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Chapter 10 - Don't Use That TechniqueFuujin and Raijin could be said to be notorious in the village.

These two simple-minded villains were Tsunade’s younger brothers.

Their minds were full of food, food, and everything else was nothing.

What village, what companions, it was not worth mentioning in front of food.

The indifferent morality, the cold belief, and cruel means made their infamy resound throughout the village.

“We can’t be the opponents of these two guys.

What should we do”

“It is said that when Legendary Stupid Brothers go crazy, even superior Ninja will have a headache.

Only Tsunade-sama can stop them!”

Many people turned pale, and some people immediately began to evacuate the teachers and students of the school.

Some ninjas rushed up, but they were like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

Root was already vulnerable, and their attacks could not even leave the slightest injury on these two rough-skinned fellows.


The Ninja School was also in a mess.

The students of various grades were slightly panicked.

They only heard a violent roar outside, and dust flew everywhere.

However, they did not know what was going on.

“Is the enemy coming”

“No matter which village the enemy is from, he is dead.

He actually dared to sneak into Konoha!”

Under the teacher’s command, many people intended to hide in the emergency shelter.

Fuujin and Raijin were too fierce.

They broke through the wall and broke into the school.

They could definitely trample a lot of people to death.


Yoshino-Sensei was shocked.

Some of his students were the first to be attacked.

“I will use my illusion technique to disturb them!”


Uchiha Kazue immediately used Sharingan to stop Legendary Stupid Brothers with her illusion technique.

“It’s useless.

Root won’t even look at these two guys.”

Yuuji’s face darkened.

He was less than a hundred meters away from Fuujin and Raijin, who was charging at him.


“Brother, I smell the smell of food.”

“That’s right, brother.

I also smell it.

The village is really hateful.

There is so much food in the village, but it doesn’t give us food.

Then we will eat it ourselves.”

Fuujin and Raijin had an awe-inspiring look on their faces.

In their eyes, there was no place for Root to live, only food.


It seemed that some people were about to be trampled to death.


Guy wanted to rush over to protect Yuuji, but he was instantly slapped away by Fuujin.

“Hurry up and leave.

I’ll stall for time!”

Masada Yoshino pulled out the Kunai with a determined face and roared as he charged towards Fuujin and Raijin.

Shua, shua, shua-

A series of Kunai swords were thrown out, and even the skin of the two opposite him was unable to cut through.

It looked like Yoshino was about to be slapped to death.

“Really, Sensei, if you are not strong enough, don’t rush.

You can’t block it with your strength…”

Yuuji began to form seals quietly.

In a flash, Kazue used Sharingan to take a look.

Her powerful insight instantly captured all of Yuuji’s seals.

Tiger Seal, Ox Seal, Rabbit Seal.

“Fire-Thunder-Water What kind of technique is this” Kazue’s heart skipped a beat.

Although she was bewildered, when she saw Yuuji’s calm and composed face, she did not panic in the slightest.

‘At a time like this, he actually had the confidence to turn the tables’

‘Yuuji, are you….’

In the next moment, Kazue was shocked!

A terrifying high temperature suddenly erupted, like lava that instantly appeared.

In less than a second, the temperature of the nearby area increased by dozens of degrees, and it seemed that it would increase at an even more astonishing speed!

The huge cluster of cells in Yuuji’s body was crazily restless, and a terrifying amount of vitality gushed out.

In Sharingan’s vision, Yuuji’s entire body had turned into a burning volcano.

The chakra that instantly erupted inside him was like endless surging magma, roaring and surging in the meridians of the human body.

This time, Yuuji was serious.

He had to pay a certain price to use that technique.

“Nuclear Release, White Hot…”

However, in the next moment, a figure rushed over at an astonishing speed that even Sharingan could not catch.

He first kicked Yoshino Masada away to prevent him from being smashed into meat paste by Legendary Stupid Brothers.

Then, he landed beside Yuuji.

He stretched out a hand and grabbed Yuuji’s hands tightly.

Chi! Chi!

The terrifying high temperature burned the man’s palm in an instant, producing smoke and the smell of roasted meat.

“Don’t use that technique, Yuuji-san.

He hasn’t reached that stage yet.”

Might Duy, who rushed over, had a serious expression.

“Now is the time for me to burn my youth.”


Duy.” Yuuji smiled and shook his head.

‘It would be a pity to use the Eight Inner Hidden Armor in this place.

Someone like Duy should be able to play a greater role.’

At this time, Legendary Stupid Brothers had already rushed to the front.

However, the two of them seemed to have noticed something.

They suddenly braked, and their thick thighs went deep into the ground…

Sand and dust filled the air.

Cold sweat covered his forehead.

“Brother, I shivered.”

“That’s right, me too… If I continue to charge forward, I might encounter something terrifying.”

“This feeling is the same as the big sister.”

Fuujin and Raijin froze in place.

At this time.

Binding Technique!

Three white-robed Anbu appeared and directly bound Legendary Stupid Brothers.

“It seems that we have caught up.

Golden Binding Technique is indeed a sharp weapon to deal with these two fellows… Are you alright We have already controlled these two fellows.”

An Anbu said calmly.

Then, he let out a soft cry and realized something wrong with the temperature around him.

In the end, the three of them focused their gazes on Duy’s burning palm.

“Something interesting seems to have happened…” The other Anbu said indifferently.

The eyes behind the mask looked at them seriously.

“Thank you for coming in time.

Thank you very much!” Duy bowed at that time.

“You’re welcome.

It’s good that you’re fine.”

The three Anbu only silently remembered the matter in their hearts and did not ask any further.

The members of Anbu were the tools to obtain trust.

—As for the matters outside of the mission, that was the work of the village’s intelligence department and the elder group.

Soon, the three Anbu escorted Legendary Stupid Brothers away.

These two fellows who attacked their companions would be severely punished.


“The village is really useless.

To actually allow such a fellow who knows that they are unreliable to act freely…” Kazue was silent for a moment and said with extreme dissatisfaction.

As for the high temperature that erupted just now, as well as the indescribable horror that seemed to happen but did not happen… Kazue temporarily did not ask.

However, the feeling that Yuuji gave her was even more wrong….

And there was also Might Duy.

‘Could it be that this ten-thousand-year-old Genin also had the strength to fight against Legendary Stupid Brothers’

“The village also has its difficulties.

Please do not say that.” Duy bowed to Kazue once again.

—Might Duy has always had a humble attitude towards people.

A crisis that had erupted out of nowhere was ended just like that…

Many people only saw that Yuuji and the others were almost killed.

Fortunately, three of Anbu’s elites arrived in time and stopped Legendary Stupid Brothers with the Binding Technique.

In addition to Obito, who was almost scared to tears and clearly recognized his own incompetence, it seemed that there was no worse consequence.

“Legendary Stupid Brothers… I remember that these two guys were completely abandoned and imprisoned by the village.

It was because they killed their companions in the process of carrying out the mission to get more food.”

Yuuji thought.

Fuujin and Raijin, two powerful fools, had fought with the Prince in the original work, and they were fooled by Mizuki.

After being roared by Tsunade, they ran back to Konoha’s prison.

And now, it seemed that the two brothers had not reached the point of killing their companions.

They were still the village ninjas…


After a while, the school announced that the class was over early, and the people who were still in shock hurriedly left the school.

Yuuji also had his hands in his pockets, and as usual, he had to wait until everyone was done before leaving.

“What was that technique you used just now”

As Yuuji finally walked out, Kazue leaned against the wall with her arms crossed and asked.

“Oh, that skill, it’s just a little trick.”

“Little trick, can it cause the palm of a ninja to suffer such damage”

“It is indeed a little trick, believe me.”

He wasn’t lying.

Compared to the ultimate move, atomic breath, what is a mere white-hot light at the starting point of 10,000 degrees Celsius

The two of them walked out of the school and walked straight into the small forest outside the village.

“Since you chose to look for me, you must have made up your mind, Kazue,” Yuuji said with a faint smile.

“Yuuji-san, although I don’t know how you did it, I really need that kind of power… Please teach it to me.

In return, I will fight to the death for the village.” Kazue lowered her head and asked for the power to stimulate her body.

“If I don’t give it, will you choose to kill me” Yuuji looked at her meaningfully.

“If I hadn’t experienced what happened during the day, I wouldn’t have known that Yuuji was hiding a stronger power.

I might have really done it… But now, I am willing to pay the price in exchange for Yuuji and Kekkei Genkai.”

Kazue struggled for a moment, but she had tasted the taste of breaking a mediocre fate.

She absolutely could not tolerate the fact that she had regained her mediocrity.

She immediately knelt down and made the most respectful and lofty etiquette to Yuuji.

“This world is so cruel.

Geniuses are all focused on.

If you want to become stronger, I can help you.

But… I need you to become a sharp blade in my hand.

This is very fair.” Yuuji said indifferently, “Also, there is one thing that you seem to have made a mistake.

The village and the like… if you go all out to help me, it is to help the village.”

Kazue’s body shook.

She, who had sensed some deep meaning, revealed a deep astonishment!

“Is there a problem Of course, you can also go back on your words.

Maybe you can really kill me… I don’t mind, but if you really take that step, it means there is no way out.

“No, you misunderstood.

I just suddenly feel that Yuuji is really a terrifying person… When did you learn to disguise yourself Or have you always been”


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