound into such a state”

“Is that so The guy who controls the puppet army started a slaughter in the entire Country of Sound, specifically collecting corpses”

Kakashi and the others looked at each other with solemn expressions.

After giving this poor guy some food.

Shisui used Sharingan’s genjutsu to erase the other party’s memories, allowing him to leave.

Shisui said seriously, “Kakashi-senpai, things have become troublesome.

For a single person to turn the Country of Sound into this, it doesn’t seem like Sunagakure’s operation.

It’s more likely…”

Kakashi nodded, “He is proficient in puppet technique and wantonly kills people.

Although I don’t know the reason, the only one who can do such a thing is that person… Sunagakure traitor, Sasori of Red Sand.”

For most people, this was a very unfamiliar name.

The time when Sasori killed the Third Kazekage and then defected was eight years ago.

In these eight years, the name Sasori of Red Sand did not circulate in the ninja world.

Everyone was attracted by the cruel Third Ninja World War.

All their attention was focused on killing people and preventing being killed.

No one would pay attention to Sasori, and no one knew that he killed the Third Kazekage.

Unexpectedly, Sasori appeared again and appeared in the Country of Sound.

Moreover, for something like controlling a puppet army… could a puppet technique achieve this

“The puppet masters mainly judge strength based on the number of puppets.

If Sasori of Red Sand can really control a large number of puppets at the same time and can also maximize the strength of each puppet, then it means that his strength is extremely terrifying…”

At this time, Maruboshi Kosuke couldn’t help but speak.

Everyone looked at this Genin.

They couldn’t understand why the Fourth Hokage stuffed a Genin into the team.

They speculated that this senior Genin knew some important information about Akatsuki that could help them.

Morino Ibiki said in a low voice, “Old Man, we need to use your experience later… You, who is called the strongest Genin, must have had a lot of dealings with the Puppet Masters.”

“Ah, please don’t call me that.

The strongest Genin is nothing at all, and I am far from being able to bear the title of’ The Strongest ‘… The man who died in glory, Might Duy, is the strongest Genin in history.”

Kosuke hurriedly shook his head and his face was full of embarrassment.

Might Duy…

The others were silent for a moment and nodded.

This unknown man, who was once regarded as a joke by the people in the village, shone after following Yuuji.

Against Kirigakure, he showed his powerful talents with the Eight Hidden Gates and died honorably in the battle against the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

The Eight Hidden Gates Technique has truly attracted the attention of ninjas in the entire ninja world.

“In that case, let’s act as soon as possible and figure out the movements and goals of Sasori of Red Sand.

Then, we will return to the village and report to Yondaime-sama,” Hoheto said impatiently.

Right now, he only wanted to think of Mangekyo Byakugan and even Tenseigan.

He was not interested in any bull** missions.

Shisui could not bear it but look at him, “But these innocent citizens of the Country of Sound…”

“The lives of outsiders have nothing to do with us! Shisui, as a genius ninja of the Uchiha Clan, don’t be too naive!” Hoheto couldn’t help but shout.

Kakashi looked at Shisui and then stared at Hoheto for a long time before slowly nodding his head, “First, gather some information about Sasori of Red Sand… Action!”

The group of five began to move and began to go deep into Country of Sound, trying to find the reason why Sasori did this.

They wanted to confirm Sasori’s current strength.

If nothing unexpected happened… A terrifying and powerful ninja appeared in the ninja world.

This was a very important piece of information.

As the five of them moved quickly.

Shisui caught up to Kakashi who was charging at the very front.

In a voice that only the two of them could hear, he said in a low voice, “Kakashi-senpai, if the other party is really Sasori of Red Sand, then he has a high chance of surpassing the elite Jonin and possessing the power to fight against Kage…”

Kakashi glanced at him and nodded, “That’s right.

So the best result for this mission is not to fight.

We will retreat immediately when we get the information we want.

If the battle really breaks out, it will become very troublesome.

We will have to face a fierce battle.”

Shisui hesitated for a moment and whispered, “Senpai, I have mastered a technique that can fight against Kage-level…”

Kakashi paused and nodded coldly, “I know.

Did you learn it when you fought with Kirigakure… If I go all out, I can also fight against Kage level.”

All the chakra within his body burst out, enough to form three tails.

This kind of astonishing chakra was absolutely enough.

“Senpai, don’t tell me you can already use that kind of chakra” A look of pleasant surprise appeared on Shisui’s face.

Kakashi didn’t respond, but his expression was cold as he increased his speed.

The team of five began to quietly speed up.

Other than Morino Ibiki who was worried about this level of physical exhaustion, no one else would think too much about it.

The capital of Country of Sound.

Sasori had made himself extremely bloody.

Intestines, minced meat, and the like could be seen everywhere.

However, Sasori had completed the transformation with incomparable fervor.

“This is enough.

A hundred puppets used in the Performance of a Hundred Puppets Technique is finally barely qualified.”

Sasori was very satisfied.

‘Hmph, after taking down a country and killing countless ninjas, I finally managed to gather these hundred qualified puppets.’

In addition to the Third Kazekage, the Performance of a Hundred Puppets Technique will become another powerful secret technique!

“This country has no value to me.

I can change my target… Should I start hunting those famous ninjas If I make a puppet with a hundred Jonin, it must be very good.”

Sasori had a mysterious obsession with his puppet secret technique.

He firmly believes that puppets are the secret of all ninjutsu in the world.

As long as there are puppets, all other excellent ninjas can be transformed into tools in their own hands.

“Let’s change to another country.

I need to collect more excellent materials…”

All Sasori’s puppets were sealed back into a scroll.

He slowly turned around and was about to leave.

At this time.

A figure descended from the sky.

“I found you.

You have been staying in the Country of Sound all this time.”

Konan floated in the air and white paper flew all over the sky.

A head also popped out from the ground, “I say, we can’t always be the ones to take action.

We should give those two newcomers a chance to perform, right This guy looks so fierce.

Can you really beat him”

Konan’s face was cold and extremely beautiful, “Kakuzu and Hiruko are doing missions to earn money for the organization, so they can’t leave for the time being.

Moreover… you also have to participate in the battle.

Don’t think of using this kind of excuse to escape.”

“Hey, hey, I want to go too.

How could this be!” White Zetsu shouted.

“Shut up!” Black Zetsu scolded.

The combination of Konan and Zetsu confused Sasori.

“Birdman flying in the sky, pitcher plant burrowing into the ground… Who are you Tell me your names, and I will decide how you will die.” Sasori was a little surprised.

The more unpredictable the appearance was, the more awesome it would be under normal circumstances.

Perhaps killing these two fellows would provide him with even better materials.

“Sasori of Red Sand, join Akatsuki.

You will get what you want.” Konan said.

“Akatsuki Never heard of it.” Sasori said coldly.

Zetsu laughed, “The Akatsuki organization is an organization established to achieve eternal peace.

There are many terrible people in the organization…such as Pain and Xu.”

“Pain and… Xu”

Sasori’s expression changed slightly, and his eyes shone with a bright light.

He had heard of the names of these two people.

After all, in the Kyuubi Rampage, it was difficult to hide the news that Pain and the other two had caused such a big commotion.

Sage’s eyes had invaded Konoha, and he had fought in the territory of Uchiha and even killed Konoha elder, Shimura Danzo.

Not to mention Xu, the wood release ninja in the ninja world is suspected to be the reborn Senju Hashirama or the resurrection of the dead.

It was said that on that night, there was a ninja with a Sharingan who could control Kyuubi.

The magatama in Kyuubi’s eyes could not fool people, and it was suspected that it was a ninja who had Mangekyo Sharingan…

‘Such a guy actually joined this Akatsuki Organization!’


Eternal peace, I am not interested in this thing, but I am interested in good material…”

‘Sage’s eyes and Wood Release Bloodline Limit, hehehe…’

Sasori felt that he was burning up.

“If I kill you, I can also get excellent materials… The two of you seem to be very strong.”

Sasori’s voice was cold.

He was determined to defeat these two first and force out the whereabouts of Sage’s eyes and Wood Release user.


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