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Godzilla In Konoha – Read Fanfic

Rinrin13-17 minutes

The power of the complete body Kyuubi made people feel fear from the bottom of their hearts.

The unimaginably huge Bijuudama was brewing a power that could destroy the entire Konoha.

Countless people were terrified, their faces full of despair.

Meanwhile, Shiranui Yuuji, who was at the center of Bijuudama’s attack, had finally activated that technique.

“Complete Body Godzilla Transformation!”


A terrifying roar suddenly erupted.

From small to large, a shocking figure began to expand crazily in an instant.

The terrifying power surging around his body also emitted a deep and terrifying pressure that made people tremble.

However, this enormous power did not come from the enemy, but from… the village’s hero!!

“What’s wrong What happened”

“It’s Yuuji-sama.

His body is expanding.

Could it be that his mode really has the possibility of fighting the Kyuubi”

“That’s right, he is the only one facing the Kyuubi.

Not only does he not need to retreat, he even charged forward to confront it head-on!”

Instinctively, many people revealed looks of hope in their eyes.

Some of the people who had followed Yuuji to the battlefield recalled that Yuuji was facing off against Bijuu’s power on the battlefield.

Could it be that… this power was not the limit

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yuuji’s body expanded at an astonishing speed.


The continuously expanding Godzilla suddenly extended an arm and placed it on the Bijuudama.

The dark purple chakra ball was blocked by a terrifying giant claw that seemed to be able to tear the sky apart.

This shocking scene was accompanied by the terrifying scene of the sky collapsing.

There were also countless cries and whining, destined to be remembered by this world.

This was also the first time a creature like Godzilla had truly descended into this world in such a manner.


This intense confrontation continued.

The earth collapsed and caved in.

The terrifying hurricane that was triggered set off a huge storm.

Everyone looked at this scene with shock on their faces.

“To actually be able to face this kind of Bijuudama head-on with brute force.

We still underestimated the potential of this little brat.” Homura was blown by the terrible hurricane and his body was unstable.

Koharu turned around with a shocked and solemn face, “But the opponent is after all the Kyuubi, the largest chakra aggregate in this world! It is still unknown whether the companion beast that Yuuji has mastered can deal with this level of enemy.”

It was the first time they heard about the concept of a companion beast from Yuuji.

This thing had never appeared before.

But what kind of companion beast was it that could fight against Bijuu

It was one thing to fight against the Yonbi, but to fight against the Kyuubi… it was not a battle of the same level at all.

Homura whispered, “Hiruzen, prepare for the worst.

If Yuuji can’t hold on, then this village…”

Hiruzen nodded heavily and said in a low voice, “I know.

No matter what, we should trust him!”

At this time.

Under everyone’s gaze.

Yuuji’s body finally stabilized.

It turned into a 70-meter tall Godzilla!

Its extremely oppressive body lay across the ground, and its long tail could trigger natural disasters with a casual swing.

Sharp teeth were revealed in its sinister and terrifying head, and its fierce gaze was filled with endless rage.

The skin on the surface of its body was like the bark of a ten-thousand-year-old ancient tree.

It was ancient and full of ravines.

This dark blue behemoth stood under the moonlight and let out a terrifying roar towards the sky.

The entire Konoha was shocked.

Everyone stared at this scene in a daze.

This was a fierce confrontation between the two monsters.

The central point of the game is the unbelievably big purple-black Bijuudama!

A violent explosion sounded.

Godzilla pushed Bijuudama with one hand, and his two terrifying feet stepped deeply into the ground, pushing Bijuudama back bit by bit!

This was an incomparably shocking scene.

Even the Fourth Hokage, who had mastered time and space ninjutsu, could at most transfer the Bijuudama.

No one had ever thought that such a terrifying thing could be forcefully pushed back!

“Yuuji! Don’t detonate this thing in the village!” Hiruzen shouted.

“Got it.

I’ll think of a way.” Yuuji’s voice was transmitted far away under the night sky.

Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief and his face was full of joy.

Fortunately, the situation that he was worried about did not appear.

Yuuji still maintained his rationality and could control this body.


A terrifying beam of light burst out from the Bijuudama, which was a sign that it was about to explode.

“Tsk, there is no other way.

In this kind of place, if I eat such a big piece of Bijuudama on the spot, it would be a bit shocking.

It might even affect my plan to seize Bijuu’s chakra.”

Yuuji looked up, and after a roar, his other hand suddenly held Bijuudama’s bottom and then began to exert force.

The terrifying force instantly made the ground sink, and countless houses collapsed, triggering a terrible earthquake.

But at this time, no one cared about this kind of thing.

After a roar.

The Bijuudama was thrown high into the sky by Yuuji!


The Bijuudama exploded.

The compressed air made people feel pain.

“It’s really dangerous.

Kyuubi, I can’t give you a chance to shoot another Bijuudama.”

Yuuji stared at the violent giant beast in front of him and snorted.

He raised his foot and controlled the heavy body to rush forward.

The two huge monsters collided with each other, and the mountains collapsed and the earth cracked.

It was a scene of the end of the world.

Yuuji controlled this body.

With unrivaled strength, he held on to the Kyuubi hard, strode forward, and pushed the Kyuubi all the way to the outside of the village.

This was a shocking scene.

“Great, this way, the village will be saved!”

“Hiss, I really can’t imagine.

If not for Yuuji-sama, letting the Kyuubi wreak havoc in the village, what kind of destruction would have caused…”

“Although the village has also suffered serious damage and many of our companions have died, this is already the best result!”

Many ninjas collapsed to the ground exhausted.

In the face of the complete body Kyuubi, being able to stand steadily was almost exhausting all their strength and spirit.

“Everyone, immediately treat the wounded and set up a new defense line! Maybe the enemy will launch a new attack!”

Hiruzen showed a happy expression and immediately issued a new order.

‘Minato was fighting with Uchiha Madara.’

‘What about Xu Where did the mysterious wood release ninja go What is more important to him than the Kyuubi’

Hiruzen and the two consultants did not expect this at all.

They also did not know that Xu’s purpose would be a newborn.

Under Hiruzen’s orders, many ninjas began to act in a hurry.

Many new generation ninjas also wanted to participate at this time.

“Yuuji-san is currently fighting the Kyuubi.

We can not retreat!”

Guy clenched his fists.

Kakashi’s expression was cold, “Although we do not have the strength to deal with the Kyuubi, we can still deal with other invaders.”

No one knew the frustration and uneasiness in Kakashi’s heart.

He vaguely guessed that he had been hit by a genjutsu not long ago.

The only people who knew the date of Kushina’s labor were Yuuji and the mysterious man who used the genjutsu on him.

‘Could it be that Yuuji leaked it out and caused the Kyuubi to be released’

To be honest, if it were really like this, Kakashi would feel a little better…

Yuhi Shinku said coldly, “No matter if it is the Kyuubi or the intruder, they are not something you can deal with! Are you able to fight against a space-time ninja or a wood-release ninja You are still too inexperienced.

If you rush up now, you are simply courting death!”

This made a group of proud and arrogant young people look unwilling.

Indeed, the gap was too big.

The masked man was someone that Fourth Hokage had to treat seriously.

He didn’t even have the time to return to the village to suppress the Kyuubi.

The other masked man was a user of wood release.

Even Shibi and Yuuji were unable to kill him.

What are they doing up there To die

Genma said, “We can’t participate, but there is still one person who can! I’ll go find Kazue!”

He was about to take action.

Guy, Kakashi, Anko, and the others held him down immediately.

“What are you going to do now Kazue is not a fool.

If she doesn’t appear in this kind of situation, it means that there is something even more troublesome that involves her!” Anko scolded.

Guy said seriously, “Yuuji should have made arrangements for Kazue.

You have to be clear about this.

Don’t be so rash.

Yuuji clearly only needs to send a clone to inform her.”

Genma was stunned and immediately reacted.

It seems that the entire Uchiha clan has disappeared.

Even Konoha Military Police Force can’t be seen.

Genma did not dare to think too much.

Yuhi Shinku had been looking at them the entire time.

Seeing that these young people finally calmed down, he nodded in satisfaction, “What you need to do now is to evacuate the villagers and treat the wounded!”

Everyone nodded and moved.

No one mentioned participating in the battle anymore.

There were only two enemies, but Konohagakure was forced into this state.

It was not a level that they could reach.

At this time, the Uchiha clan was still in a difficult confrontation with Root ninjas.

The proud and arrogant Uchiha clansmen stared fiercely at Danzo with gloomy expressions.

Faced with this tense atmosphere, Danzo displayed an astonishing steadiness and boldness.

It was as if all the people in front of him would lie down as long as he made a move.

Even in front of Uchiha Kazue, Danzo was still calm.

“I advise you to be patient.

If you do something that will cause me to misunderstand, I can only act.

No one can save you.”

Danzo’s left eye slowly opened a crack.


The Uchiha clansmen were shocked by this domineering statement and looked at it in confusion.

Although Danzo had a high status, he was essentially a disabled person.

Where did he get the confidence

“It seems that Danzo-sama is very confident.

He has the confidence to suppress our clan by himself…” Kazue looked at him thoughtfully.

Danzo said indifferently, “Not really, but this old man does have enough confidence.”

‘Hmph, there are ten eyes in my right arm, plus a few eyes that I carried with me.

I can insert them at will and play…’

Even if he were to fight Kazue now, Danzo was confident that he could exhaust Kazue to death.

Even if he couldn’t win, turning around and running away was no problem.

No matter what, Danzo felt that he would not lose.

At this time.

A figure hurried over.

It was Yuuji’s clone.

“Eh, everyone is here.

Danzo-sensei, Clan Head Fugaku, Kazue…” Yuuji landed directly.

Danzo frowned, “How is the situation Have you dealt with the enemy”

“It’s more troublesome.

My main body barely managed to push the Kyuubi out of the village, but the situation on Yondaime-sama is unknown.

I don’t know the whereabouts of the mysterious Xu.”

Yuuji replied.

Everyone was restless.

“As expected, the giant beast that suddenly appeared just now, was it you… imitating the Bijuu Complete Body Transformation” Fugaku’s expression changed slightly.

Danzo nodded slightly, “Since the biggest crisis has been resolved, then there is no need for the Uchiha clan to participate.

Just stay here.”

Many of Uchiha’s clansmen felt aggrieved.

Yuuji looked at Kazue and said, “You stay here as a precaution.”

Kazue nodded, “I understand.

Since it is Yuuji-san’s order, I will naturally obey…”

The tense atmosphere eased slightly with the arrival of Yuuji.

Danzo looked at his most proud disciple, “As for the main body, try to delay the Kyuubi as much as possible.

When the Fourth Hokage comes back, use the sealing technique to get rid of it.”

He was very worried that Yuuji would fight to the death with the Kyuubi and end up being killed in the end.

After all, the Kyuubi was a body of chakra and could be resurrected even if it died.

But if Yuuji died, then he would really die.

“I understand.”

Yuuji’s shadow clone disappeared with a bang.

Everyone fell silent and waited patiently.

But in fact, not long after, they also encountered a powerful enemy.

Several figures rushed into Konohagakure.

“Those two are too slow.

It seems that they still can’t be ruthless when facing Konohagakure.”

Six figures slowly walked out in the darkness with their voices low.

Fugaku’s face sank, “Who dares to enter the territory of the Uchiha Clan”

Danzo’s left eye widened slightly, “Hmph, so that’s how it is.

There are not only two intruders, but there are six more.

Fine, then this old man will…”

His words stopped abruptly.

Or rather, knowledgeable people like Fugaku, Danzo, and Setsuna changed their expressions after seeing the appearances of these six figures.

Six figures, six pairs of strange eyes.

“These eyes…”

“Could it be the legendary supreme eye that surpasses Sharingan and Byakugan…”

“It can’t be wrong.

I didn’t expect something like Rinnegan to really exist, but why are there six pairs”

Everyone was moved and looked on in shock.

Besides shock, a trace of surprise and greed flashed through the eyes of people like Danzo.

Danzo’s nature was that he wanted all the good things and everything was for Konoha!

“In the words of Xu, I originally intended to watch the show, but I didn’t expect that there would be an unexpected harvest, Danzo…”

Tendo Pain slowly raised his head, and those terrifying eyes burst out with a suffocating fluctuation.

“Shimura Danzo, accept the judgment of God! You are also one of the mistakes of this world, the node of the dark side.

You have to pay the price for what you did in the past.”

When he met his enemy, his eyes turned red.

Tendo Pain remembered that there were two culprits who caused Yahiko’s death.

One was Hanzo, who had been killed by him.

The remaining one was Danzo.

“Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push)!”


With a loud bang, a fierce battle erupted in the Uchiha Clan.

This battle was destined to be a battle between eyes.

Sharingan vs Rinnegan.


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