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Root Base.

Yuuji personally took action and placed Toneri’s father on the experimental platform, determined to dissect him.

“The Otsutsuki Clan… Hamura is a native-born after the combination of Otsutsuki Kaguya and the ninja world natives.

It is essentially a mixed-race child, and passed down to the generation of Toneri’s father…”

Yuuji picked up the scalpel.

Hum hum!

Chakra surged and covered the scalpel.

Even Yuuji revealed a bit of excitement at this moment.

Although he was only a mixed-blood descendant, he had the blood of Otsutsuki.

At the very least, in terms of bloodline level, he was far closer to Kaguya than Uchiha and Hyuga.

Yuuji did not expect to obtain much power from this corpse, but at the very least, he could solve some of the mysteries of the Otsutsuki Clan.

“Kabuto, are the monitoring instruments ready” Yuuji asked indifferently.

On the side, Kabuto, who had grown a little, also check the instruments with a fanatical look on his face into the body.

“It’s ready, Nii-san.

Is this an owner of an ancient bloodline” Kabuto stared at it with interest.

Kabuto, who had been carefully trained by Yuuji since childhood, focused his skills on scientific research.

Although he was known as one of the three geniuses of Konoha’s new generation, in reality, Kabuto was the weakest in terms of strength.

In terms of theory and research, he far surpassed Itachi and Yamato.

“This is the most important experiment.

No mistakes are allowed,” Yuuji said.

He picked up the scalpel and cut open the skin of the corpse.

“The toughness of the skin is 70% higher than that of a normal person.

Just this kind of defense, coupled with matching recovery ability… “

As Yuuji spoke, he quickly assessed his heart.

‘Not bad,’ Yuuji was not disappointed.

In the Otsutsuki Clan, not to mention other abilities, their vitality was absolutely strong, and their self-healing ability was absolutely beyond the imagination of the ninja world’s natives.

Just the ability to withstand cosmic radiation was not something that ordinary people could compare with.

If a ninja world person wanted to resist radiation, he had to attach a large amount of chakra to the surface of his body to block the damage from the outside world.

This was also a move that the ninjas of other villages in the Third Ninja World War had to do when facing Yuuji.

However, the Otsutsuki Clan was very different, and their physical fitness was extremely exaggerated.



“Blood vessels…”

The entire dissection process was proceeding in an orderly manner.

The corpse in front of him was being peeled open bit by bit, and the mystery of Otsutsuki’s mixed blood was continuously presented in front of Yuuji.

Even the internal organs were taken off after careful observation and judgment.

“Even now, his body is still alive.”

“But it seems that it is because of the lack of a core.

This activity is losing at an unstable rate.

Even if he dies, considering the characteristics of the Otsutsuki Clan, logically speaking, there shouldn’t be such a change…”

Kabuto suddenly said, “Is it because the other party lost his Byakugan”

Yuuji nodded, “This branch of Hamura’s bloodline, Byakugan is obviously the core of their genes.”

This involved the relationship between God Tree and Otsutsuki.

Many bloodline limits could be considered as a bloodline limit derived from the God Tree, but in fact, Byakugan’s Bloodline Limit was not a bloodline derived from the God Tree.

For example, the difference between Rinnegan and Byakugan.

Like now, Byakugan was the core of the Otsutsuki clan Bloodline Limit.

Whether it was the descendants of Hamura on the moon, Otsutsuki Kaguya who descended on the ninja world a thousand years ago, or the Otsutsuki who was nearly killed by Kaguya when he was attacked, or Momoshiki, Urashiki, and Kinshiki.

Byakugan was the Bloodline Limit they naturally possessed.

It was not Rinnegan.

“In that case, Sharingan and Rinnegan mostly came from God Tree”

Yuuji looked at the corpse in front of him, then lowered his head to look at a large amount of data compiled, and continued to ponder.

‘With the existence of an omnipotent substance like Chakra, it is very reasonable to transplant the genes of a plant like a God Tree into an animal like the human, and then show it in a dominant form.’

‘The only exception is Otsutsuki Momoshiki.’

‘This guy is very strange, his eyes were Byakugan, and this pair of Byakugan not only had the ability to see through but also read the fate of other people.’

‘There is Rinnegan in his palm, and the source was unknown.

After he swallowed Kinshiki as a chakra fruit, the two Rinnegan in his palm changed color, and the third Rinnegan opened in the middle of his eyebrows.’

‘This is very interesting.’

“The Otsutsuki Clan sent Kaguya, Isshiki, Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki to different planets to collect chakra.”

Yuuji tried to recall.

Kaguya and Isshiki descended on the ninja world.

In these two Kaguya seems to be the leader, but Isshiki did not seem to be afraid of Kaguya.

Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki were obviously going to harm other planets.

This small team of Momoshiki, after noticing that there was a problem with Kaguya and Isshiki Team, they hurriedly ran to the ninja world to continue planting trees and take the chakra fruits.

Kaguya and Isshiki, who first came to the ninja world, had an accident.

Kaguya, who mixed in with the natives of the ninja world, had a change in philosophy.

She did not want to see her clan exterminate this planet.

Especially after she was pregnant with Hagoromo and Hamura, Kaguya ate the Chakra Fruit.

She did not hesitate to launch a sneak attack and almost beat Isshiki to death.

She forced Isshiki to activate [Kma] and possess an unlucky monk to survive.

After that, Kaguya created a large number of White Zetsu and worked hard to accumulate power, preparing to start a war with the Momoshiki.

She also told Hagoromo about Momoshiki.

“Does this mean that the two Rinnegan in Momoshiki was because he swallowed the chakra fruits from other planets But logically speaking, the chakra fruits must be brought back to Otsutsuki Clan.

Otherwise, there is no need for the clan to send them out to plant trees…”

“No, wait, the Rinnegan between the eyebrows should be the result of devouring the chakra fruits.”

Yuuji recalled the scene of Kaguya, Madara, and Momoshiki opening Rinnegan between their eyebrows.

Kaguya ate the chakra fruit, Madara absorbed God Tree, and Momoshiki who was trying to kill Naruto and Sasuke was forced to eat his little brother, Kinshiki…

“Interesting, is it a fusion of bloodlines Gene resonance Or is it a combination of genes like [Rinnegan]”

Yuuji was very interested in this.

This thing called God Tree clearly had a connection with Otsutsuki, and this connection directly involves the level of genetic combination.

Considering that Sage of the Six Path was born after Kaguya ate the chakra fruit, he was born with the bloodline of God Tree and Otsutsuki.

In the end, Hagoromo accidentally “killed” Hamura in a duel and directly evolved his three tomoe Sharingan to Rinnegan.

Madara used Hashirama’s cells and his Eternal Mangekyo.

Maybe it was also because of Indra’s chakra that he opened Rinnegan.

And after God Tree was awakened, there was also a Rinne Rinnegan…

“The power of Hashirama’s cells is the weakened version of God Tree, so… Byakugan is the Otsutsuki’s bloodline limit.

Rinnegan is the God Tree’s bloodline limit.

If Otsutsuki’s clansmen want to have Rinnegan, they have to combine it with God Tree’s genes.

This guess should be closest to the truth.”

‘Moreover, from the performance of Nagato, Obito, and Impure World Reincarnated Madara, they were able to control the God Tree/Gedo Mazo only with Rinnegan that was dug out from Nagato after putting them on their own bodies.

Afterward, it was difficult to control the God Tree whose awakening degree was deepening.’

As Yuuji dismantled Toneri’s father’s body, he continued to ponder and ponder.

Kabuto seemed to have noticed Yuuji’s deep thoughts.

Although he was a little confused as to why Yuuji was distracted at such an important moment, he still obediently carried out his task without disturbing him.

“This is really too interesting.

Kabuto, with this corpse in hand, we will save a lot of energy.” Yuuji suddenly laughed.

A burst of low laughter echoed in the laboratory.

Outside the laboratory, dozens of Root ninjas were carrying out their guard duty.

This level of security was unprecedented, and the entire Root was moved because of this experiment.

Kabuto looked at Yuuji with a confused expression, “It seems that Nii-san is very satisfied with this body.”

“Yes, I am very satisfied.

In two years, I will tell you the secret information behind the scenes of this world one after another.

You will be shocked.” Yuuji smiled.

He was very happy.

As soon as he was happy, his enthusiasm for work skyrocketed.

Yuuji immediately tore the corpse into pieces and stored it in the glass container carefully.

And this was only the corpse of Toneri’s father.

What was even more valuable was Toneri’s genes.

“It seems that it will take a period of time to test the complete gene sequence.” Yuuji looked at the data in front of him and handed over the follow-up experiment to Kabuto.

According to his speculation, no matter how awesome Toneri was and how pure his bloodline was, he was still a mixed-blood descendant in theory.

The key was still the giant Tenseigan.

This was an eye that even Hamura had not awakened by himself.

Even in the battle of sealing Otsutsuki Kaguya, Hamura had used Byakugan and had never opened the thing called Tenseigan.


Just as Yuuji was staring at the corpse parts in front of him, planning something.

Suddenly, his expression changed slightly.

“Kabuto, I’ll leave this place to you.

I’ll give you the power to control part of Root ninjas.

Don’t disappoint me.”

“Don’t worry, Nii-san.” Kabuto had a serious expression on his face.

Yuuji nodded.

He turned around and left the laboratory.

After walking outside, he first created a few clones and secretly sneaked underground to kill the White Zetsu who was secretly investigating the situation.

Then, his main body left Root Base and secretly left Konohagakure, arriving at the forest outside.

“Come out.

I don’t like this kind of greeting.” Yuuji stood on a tree and said lightly.

In front of him, a pitcher plant drilled out of the tree trunk.

“Oops, I was still discovered by you.

Your perception has become stronger and stronger.

The strength of copying my ability has also become stronger.”

As soon as he appeared, White Zetsu began to complain without restraint.

This guy had long been dissatisfied with Yuuji, or rather, Xu.

Regardless of whether it was his movement ability or the way he appeared, it was exactly the same as his.

This was very excessive.

“Take back this meaningless complaint and shut your mouth.

Otherwise, I don’t mind tearing you off from Black Zetsu and replacing you with a new White Zetsu.” Yuuji’s voice was flat.

White Zetsu’s face twitched, and he immediately shut his mouth tightly.

Because Yuuji would really find an opportunity to kill him and let other b * tches ascend to the throne.

Moreover, it was not the first time that he threatened him in this way.

Yuuji, “Get to the point, Black Zetsu.

You’re the one who wanted to find me, right The one who claimed to be the embodiment of Madara’s will…”

Black Zetsu’s heart skipped a beat as he stared straight at Yuuji.

He felt a little uneasy as he looked at Yuuji’s deep gaze.

After a while, he said indifferently, “The guy you killed appeared in the Country of Rain and fought with Pain.

If Pain knew that you killed the enemy, he might come to Konoha to find you… You must be mentally prepared.”

“What’s the reason Is it because that Otsutsuki can control the meteorite” Yuuji sneered.

“Otsutsuki… It seems that you know a lot of information.” Black Zetsu’s heart suddenly sank.

There was even a sense of bewilderment.

Just how many secrets did this Yuuji know

It was most likely speculation from the words of Hamura’s descendants and myths.

As for the possibility of guessing his true identity… Hehe, it didn’t exist.

He had never mentioned it to anyone.

Although Yuuji’s gaze gave him a strange feeling, no matter how much brain power Yuuji had, it was impossible for him to guess his true identity.

‘Humph, humph, little brat Shiranui, just temporarily allow him to live.

As long as you could revive my mother, everything would no longer be a problem.’

They would all be transformed into White Zetsu.

“As Madara’s will, I wonder how much you know about Otsutsuki.

These guys seem to live on the moon.”

Yuuji stared at Black Zetsu.

‘Oh, right.

As Kaguya’s third son, Black Zetsu is a pure descendant of Otsutsuki.

Even if Kaguya created it with her Yin chakra, since it is a living being, there should be something like a gene sequence…’

Yuuji looked at Black Zetsu with increasingly dangerous eyes.

Black Zetsu was silent for a moment, “The other party has a similar ability to Rinnegan.

They possess gravity and repulsion, so Nagato is very concerned about this.

He feels that he might have met a descendant of Sage of the Six Path, so he has been investigating the whereabouts of Otsutsuki recently…”

“I understand.

Then let him come.

I am very interested in the Otsutsuki Clan.

Their corpses are the best research materials, and I will not let them out,” Yuuji said.

Black Zetsu’s eyes turned cold, but he maintained his calm, “It’s up to you.

However, I am also very interested in Otsutsuki’s corpse.

If you can give it to me, it might be able to enhance our strength and help us achieve our goals.”

“Then we’ll talk about it when we really start catching Bijuu.

Now, I need this thing even more.” Yuuji said.

Black Zetsu paused for a moment before slowly merging with the ground with White Zetsu.

“Shiranui Yuuji, you better remember that Infinite Tsukuyomi is the final target.”

After saying this, he had already disappeared.

Yuuji stood in place for a while before turning around.

“I have great use for Otsutsuki’s corpse… I was thinking of nurturing a special eye.

It is suitable to use the body of the Otsutsuki Clan to nurture and nourish it.”

This special eye, Yuuji named it…

Godzilla’s Eye!


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