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On the square.

The students cheered when they heard Principal Murakamis announcement.

They had put in a lot of effort to hold on until now.

Now, these students had finally succeeded.

They had successfully passed the trials on the fourth level of the Tower and could go to the fifth level.

Seeing this scene, Principal Murakami said, “Next, I would like to invite the highest scorer, Liu Yan, to go up to the stage and receive the sacrificial gemstone from the altar of body.

At the same time, it is also Liu Yans fifth sacrificial gemstone.”

When the students heard this, their gazes immediately turned towards Liu Yan, who was in the middle of the crowd.

A single person gathered all five sacrificial gemstones.

Such achievement was unheard of.

Many students from Gifted Academy admired Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was too outstanding.

As for the students of the Lighthouse Academy, they were even more excited.

After all, Liu Yan was a student of their Lighthouse Academy.

Liu Yan was so strong and eye-catching, and he brought glory to Lighthouse Academy.

As a member of the Lighthouse Academy, they naturally felt proud as well.

“Liu Yan is too amazing.

I didnt expect Lighthouse Academy to nurture such a genius.”

“Yeah, Ive never heard of him before.

Its like he just appeared out of nowhere.”

“Its said that Lighthouse Academys former principal had a very high evaluation of him.”

“Looks like Liu Yan is indeed very strong.

He can even suppress Allen Smith and Xu Han.”

“Not necessarily.

After all, the trial on the fourth level of the Tower is only a trial for the five senses.

Its hard to say if he has comprehensive combat strength.”

“Allen Smith is known as a combat machine.

His combat strength might not be inferior to Liu Yans.”

Many students were discussing excitedly as they stared in admiration as Liu Yan walked onto the stage.

After Liu Yan went onto the stage, Murakami first took out the sacrificial gemstone from the altar of body and handed it to Liu Yan.

“Keep the five sacrificial gemstones.

Look for me tomorrow to collect your reward.” Principal Murakami revealed a rare smile.

“Yes sir!” Liu Yan agreed upon hearing this.

After Liu Yan left the stage, Murakami explained the following matters.

The fifth level of the Tower would open in three days.

During these three days, all the students who passed the trial had to rest well.

After three days, they would gather together and head to the fifth level of the Tower.

Murakami also emphasized that the trial on the fifth level of the Tower would begin to be cruel.

It would not be as safe as the fourth level of the Tower.

Hence, he requested that all the students of the two academies make sufficient preparations.

Otherwise, they would be eliminated on the fifth level of the Tower.

In the worst-case scenario, they would lose their lives.

After some explanation, they were dismissed.

In the Gifted Academys cafeteria.

Liu Yan and the three girls were having their meal.

It was a rare chance for them to rest.

Along the way, the surrounding students of the Gifted Academy looked at Liu Yan with admiration.

The attitude of the students of the Gifted Academy towards Liu Yan was completely different from before.

Luo Qingcheng noticed the scene around her.

She could not help but smile, “Liu Yan, it seems that you have won the respect of everyone during the trial on the fourth level.

I have heard some news that we need to choose a team leader for the trial on the fifth level of the Tower.

I think you have a good chance to be the team leader.”

“Team leader” Murong Xue and Chu Long were both surprised when they heard this.

Liu Yan looked at Luo Qingcheng curiously.

“Thats right.” Luo Qingcheng nodded slightly, “I only know a little, I dont know anything else.

Anyway, we will choose a leader among the students to compete with the representative teams from other continents.

Now that your popularity is so high in Lighthouse Academy and Gifted Academy, you are probably becoming the leader of our Origin Continent.”

Liu Yan was not very interested in becoming a leader.

All along, Liu Yan had an SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

He did not like to work together with others and preferred to work alone.

However, it seemed like the rules of the Tower required them to work in groups.

That was why Liu Yan had no choice but to team up with Murong Xue and Chu Long on the third level.

It seemed like everyone had to team up on the fifth level of the Tower.

It was really troublesome.

However, Liu Yan would be better off as the leader himself if he needed to team up with others.

This way, he would at least have some freedom and avoid getting into too much trouble.

“When the time comes, Liu Yan will be the leader.

He has the ability anyway.” Murong Xue said casually.

Murong Xue was also a martial arts prodigy.

However, after meeting Liu Yan, she was completely convinced by his strength.

Now, Murong Xue was very clear.

It was not that her talent was bad, and her strength was weak.

Liu Yan was just too terrifying.

This trial on the fourth level of the Tower showed that Liu Yan could successfully suppress top geniuses like Allen Smith and Xu Han in five trials on five altars.

It showed how terrifying Liu Yans talent and overall strength were.

Chu Long also agreed, “Thats great.

We can still be together with Brother Liu Yan.”

“Lets talk about it when we reach the fifth level of the Tower.

The fifth level of the Tower doesnt sound simple.

We still need to be prepared.” Liu Yan said indifferently.

Murong Xue immediately looked at Liu Yan with some curiosity.

She said, “Hey, what do you think Murakami will reward you tomorrow You get all five sacrificial gemstones.

It is something that has never happened before.

The reward given by Murakami shouldnt be simple, right”

When Luo Qingcheng heard this, she immediately nodded her head.

“Murakami is the principal of the Gifted Academy.

He is also very experienced.

The reward he gives must be great.

Even for Liu Yan, it will bring a lot of help.”

The three women were gossiping.

They were curious about what reward Liu Yan would receive.

Liu Yan could not help but feel a little curious in his heart.

What kind of reward would that strange Murakami give him

After eating, they went back to rest separately.

Although there were still three days of rest time, they had a lot of things to do during these three days.

After all, they were about to head to the cruel fifth level of the Tower, so they still had to make some preparations.

Especially for Liu Yan, there were still many things to do after he had to collect his reward.

After Liu Yan returned to his dormitory, he took a simple rest and began his cultivation.

Liu Yan had the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

He could increase his strength easily.

However, he understood his cultivation was also crucial after the training at Lighthouse Academy.

His cultivation could not only increase his strength, but it could also strengthen his control over his strength.

Especially after Liu Yan reconstructed his physical body and had a perfect foundation, his talents were much better than in the past.

Now, he did not have to use Divine Extraction to increase his strength.

He could improve his strength significantly through cultivation.

These few days, he had been busy with the trials.

Liu Yan had long felt that he had gained something, but he did not have the time to calm his heart to properly cultivate and comprehend.

Now that he finally had the time, he naturally had to properly comprehend.


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