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Chapter 143 - Atomic Breath!

Namikaze Minato’s figure directly fell into the forest outside the village.

“What happened just now That feeling of being swallowed…” Minato stood up with a solemn expression.

Minato believed that he was very proficient in space-time ninjutsu.

But that feeling just now… as long as his reaction was a fraction of a second slower, he would be swallowed into a different space and time, and his end would be very miserable.


A space-time vortex appeared, and Obito’s figure stood in front of Minato.

He took out a chain, which he had prepared to capture Fourth Hokage alive.

“It seems that Fourth Hokage is just so-so.

I have already seen through your space-time ninjutsu.”

Obito sneered.

Minato looked at him cautiously, “You are Madara, right Combined with all kinds of information, this is the only possibility… Did you fake your death through Izanagi”

“… Humph, I don’t need to tell you about this.

Anyway, you are going to be solved by me soon.”

The Mangekyou Sharingan under Obito’s mask slowly rotated, which gave Minato a lot of psychological pressure.

Minato glanced at it from the corner of his eye and looked at it directly, “Mangekyou Sharingan, it seems that this level of eye power is right.”

At this time.

Roar! Roar! Roar!!

The Kyuubi began to wreak havoc in the village.

A giant beast suddenly appeared and began to fight with the Kyuubi.

It also let out an irritable roar.

The collision of the two giants caused an explosion that shook the ground.

Obito and Minato turned their heads at the same time.

“This is probably the Complete Body Godzilla Transformation.

It seems that Yuuji is also going all out.

I have to deal with you as soon as possible and return to the village.” Minato said in a low voice.

Obito’s eyes were filled with anger as he cursed in secret.

‘That bastard Yuuji, what the hell is he doing His main body ran over to compete with the Kyuubi.

What about Xu What is Xu doing’

Yuuji’s actions made Obito extremely angry.

The power displayed also made Obito shocked and fearful.

‘Godzilla, this giant beast, was actually able to resist the Kyuubi… Even if he was still defeated in the end, it was still shocking enough.’

At this time, Minato moved.


A specially-made kunai was suddenly thrown out.

It directly passed through Obito.

Obito’s chains, however, bound Minato.

Fortunately, Minato directly launched Flying Thunder God to escape.

“Sure enough, the attainments of space-time ninjutsu are above mine.” Minato appeared next to a specially made kunai with a solemn expression.

‘When he suffers an attack, he will instantly fade away, but when you launch an attack, you will be a physical body…’

Minato launched another attack.

A kunai was thrown out, but Obito dodged it.

Just as Obito was about to grab Minato, Minato’s figure disappeared and reappeared next to the kunai.

From top to bottom, a Rasengan smashed down.

“This is the second stage of Flying Thunder God!” Minato smashed down fiercely.

In a flash of lightning.

Obito turned his head, his eyes staring fixedly at Minato’s figure.

“Flying Thunder God Second Stage… Hmph.”


Obito activated his dual Kamui and disappeared from where he was at an astonishing speed.

Minato’s shot directly hit the ground.

“This kind of speed is a bit too fast.” Minato’s expression changed slightly.


Minato felt that he was going to fall into a bitter battle and had no time to return to the village.

Two ninjas who mastered space-time ninjutsu in this vast forest had an intense confrontation and were surrounded by danger.

If they were careless, they would be killed by the other party.

On the other side.

Under the watchful eyes of all, Yuuji pushed the Kyuubi out of the village bit by bit.

The two giant beasts stood under the moonlight, and a terrifying battle erupted.

“Get out of the village!”

Yuuji roared.


With a single stroke, he pushed the Kyuubi out.

Then, he stretched out his hand, grabbed a few tails, and dragged the guy away from Konoha.

“Don’t come near me.

Be careful not to be affected!”

Yuuji said to the crowd, his voice deafening.

The figures of two terrifying giant beasts stood in the lush forest.

Every move they made could create a terrifying disaster.


Yuuji fiercely clawed at the Kyuubi, and with a single slap.

He slapped it to the ground.

This naturally provoked the Kyuubi.

The big fox roared crazily and rushed forward.

An incomparably cruel battle erupted between the two giant beasts.

The earth quaked and mountains shook.

“Kyuubi is a chakra aggregate.

It’s a bit difficult to deal with…”

Yuuji controlled this Godzilla body and began to fight with the Kyuubi.

His eyes revealed a dignified expression.

‘It was extremely difficult to deal with.’

‘Just the physical skill level, Kyuubi’s strength, speed, and agility were all extremely ridiculous.’

‘Moreover, his entire body was covered in chakra, so normal attacks wouldn’t hurt or itch it.’


The Kyuubi suddenly slapped over.

“Hmph, do you think that you are the only one who has a tail” Yuuji’s eyes revealed a trace of ferocity.


The huge tail also swung out, and in this instant, a particle cut was condensed.

The tail whip struck the Kyuubi, and along with it, the blue light beam that seemed to be able to split the entire Country of Fire into two struck the Kyuubi.


In this confrontation, Yuuji staggered backward.

The Kyuubi hissed, and a huge wound appeared on his body.

But it quickly recovered to its original state.

The Kyuubi opened its mouth wide and shot another Bijuudama.

“Making Bijuudama in front of me, who do you think you are”

Yuuji sneered.

His huge body suddenly leaned forward and raised his claws.

At that time, he held down the Bijuudama, who had not completely condensed, and shoved him into the Kyuubi’s mouth.

“Come on, let me test it out for you.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying explosion erupted from the Kyuubi’s body.

This caused the already astonishing figure of the Kyuubi to appear uneven at this moment.

It can be seen how amazing the explosion in the body was.

At this time, Kyuubi opened his mouth again and aimed at Yuuji.

The aftermath of Bijuudama’s explosion, which had yet to be subsided, blasted out with a loud bang and directly hit Yuuji.


A huge amount of chakra enveloped Yuuji, directly knocking him to the ground.

Surprising scars appeared on the body’s surface, but in the same way, Godzilla’s outrageous self-healing ability repaired these injuries at speed visible to the naked eye.

That’s right, Yuuji’s current form is not just a chakra body but a real Godzilla body.

These two giant beasts immediately began a new round of battle.

The casual aftermath of the battle triggered a catastrophe.

A large number of dense forests suffered, and towering ancient trees fell down like toys.

Many people watched from afar, their faces full of shock and excitement.

“This level of battle is too terrifying!”

“It is right for Yuuji-sama not to let us approach.

If we rashly approach, there will be no bones left.”

“And to be able to fight against the Kyuubi… It is great to have Yuuji-sama!”

Many of Konoha’s ninjas revealed excited expressions.

It was hard to imagine what would have happened tonight without Yuuji.

Hiruzen stood at a high place and watched with worry in his eyes from afar.

Yuuji did not show any signs of decline.

This was the best news.

He just did not know how far the companion beast in Yuuji’s body could last…

“It has been so long.

With Minato’s speed, he could not even make it back… It seems that Madara has put Minato in a difficult situation.”

Hiruzen’s expression was solemn.

‘A meticulous person like Minato was actually forced to this extent… The possibility of the enemy being Uchiha Madara had increased a bit.’

‘The mysterious Xu is nowhere to be seen.’

Moreover, there was also an intense battle on the side of Uchiha’s clan.

He only turned his head to look at the huge cloud of dust that soared into the sky and the strange yet large number of unknown Summoned Beasts.

He knew that the enemy there was also very difficult to deal with!

“It seems that two Susanoo have appeared.

One is Kazue, and the other is Fugaku He really hid it deeply…”

Hiruzen took a deep breath.

The situation tonight was really a headache for Hiruzen.

‘In the past three Ninja World Wars, Konoha had not been forced to this step.’

‘Moreover, the Uchiha clan still had Mangekyou Sharingan’s matters hidden.

I need to deal with it properly because hiding it meant that they didn’t trust them in the first place.’

‘As for Uchiha Madara, is he still in contact with this clan right now… How many members of this clan have participated in tonight’s matter…’

Hiruzen felt that his brain wasn’t enough.


An Anbu knelt on one knee and said, “Uchiha Clan and Root have suffered heavy losses.

There are six enemies, and they all seem to have the legendary Rinnegan!”


Hiruzen’s expression changed.

The other two consultants also had ashen expressions.

“Rinnegan Isn’t this a myth It actually exists Moreover, how could there be six Rinnegan!”

“No wonder the Uchiha clan and Root were forced to this step…” Koharu shouted, “Who is the other person controlling the Susanoo”

“Uchiha Fugaku!”

“It really is him! As the clan head, Fugaku did not tell the village that he had opened Mangekyou Sharingan… Now that he was forced to the point that he had no other choice, he… “

“Shut up, no matter what, Fugaku is our companion and the head of a clan! What he does is his business.

Now that he is fighting for Konoha to deal with the enemy, that is enough!”

Hiruzen scolded and then look at the Anbu with a solemn expression, “How’s the situation”

“At present, it seems that Danzo-sama has lured away the enemy leader and seems to want to deal with the other party alone.

Fugaku and Kazue use their Susanoo to fight against the other five Rinnegan possessors!”

‘Danzo… challenged the other party’s leader to a duel and wanted to deal a Rinnegan user alone’

‘Are you kidding me’

Hiruzen was having a headache.

‘Shimura Danzo, when did you become so brave to confront a Rinnegan user’

‘His greed for Rinnegan blinded his rationality Impossible, Danzo would not make such a mistake unless he was really confident in dealing with the other party…’

Hiruzen took a deep breath.

Too many things had happened tonight, and his brain was not enough.

Homura suddenly said in a low voice, “Hiruzen, it seems that many things make sense.

If Sage’s eye appears again after a thousand years, he might really have the ability to subdue those two… Moreover, Rinnegan’s eye technique is still unknown…”

Hiruzen forcibly interrupted, “We are not sure about Madara’s identity.

The real identity of wood release ninja might not be what we guessed.”

They didn’t dare to think further.

If those two were really those two, then perhaps only the Sage had the qualifications to make the two of them reluctantly agree.

This terrifying guess made the Konoha consultant feel like falling into an ice cave and shivering all over.

“Wait a bit longer! Now search for Xu’s whereabouts, we must find out the truth!!”

Hiruzen said in a low voice.

A large number of Anbu began to move frantically and search for Xu’s whereabouts.

Eyes with deep worries and expectations looked outside the village and looked at the two huge figures who were fighting brutally.


A terrifying cracking sound rang out.

A terrifying wound had appeared on Yuuji’s chest.

Even though the Kyuubi was thrown out by Yuuji.

“So strong…”

Yuuji maintained a Completely Body Godzilla.

Every move he took was a huge burden.

It was not easy to control this body.

Suppose Yuuji used this form to fight other Bijuu, other than the Hachibi, which he could still resist.

The other seven Bijuu would definitely be suppressed by Yuuji.

But now, he was facing a Complete Body Kyuubi…

“In other words, 70 meters is still not enough” Yuuji looked at the Kyuubi who had climbed up as if nothing had happened and even became even more violent.

‘This is worse.’

According to Yuuji’s estimation, a Complete Body Kyuubi’s power was at least half of Juubi’s.

With the level of development of the 70-meter Godzilla, it was still too difficult to fight against the Complete Body Kyuubi.

However, if he further develops Godzilla mode.

Although it will increase the volume of his body, it will further increase the pressure on him and caused his combat strength to decline…

Yuuji felt that it was extremely difficult to deal with it.

The first time he activated the Complete Body Godzilla Transformation and developed it to 70 meters was already the limit of his stage.

Fortunately, the current Kyuubi was controlled by Obito.

It only had the instinct for destruction, and its size did not change.

It was not much better than Yuuji.

Thinking about the Kyuubi Chakra Mode, it was really a random change in height and body shape.

When Naruto fought with Sasuke.

Under the Kyuubi Chakra Mode, its body size was 200 meters tall.

There were also many clones, and they rushed up to fight Sasuke, who had used a 200-meter tall Susanoo.

If the Complete Body Kyuubi also played like this, then Yuuji will really be hammered and wait for the Third or the Fourth Hokage to use their lives to activate the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and seal it.

“If I want to take a part of the chakra from this wild beast, I still have to take the risk… If I miss this rare opportunity, then it will be troublesome to get it.”

Yuuji raised his head, his huge and hideous head was clearly visible under the night sky.

“I can only use that technique.

This is really troublesome.

I originally planned to secretly cut off the Kyuubi’s tails and quickly eat it.”

“However, with the development of Godzilla Mode to such a degree, I think it will be successful…”

Yuuji’s eyes revealed a trace of seriousness as he made a decision.

Facing the berserk Kyuubi that was rushing in a straight line.

Yuuji took a deep breath and slowly opened his mouth as if a Bijuu was about to shoot a Bijuudama.

The dorsal fin on his back also lit up at this time as if it were conducted.

The first to light up was from the tip of his tail, and a series of conduction lights finally converged on the head.

A huge light converged, surging with a terrifying power that made one’s hair stand on end.

“Nuclear Release…”

Atomic Breath!!



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