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Rinrin14-18 minutes

The Kyuubi was released in the end.

Not to mention anything else, just standing there, the pressure it released far surpassed that of the other Bijuu.

The title of the strongest Bijuu was not just for show.


A terrifying roar resounded through the entire Konohagakure.

The expressions of many ninjas changed.

“Quick, quick, attack!”

“Why did the Kyuubi appear in the village”

“Hurry up and stop this monster.

Otherwise, the village will be destroyed!”

Many of Konoha’s ninjas were so angry that their eyes almost split open.

They roared and tried to stop the Kyuubi.

Hiruzen’s face was even more gloomy.

He used the adamantine staff to push the Kyuubi out of Konoha.

Unfortunately, the adamantine staff was unable to push the Kyuubi.

Choza immediately used the double-transformation technique to turn into a giant.

He grabbed the tail of the Kyuubi and tried to stop the monster.

“Hiruzen, the Kyuubi is too strong.

It is not something I can fight against.” Enma said in a low voice, feeling depressed.

“Hiruzen, look at its eyes!” Homura suddenly said.

Everyone looked up and was furious to find that there were three tomoe in the Kyuubi’s eyes!


“It’s the people of the Uchiha clan who are using genjutsu to control this guy!”

“Uchiha Clan, damn it… Could it be that Kazue who has Mangekyou Sharingan…”

Many people received the news, and their expressions changed.

The figure that appeared in their minds at the first moment was clearly… Uchiha Kazue!!

A terrifying eye power that could control Kyuubi was something ordinary three tomoe couldn’t do at all!

“Could it really be Kazue… No, it can’t be.

Yuuji is still fighting with the enemy unless Kazue betrayed Yuuji!”

Hiruzen’s face was gloomy.

Holding the adamantine staff in one hand, he tried his best to push the Kyuubi out of the village, but it was useless.

At this time, in the territory of the Uchiha clan, the elites of this clan gathered.

“The Kyuubi actually appeared at this time.

What exactly happened to Kushina” Fugaku’s face was gloomy.

This was the worst-case scenario.

Not long after the third world war ended, the village was about to enter the war against the Kyuubi

This was too bad.

“Konoha Military Police Force, immediately move out, prioritize the rescue of the villagers…” Fugaku ordered.

But they were directly interrupted.

“All of Uchiha clansmen stay in Uchiha’s territory.

No one is allowed to leave.”

A large number of Root Ninjas appeared, and one of them shouted in a low voice.

“What Do you know what you are talking about The village is currently in danger, and we, as the strongest clan of Konoha, have no reason to retreat!”

As the captain of the Konoha Military Police Force, Fugaku immediately became angry.

He stared at this guy in front of him.

‘To let our strongest clan avoid the battle at this time This is a great humiliation to our clan!’

Iroha slowly raised his head, “Something terrible has happened somewhere you did not notice.

This is the order given by Danzo-sama.”


Many of the Uchiha clansmen were a little restless, and they all revealed stunned and furious expressions.

They looked up, and under the strange moonlight, they could vaguely see the huge shadow in the distance, as well as the shrill screams and sounds of destruction.

In the village, the Kyuubi was raging, but their Uchiha clan was forced to avoid the battle… Was there anything more absurd than this

Uchiha Setsuna slowly walked out from the shadows, “Why would Danzo give such an unreasonable order It should not be to preserve the strength of the Uchiha clan, but should be… suspicion Could it be that we released the Kyuubi in the perception of the village’s top management”


Many of Uchiha’s elites revealed expressions of shock and confusion.

‘Uchiha clan releas the Kyuubi What kind of nonsense is this!’

‘The Kyuubi was clearly in Kushina’s stomach, what did it have to do with them!’

At this time, the sound of a walking stick hitting the ground came.

Several Root Ninjas moved out of the way.

Danzo walked over and looked at the angry Uchiha clan in front of him, “The matter has not been decided yet.

Just in case, no one is allowed to act arbitrarily.

Or are you going to attack me Then I will not show mercy.”

Danzo clearly had a wounded appearance, one of his eyes was wrapped in bandages; the other arm was broken and looked like it had no fighting ability.

However, Danzo still stood in place with great confidence, looking at these unruly fellows in front of him.


Many of the Uchiha clansmen were shocked and angrily staring at Danzo.

After a long time, Fugaku said in a low voice, “Since this is an order from the village top management, we will naturally abide by it.”

After he finished speaking, he was about to order the members of the Konoha Military Police Force to retreat.

“Where is Kazue” Danzo said coldly.

“I’m not sure.

She always has her own plans,” Fugaku said.

Danzo frowned and glanced at Iroha.

Iroha was silent for a moment, then he activated Byakugan and quickly swept through Uchiha’s territory, trying to find the location of Kazue.

But the only one who responded to him was a Susanoo, who blocked his view.

“Don’t stare blankly here or there will be problems.”

Kazue dismissed Susanoo and appeared in front of everyone, the expression on her face was incomparably calm.

“Before I get Yuuji-san’s order, I won’t act rashly.

Danzo-sama…” Kazue laughed softly.

Danzo hesitated for a moment, then snorted coldly, “There are three tomoe in Kyuubi’s eyes.

Sharingan’s genjutsu clearly controls it.

You are the most likely person to do this, who has Mangekyou Sharingan!”

Everyone was in an uproar.

No matter how arrogant and angry the Uchiha clansmen were, they also widened their eyes and looked at Kazue in shock.

‘There are three tomoe in the eyes of the Kyubi and controlled by Sharingan Only Kazue has Mangekyou Sharingan, could it really be…’

The muscles of many Uchiha clansmen tensed up, ‘If it really was Kazue who controlled the Kyubi… With this kind of power, coupled with Kazue’s own Susanoo, it might be…’

Many people showed hesitation on their faces.

Kazue said calmly, “I will say it again; it’s not me.

If it were me, I would have fully used the Kyuubi’s power and not stay here.”

“Then, you will stay here and prove your innocence!” Danzo said in a deep voice.

To be honest, even Danzo himself could not figure out the situation.

Kazue was indeed the most suspicious, but there were many loopholes, and there was obviously more than one enemy!

Yuuji, who was fighting with the wood release ninja, was the proof.

The two sides stood there and fell silent.

Danzo brought the Root to restrict the movements of Uchiha’s clan.

In the village, the Kyuubi began to wreak havoc.

“That masked man actually summon the Kyuubi in the village…”

After sending Kushina back to the delivery room, Minato rushed back and stood on Hokage Rock with a solemn expression.

‘He knows that the Jinchuriki was at her weakest when she gave birth.

He also possessed the Kyuubi Summoning Contract and the Sharingan.

Combining the above conditions…


The Kyuubi saw Minato at first glance.

Instinctively, it condensed a huge Bijuudama and blasted it toward him.

The powerful Bijuudama immediately created a ravine in Konohagakure, and all the people and objects that stood in his way were turned into nothingness.

“Tsk, this level of Bijuudama is indeed worthy of Kyuubi.”

Minato immediately raised his hand, and a large number of space-time formulas appeared out of thin air, “Flying Thunder God Technique!”

The huge Bijuudama was immediately swallowed by the space-time technique bit by bit and moved to a place far away from the village.

A terrifying explosion erupted followed by a powerful shockwave.

Hiruzen put away the adamantine staff and rushed over, “Minato, who is the enemy How is Kushina”

Minato looked down and said, “Kushina is already in a safe place.

As for the identity of the enemy… If I’m not wrong, the enemy identity is Uchiha Madara!”


“It can’t be that guy.

He was killed by the First Hokage a long time ago, and his body was collected by the Second Hokage!”

The expressions of Hiruzen, Koharu, and the others changed greatly.

Just as Minato was about to say something.


A vortex appeared, and Obito placed his hand directly on Minato’s shoulder, “It’s over, Fourth Hokage.

You can’t save this village.”

Then, the time-space vortex appeared again, and it was about to swallow Minato at an exaggerated speed.

The moment his entire body was absorbed into the vortex, Minato launched Flying Thunder God and escaped.

Even if it were half a second later, Minato would be locked in a different space.

“Hmph, did you run away But it’s useless.

My Kamui has surpassed your Flying Thunder God in all aspects.”

Obito snorted coldly.

He glanced at Hiruzen and the others who were charging at him furiously and disappeared from where he was.


The adamantine stuff struck the Hokage Rock, but it was futile.

“Uchiha Madara, is that the person just now” Koharu turned around and said in a low voice.

“Damn it, he can control the Kyuubi using his eye power and can summon the Kyuubi to the village, take the opportunity to launch an attack when Kushina is giving birth, and also avoid us, and easily crack the high-level barrier.

It seems that only Uchiha Madara can do it!”

Homura was extremely angry, and even a trace of fear.

‘Uchiha Madara didn’t die But it was clear that the First Hokage killed him.

The Second Hokage took care of the corpse.

How could the first and second generations make mistakes’

“Don’t say anymore.

Choza can’t hold on anymore.

It seems that we can only fight in the village.”

Hiruzen suddenly spoke.

He carried the adamantine Staff and rushed to the Kyuubi.

Although he did not continue to say, he did think of a possibility.


Ever since Kazue had awakened Mangekyou Sharingan, Konoha’s higher-ups had obtained relevant information that was related to Izanagi.

Especially when he was beheading the Yamata no Orochi, Kazue used Izanagi, but her eyes were not blind.

“Uchiha Madara, I’m afraid he used Izanagi to deceive everyone!”

Hiruzen was extremely depressed.

Because this would extend out even more terrifying things.

‘The masked man was Uchiha Madara, then… who was the guy who had mastered the powerful wood release ninjutsu!’

A ridiculous guess came out of Hiruzen’s mind, but he quickly shook it off because it was too outrageous.

“Hiruzen, if that person also didn’t die, he wouldn’t have come to attack Konoha…” Behind him, Koharu hesitated.

Hiruzen didn’t say anything else.

He took a team and personally went into battle to suppress Kyuubi.

To deal with such a huge monster, he was destined to launch powerful area-of-effect ninjutsu.

This attack would cause great damage to Konoha.

Just as they were deeply worried and had complicated thoughts.


An astonishing ray of light suddenly shot out from the black forest and hit the Kyuubi directly.

“This is…” A look of surprise appeared on Hiruzen’s face.

A figure had already stood on a giant tree and was looking at the huge Kyuubi from afar.

“Third Hokage-sama, leave this fellow to me.

I will not allow anyone who harms Konoha!”

The half- Godzilla Yuuji had a solemn expression.

Hiruzen was gratified and deeply moved by this spirit, “Where is Xu Where is that wood release ninja”

“I don’t know.

He suddenly disappeared halfway through the fight.

He is like a ghost.

Maybe they have other plans.”

“Then let’s join forces.

If we work together to deal with the Kyuubi, our chances will be higher.”

“No! Third Hokage-sama, other places need you even more.

Moreover, I am very interested in Kyuubi.”

Yuuji slowly raised his head.

He looked ahead.

He met the eyes of the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi that White Hot Light hit fell into a deep berserk state.


Kyuubi roared madly.

Just the sound waves alone destroy the nearby buildings.

Countless people nearby were sent flying.

“How can we deal with this kind of guy!”

“Even if we can’t win, we have to fight.

No matter what, we have to stop the Kyuubi!”

Many Konoha ninjas shouted at the top of their lungs.

At this time, a figure with an indomitable momentum rushed toward the huge Kyuubi.

“This is…”

“It’s Yuuji-sama! Has he dealt with the enemy”

Many people were excited.

Facing the terrifying power of Kyuubi, their bodies trembled.

It was a heroic feat for someone to take the initiative to stand up at this time.

“Everyone, hurry up and follow behind Yuuji-sama.

Listen to his command! If we attack together, we might be able to disturb the Kyuubi and create an opportunity for Yuuji-sama!”

A person shouted.

The next moment, Yuuji shouted, “All of you, step back.

I will deal with this guy!”

“Eh, but…”

“Trust me; I can deal with this guy.”

Yuuji stared at the behemoth before him and then looked down at his own figure.

Yes, just from the size alone, the difference was ridiculous.


The Kyuubi roared and opened his mouths wide to form a second Bijuudama!

The purple-black spheres gathered, surging with terrifying coercion and making people desperate.

“So big, what can we use to deal with this kind of thing”

“It’s over; it’s all over! Even if it’s Yuuji-sama, how can he deal with this level of chakra energy ball”

“Fourth Hokage isn’t here, he can’t use space-time ninjutsu.

What should I do What should I do”

Many people were stunned, even their will was forcibly shattered by this invincible Bijuudama.

“It’s Bijuudama again…” Hiruzen’s face was gloomy, and a trace of hesitation flashed through his eyes.

‘If Kyuubi is allowed to wreak havoc, will… will Yuuji be able to block it’

At this time, the Kyuubi suddenly lowered its head and aimed at the ant-like Yuuji.

It was easy to imagine that if this ridiculously large Bijuudama exploded, Konohagakure would basically be gone.

At this time, Yuuji raised his head and felt the terrifying pressure coming from Bijuudama at close range.

Normal people would probably be crushed into meat paste in an instant by this pressure.

“There’s no other way.

If I want to deal with the complete body Kyuubi, my current form is not enough…”

A hint of decisiveness flashed through Yuuji’s eyes.

A half Kyuubi can single out the other six Bijuu.

The strength of the complete body Kyuubi was simply outrageous.

‘To pluck wool from the complete body Kyuubi… Sure enough, only the further developed Godzilla mode can be used.’

“Only muddy water is easy to fish in…”

Yuuji chuckled and clapped his hands.

Under the eyes of countless people who were in despair.

Yuuji finally moved.

An incomparably ancient aura suddenly rose up.

At this moment, Yuuji’s body began to expand crazily.

His exaggerated life force rapidly rose.

“Godzilla Mode… Completely Body Godzilla!”


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