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Chapter 107 - The Bounty Hunter Arrive

Hiruko vented his anger and shouted.

“Senior Hiruko, I have seen all of your talents… I must admit that you are a genius.”

Yuuji praised.

This was his sincere praise.

Chimera Technique, this kind of cheating forbidden technique was simply the nightmare of geniuses.

“Hmph, you only discovered it now” Hiruko looked at Yuuji with a sneer.

During the bloodline fusion just now, he tried to completely resolve the cells in his body, but unfortunately, these cells still could not be fused by him.

Even to the extent that due to stealing his original genes, there would always be a few individuals that escaped his pursuit and positioning.

Hiruko stared at Yuuji without stopping.

After evaluating for a while, the dangerous light in his eyes slowly disappeared and he snorted coldly.

“It’s a smart move.

Senior, we have never been enemies, and there is no need to be hostile.

You are my Summoned Beast.

Why would Master have any bad thoughts about his Summoned Beast” Yuuji praised.

Hiruko’s face was gloomy and burning with anger.

He sneered and said, “Looking at my blood inheritance ceremony, it seems that you are very satisfied.

Did you find anything”

Yuuji nodded.

“It is true that DNA is a foundation that determines almost all life as the construction of the human body.

It is full of stability, but when combined with chakra, it is full of flexibility.”

The key was that after the transformation, it could still maintain the original state of the individual and began to add various buffs on this individual… This was ridiculous.

If Yuuji guessed correctly, the Pure Land, this seemingly natural place of existence, which provided all the undead to sleep in, should be one of Rikudou Sennin’s backup plans.

The Pure Land could lock and copy the DNA of the Yang people in a certain period.

It could store a large amount of Chakra.

As long as needed, the entire Pure Land, the countless undead, could instantly become the top craftsmen, controlled and driven by Rikudou Sennin.

Because, among Ninja World, as Rikudou Sennin who founded the Ninja Sect and deliberately promoted chakra, no one had more chakra control share than him.

If combined with DNA level and chakra exchange, there is also natural energy…

“Rikudou Sennin controlled the bloodline of all the natives in the past thousand years, to secretly compete with Otsutsuki or Juubi”

God Tree swallowed natural energy and used the life of this entire planet as a sacrifice to create chakra fruits.

Interestingly, if Otsutsuki Kaguya wants to recover all the chakra, then he must plant trees, turn the remaining natural energy into chakra, eliminate all the Ninjas, and recover their chakra.

But no matter how it changes, there is a place where huge amount of chakra is stored…

Pure Land.

Every DNA gene is an undead, and every undead has refined chakra before their death, so naturally it is equal to occupying a portion of chakra.

And to awaken these undead, the undead can produce chakra in minutes, then the whole Pure Land is clearly a collection of storage, backup, logistics, huge military force and control…

Doomsday Shelter.

It was also the central system of Ninja World on Earth.

At the same time, it could also be regarded as the last method to turn the situation around in a desperate situation.

“I remember that after Naruto and Sasuke sealed Otsutsuki Kaguya in the space of the origin orb, they were summoned back to Ninja World by several ghosts of the five shadows… Rikudou Sennin specially called these helpers to help.”

Yuuji seriously suspected that since the undead in the pure land only had spiritual force and no vitality, they could use the chakra share they had when they were alive in the form of the undead.

Before the birth of chakra, which was before Otsutsuki Kaguya descended to Earth, Root did not have a place like [Pure Land] in this world.

Would the dead dissipate on the spot or become a part of natural energy

Natural energy is essentially a thing that the entire world has spent billions of years in the cycle of reincarnation

It belongs to Root.

The key point is still in the Pure Land, and it is still on Rikudou Sennin… This is very important to me.

Yuuji looked at Hiruko and thought silently.

He was now involved in the fight for chakra, and had even attacked Bijuu and the others.

Just thinking about it made him excited.

No one knew how much chakra was stored in the Pure Land.

All the dead people had been sleeping in the Pure Land for thousands of years.

All the DNA sequence of Ninja World’s past, which was the foundation of the Chakra Building, were all in the Pure Land controlled by Rikudou Sennin.

“What kind of dangerous things are you thinking about Your expression is strange…”

Hiruko was a little uncomfortable.

He had to admit that deep in his heart, he was faintly afraid of this little brat in front of him.

All of his methods and preparations seemed as if Root had never been in the eyes of this little brat.

“Chimera Technique… how many blood limits can he devour at most” Yuuji suddenly asked.

Hiruko paused and pondered for a moment.

“I developed it according to the five bloodline limits.

Every time I fuse with a bloodline, the difficulty will rise sharply.

According to my calculations, the five bloodlines should be the end of the fusion.”

Yuuji pondered for a moment.

Indeed, when Hiruko wanted to fuse with Kakashi’s Sharingan blood, it was good to wait for a heavenly phenomenon to specifically choose a specific fusion location.

This kind of condition was extremely harsh.

It was equivalent to missing it once.

One had to wait for many years and wait for the next sky phenomenon to appear.

“Then you already have two types now.

There are still three… The potential of this forbidden technique is very great.

Without my permission, do not fuse with some trash bloodlines.”

Yuuji ordered in a tone that could not be refused.

Hiruko’s expression was extremely ugly, and he began to mutter things like “complacent” and “self-righteous”.

“In that case, you can leave your clone to me now.

It can be fused into someone else’s body at will and possess a powerful vitality.

It can be refined into a chakra by itself…”

Hiruko looked at Yuuji with a fiery expression, his face full of greed.

Yuuji only glanced at him.

“This is a power that only I can control.

If I forcefully encroachon it, you will be killed by this clone… Let’s talk about it after you fuse with the five types of blood restrictions.”

Hiruko coldly snorted, his face full of displeasure, but in the end, he only gritted his teeth.

With the Burning Escape and Rapid Escape, he was still no match for Yuuji, because even the original Pakura was defeated.

“Even now, I still don’t understand what you want to do… What good is it for you to control a traitor like me” Hiruko sneered.

Yuuji glanced at him.

“Don’t belittle yourself.

Senior, you are very valuable.

It is very important for me to verify some ideas.”

After saying that, the two of them walked out of the cave.

It took them half a day to complete the fusion ritual.

This was already considered fast.

Fortunately, during the chaotic pursuit war, no one noticed it for the time being.

“You can go back now.” “Although I don’t know who forced you to a dead end, but this time, I think you won’t be killed so easily… After the knowledge is converted into strength, if you are still killed, I won’t let you go.”

At most, I will ask Danzo for the Edo Tensei, revive this guy, and then continue the Ghost Sprout Ritual…

For some reason, Hiruko felt a strong sense of malice.

He glanced at the sincere face of Yuuji.

“I will teach that guy a lesson.

That bastard who calls himself Kakuzu!”


Hiruko disappeared from where he was.

“Kakuzu… That guy is hunting down the traitor Hiruko, and he actually resumed his old business” Yuuji touched his chin.

At the border of the Country of Earth.

Kakuzu had been squatting for half a day, but he was very patient.

When there was money to earn, Kakuzu’s temper would be unexpectedly good.

He respected every patron who gave him missions.

After all, no one would be unhappy with money, especially for him.

At this time, Kakuzu, who was squatting on the side, had his eyes moved.

“There is chakra fluctuation coming out.

Ha, he really came back here.

Wanting to use Summoning Technique to escape is absolutely the stupidest method.”

Horned was excited and took off his clothes without saying anything.

Four masks immediately flew out.

With a bang, Hiruko reappeared in the same place.

At first glance, he saw the guy who almost killed him.

“Hmph, fortunately, you are still here…” Hiruko gritted his teeth and sneered.

“What is it, you mediocre superior Ninja Did you find a way to save your life after leaving for half a day It is also very simple to save your life.

You only need to give me twenty million taels and I will immediately turn around and leave.

I will do what I say.”

Jiao Dou spat out black silk and said in a deep voice.

Well, after getting the 20 million, he turned around and walked a few steps, and then he would kill this guy in one move.

He was a trustworthy businessman, and he would do what he said.

But Hiruko was also a shady guy, so of course, he would not be fooled.

He stood in the same place, and his eyes were cold.

“I will give you 20 million.

If you can start from here, you can’t turn back before entering the Fire Country…”

“What You want to run so far That won’t do.

You have to add another 20 million.” Kakuzu immediately added money.

“Hmph, as expected of a fellow who is not worthy of trust… You want my heart What a coincidence, I also want to study your body.

This body has turned into this black thread, making it look like a puppet doll.

It belongs to me!”

Hiruko immediately made a seal.

In the next moment, a very considerable amount of chakra suddenly erupted.

It was far beyond his previous level.

“Hmm This power, you are just an ordinary superior Ninja.

Why did your strength increase after leaving for a few hours…”

Kakuzu looked at him in surprise.

However, what responded to Kakuzu was Hiruko’s sneer.

“Scorching Release: Vapor Kill!”

Hiruko suddenly rushed to Kakuzu.

This spell could evaporate all the water in its range.

“Your core should be those masks.

Considering that you are very interested in my heart, I will destroy four masks, and then destroy the hidden heart from you.

You will be finished.”

Hiruko had sharp eyes.

His talent in cultivation was very poor, but his talent in biological research was enough to look down on the entire Ninja World, and only Orochimaru could suppress him.

“Hmph, you’re quite smart.

Moreover, you actually have the Scorching Blood Limit…”

Kakuzu revealed an excited expression.

Digging out this guy’s heart would allow him to obtain the Scorching Blood Limit.

It was truly wonderful.

Fire Release worked hard!

Lightning – False Darkness!

Fire and Lightning Mask suddenly opened their mouths and spat out powerful ninjutsu.

Kakuzu was afraid that he would kill Hiruko.

However, Hiruko sneered, and his hands immediately changed their seals.

“Rapid Escape!”

In the next moment, he activated Rapid Escape.

His speed directly doubled and he instantly rushed to the front of a mask.

He raised his hand and clapped.

Zizi! Zizi!

Water Release, who had no time to dodge, was immediately hit by this blow.

The heart under the mask was instantly evaporated all the water, dried up on the spot, and died.

“Oh He actually destroyed one of my hearts… and this speed…” Kakuzu paused, enduring the pain as he spoke in a low voice.

“Damned thing, this is power! This is my, Hiruko’s, power!” Hiruko was a little deranged.

This feeling of power was something he had never experienced in the past.

“It’s only been half a day.

What exactly happened You can actually push your strength to such an extent…”

Jiao Dou’s expression was a bit unhappy, and there was even a deep confusion.

What the hell

What exactly happened that allowed a mediocre superior Ninja to instantly grow to the level of elite superior Ninja

Moreover, he also possessed the two blood limits – Burning Escape and Rapid Escape… This was impossible to begin with!

This old man has been squatting for such a long time, yet he ended up squatting here

“Ten million, this is a bit of a loss.” Jiao Dou’s expression was ugly.

At this time, Hiruko attacked again.

The two of them broke out in a new battle.

But this time, Hiruko did not have the upper hand.

His strength and combat experience were not enough for Root to match the horns.

It has been a long time since I felt excited.

I have two blood types of hearts… The last time I was touched was when I fought with Shoudai Hokage.

The last time was when I was doing missions crazily and almost destroyed the underground bounty of the Fire Country by myself…

Kakuzu’s face was gloomy, and he finally began to be serious.

Once he became serious, Hiruko was immediately suppressed.

Three masks of different attributes, together with Kakuzu’s own earth attribute main body, forced Hiruko to retreat repeatedly.

“Tsk, this guy is really difficult to deal with, and Shoudai Hokage or something…”

Beads of sweat appeared on Hiruko’s forehead.

His offensive and ability had been mostly grasped by the horns, and his advantage was quickly being eliminated.

The more he fought, the more passive he became.

Finally, after spitting out another blast of steam, Hiruko planned to escape.

“It’s already too late to escape now.

Although these two types of blood succession are very interesting, the real useful thing is to escape quickly.

The burning escape is very easy to see through.”

Kakuzu sneered, forcing Hiruko to have room to live step by step.

Finally, Hiruko roared angrily, suppressing the grievances and unwillingness in his heart, and smashed open a road with a steamed kill, frantically using the rapid escape to escape.

“Escaped That’s good.

Now, if we kill this guy, we can only take ten million bounty, losing blood.”

Jiao Dou snorted coldly.

An elite Jonin, and an elite Jonin with dual blood, is only worth ten million Heh, do you think I don’t even know how to settle accounts

He watched Hiruko escape, turned around, and planned to find a bounty place to report the information about Hiruko.

Moreover, in half a day’s time, from an ordinary superior Ninja, he had the Scorching and Rapid Escape in one breath… How was this possible

“Scorching and Rapid Escape.

I remember that one of Suna ninja’s guys has these two types of blood support.

I can check it out…”

Kakuzu seemed to have found a way to make money.

Hehehe, this Earth Country is indeed a good place…

Soon, Kakuzu found the nearest bounty center and directly named Hiruko.

“There is a problem with your intelligence.

Hiruko is not a superior Ninja, but an elite superior Ninja.

He also has two types of blood limit!” “Ten million bounty is not enough, at least fifty million!” Kakuzu said in a deep voice.

The entire bounty center became quiet.

Some of the bounty hunters also stopped.

The person in charge of the Bounty Office looked at him with an inexplicable gaze.

“Lord Kakuzu, we are not the ones who decide how much the bounty reward is.

It is decided by the investors.

Konoha has issued a bounty of ten million.

We have no choice…”

“Moreover, according to our intelligence, Hiruko is a close friend of Sannin, but his aptitude is very poor, so he chose to defect.

If he is an elite superior Ninja and has two blood limits, then he should be the pillar of Konoha.

There is no need to defect…”

The gaze of the person in charge gradually became strange.

The other bounty hunters were also whispering and pointing at Kakuzu.

“Look, that person is Kakuzu!”

“What, what, the legendary existence that deceived the underground world of the Fire Country”

“Hiss! Is this guy going to come to the Earth Country to cheat”

“Hmph, our line of work is to pay back the money with our lives! If I had that kind of opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a move.

If I had enough money, why would I still be a bounty hunter”

Many bounty hunters, looked at Kakuzu with a complicated gaze.

Damn it, so envious…

Finally, the horns couldn’t bear it anymore.

A terrifying Chakra cyclone exploded out.

“You guys are provoking my patience I wasn’t the one who did the things in the Fire Country! It was that Shiranui Yuuji who pretended to be me!”

Kakuzu roared.

The result was obvious.

No one believed him.

Konoha was the strongest genius.

He lacked secret arts and forbidden arts.

They believed him, but would he lack money He was Konoha’s pillar of support for the next ten to twenty years.

Would Konoha treat him unfairly in terms of money

“Lord Kakuzu, if there is nothing else, you can leave.

Or take a look at the other bounty missions” Sandaime Tuying gave Shiranui Yuuji a bounty of 80 million… And this, find out the identity of Mokuton ninja ‘Xu’.

Some guys are saying that he is Shoudai Hokage’s undead.

Haven’t you fought with Shoudai Hokage before It is suitable for this mission.

The person in charge smiled and took out the bounty list.

“… It seems that you won’t believe anything I say.”

Jiao Dou’s eyes emitted a fierce light.

However, the only thing that responded to him was that warm smile.

Kakuzu’s gaze was cold.

He looked deeply at this person, turned around, and left.

He walked out of the gate.

Kakuzu glanced at the sky.

“I am an old man over a hundred years old.

I clearly didn’t do anything, but I have to suffer such humiliation.

Everyone accused me of cheating.

In that case…”

A dense amount of blood appeared in Kakuzu’s eyes.

“Then I will simply cheat! As a bounty hunter, it is indeed more convenient to cheat and earn money!”

“There is also Mokuton Ninja Xu… Humph, find him and dig out this guy’s heart.

I can also have Mokuton Ninjutsu.

Based on my understanding of that man, i can pretend to be Shoudai Hokage!”


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