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After many days of adventure, Liu Yans combat awareness was not weak.

He immediately reacted to the sudden attack.

However, seeing the erotic scene in front of him, Liu Yan was instantly stunned.

Who could withstand such a scene…

Murong Xue did not hold back at all.

She directly attacked Liu Yans face, her fist ruthless.

Having comprehended the Blazing Tyrant Fist, Liu Yan subconsciously tilted his head to dodge.

Immediately after, he pulled Murong Xue down from his face.

Murong Xue looked at the man in front of her with some surprise.

To think his strength was so terrifying!

Murong Xue had always focused on body cultivation.

Although she was a woman, her body was extremely strong.

There were very few who could be stronger than her!

She looked at Liu Yan in surprise and realized that this person was not simple.

Since he was an expert, she directly activated her talent.

S-grade Berserk Stance activated!

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Murong Xues originally curvy figure instantly became muscly.

In an instant, blocks of extremely obvious muscles appeared on her body.

Under Berserk Stance, her strength, vitality, and speed all received a large degree increment.

Murong Xue once again charged toward Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was better at long-range attacks and somewhat lacking in close combat ability, to begin with.

As for the ice and fire two-headed wolf and his puppets, Liu Yan wanted to keep them as his trump cards.

He wouldnt use them unless it was a critical moment.

Fortunately, he had just learned the Blazing Tyrant Fist, a fist technique that brought with it some close-combat techniques.

In addition, he had Divine Extraction, so his attributes were extremely powerful.

As such, he barely managed to deal with Murong Xue.

To be honest, if Liu Yan attacked with his full strength, it would be very easy to deal with the girl.

Putting everything else aside, just releasing the skillFog would basically end the battle.

However, in this matter, Liu Yan himself felt that he had offended the girl by accidentally seeing her naked.

Therefore, he wanted to properly apologize to resolve this matter.

He did not wish for a real conflict to occur and a battle to break out.


“Miss, miss, Im very sorry, it wasnt on purpose.

Why dont we stop fighting” Liu Yan relied on Swiftsteps and easily dodged Murong Xues attack.

He hurriedly tried to persuade her.

Murong Xue was quite displeased that she had been seen naked, but most importantly, she was still not convinced of the other partys strength.

Since she was young, she had never lost in terms of physical skills.

Even in the Tower, she had relied on her strong body and close combat skills to crush the other Awakened and the various fierce beasts.

It was the first time she had encountered such a difficult human Awakened in close combat.

Murong Xue rushed over again, but her attacks were still easily dodged by Liu Yan with his terrifying speed.

She got very angry.

She was so strong, yet she couldnt even hit the opponent, making her feel extremely aggrieved.

She glanced at her still-naked body and quickly grabbed her clothes, then put them on.

After that, she said angrily, “If you have the ability, dont dodge.

Have a face-to-face fight with me.

Otherwise, Ill tell others that you peeped on me!”

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“Cough, cough, you cant say such nonsense,” Liu Yans expression was a little awkward.

He hadnt wished for something like this to happen either.

However, seeing Murong Xues determined expression, Liu Yan immediately agreed.

After exchanging a few moves just now, he did realize that the girls close combat ability was extremely terrifying.

It was also a good opportunity for him to see how his close combat ability would be after obtaining the Blazing Tyrant Fist.

The two of them faced off against each other for a second time.

Murong Xue immediately activated the second layer of her Tyrant Body.

Instantly, an airwave gushed out.

Having forgotten to control her strength, the dormitory building collapsed.

The commotion here had long attracted the attention of the Awakened in the surrounding dormitories.

At this moment, when they saw that the dormitory building had collapsed, they started to gather around and watch.

“Lets fight on the field!” Murong Xue said.

Liu Yan was not afraid at all as he followed behind her to the field.

The Awakened who had rushed over out of curiosity also followed, attracting more Awakened to come and watch as well.

On the field, the two exchanged hands.

This time, Liu Yan did not use Swiftsteps and only relied on his powerful body as well as the Blazing Tyrant Fist to fight.

After a round of battle, he understood the difference between the two sides.

In terms of body attributes, Liu Yan, who had Divine Extraction, had attributes several times or even more than ten times that of an Awakened of the same level.

Naturally, he was not afraid at all.

In terms of close combat skills, he was lacking quite a bit.

However, the Blazing Tyrant Fist was extremely powerful.

He was only simply using it without displaying the true combat strength of the techniques, but he could already easily deal with the opponent.

After a round of battle, Murong Xue was completely at a disadvantage.

At this moment, the Awakened around were also exclaiming in excitement and discussing among themselves.

“Who are these two Why is their combat strength so terrifying”

“It seems to be Liu Yan and Murong Xue.”

“Its the number one genius who broke the record, Liu Yan Why does the name Murong Xue sound so familiar, though”

“Are you stupid Murong Xue is the number one in close combat.

She has never lost to anyone in close combat!”

“Good Heavens, why are these two fighting This is fascinating!”

“So this is a battle between experts Theyve only awakened their talent for less than a month, but why does it feel like theyre already so much ahead of us”


At this moment, Murong Xue was quite annoyed after exchanging blows with the other party.

This was the first time she had met someone with such strong close combat ability.

She, who had always been the center of admiration, had thus taken quite a blow.

In particular, she had discovered that the other party was obviously very unfamiliar with close combat skills.

It was obvious that he did not specialize in close combat.

In the battle just now, it had seemed that she was at a disadvantage, but in reality, the opponent had been lenient.

If the opponent had been more serious, she might have already been injured.

After hesitating for a while, Murong Xue decided to take the risk and activate the third layer of the Tyrant Body that she had never succeeded in before!

Murong Xue stomped her foot, and an aura spread out.

The Awakened who were watching around were all forced to take two steps back.

“What a powerful aura,” Liu Yan felt the terrifying aura coming from the opposite side and became serious.

Immediately, the two exchanged blows again.

Murong Xue unleashed her potential and successfully activated the third layer of the Tyrant Body, obtaining an extremely terrifying fighting strength.


As for Liu Yan, he relied on his powerful body and the Blazing Tyrant Fist to deal with the opponent with all his strength.

The fight between the two was at an anxious standstill.

The shockwaves from the battle spread out, one wave after another.

The stone pillar used for the test at the side was affected by the shockwaves and immediately displayed the stats.

The number on the pillar rose rapidly, and in a short while, it reached 9,999, its peak.

The Awakened in the surroundings were all shocked.

“F*ck, the stone pillar has reached its peak.

Didnt they say that only the full-strength strike from a level 10 Awakened could make it reach its peak”

“The shockwave from their battle has made the pillar reach its peak Theyre that strong”

“Doesnt this mean that the combat strengths of both of them are above level 10 That terrifying”

“Why do I feel that the stone pillar doesnt seem very stable Its said that when a level 15 Awakened attacks the pillar with full strength, it will shatter.”


At this moment, Liu Yan and Murong Xue, who were in the middle of the field, had already unleashed their strongest attacks.

Murong Xue activated all of her strength, unleashing all the battle prowess of her terrifying third layer Tyrant Body, and threw a punch.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, also used all the power in his body as well as the powerful Blazing Tyrant Fist, and chose to directly clash with the other party!

With that, the two fists clashed, and the powerful force from both sides collided.

The ground shook a few times, and the terrifying shock wave spread out, affecting the surrounding stone pillars.

The stone pillars that were originally showing numbers at their peak trembled a little, and actually shattered one after another…


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