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On the stairway.

The students followed Murakami and a few teachers from the Gifted Academy as they quickly climbed up the Tower.

They set off early in the morning, but it was already noon.

The group had been climbing up the Tower rapidly for half a day.

Even these elite students had already run out of stamina and were barely holding on.

“Look, look! Thats the top, right”

“Weve finally reached the top.

If we dont reach it now, I wont be able to hold on any longer.”

“Were finally here, Im so tired.”

“Phew! Weve finally made it to the end.”


The students cheered as they continued their final sprint.

Under the lead of Murakami and a few teachers, the students finally reached the top of the stairway.

They had arrived at the fourth level of the Tower.

Once they reached the fourth level of the Tower, the exhausted students fell to the ground without caring about anything else.

Many of them were already on the verge of breaking down.

The students had relied on their willpower to persevere until now.

In the crowd, Liu Yan was slightly panting.

Although it was a little strenuous, his condition was still okay.

It was because he had terrifying stamina.

Liu Yans physical fitness was not weak.

He felt he could climb up the fourth level with his precious physical fitness, but it would undoubtedly be strenuous.

He estimated that he would not be much better than the students of the Gifted Academy.

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But now, Liu Yan had already built a perfect foundation and reconstructed his physical body.

His physical fitness was much better from the past.

After half a day of high-intensity climbing the stairway, Liu Yan was only slightly panting at this moment.

Liu Yan felt he could continue climbing the stairway until night with his current physical fitness.

At this moment, Liu Yan looked around and found that there was a quarter of the students around him missing.

Just the stairway had eliminated a quarter of the students.

Many students were eliminated before they reached the fourth level of the Tower.

At this moment, Liu Yan also recalled the rumors among the students.

The trial on the fourth level of the Tower was the safest.

Basically, there wouldnt be any danger.

There wouldnt be any life-threatening danger, but it wasnt easy at all.

If that was the case, it really was so.

The students who had just climbed the stairway and couldnt catch up wouldnt be in danger.

However, they felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

They hadnt even seen the fourth level of the Tower before being eliminated.

It was mercilessly cruel.

Liu Yan couldnt help but be a little excited.

What would the trial on the fourth level of the Tower be like

At this moment, Murakami and the few teachers were even more relaxed.

They climbed the stairway at high speed for half a day, but their faces werent red, and they werent panting.

They looked relaxed.

Murakami noticed Liu Yans condition.

Although Liu Yan looked a little tired, his condition was much better than other students.

Murakami nodded his head.

It was rare to have such physical fitness at such a young age.

At this moment, Liu Yan did not notice Murakamis observation of him.

Instead, he observed his surroundings in surprise.

There were no other things on the fourth level of the Tower.

There were only five huge altars.

The altars looked as gigantic as the sky.

They looked extremely shocking.

There was a pillar of light above each of the five altars.

The five pillars of light soared into the sky and formed a huge seal in the sky.

It seemed that this was the huge seal that Murakami had mentioned.

They had to gather all the sacrificial gemstones in the five altars.

Then, they would have the chance to break the seal and pass the trial from the fourth level to the fifth level of the Tower.

A teacher beside Murakami also walked out at this moment.

“I am the teacher in charge of the first altar, the altar of color.

I have rested enough.

Time is of the essence.

Follow me to the altar of color and begin the first test!” Chu Xuan said calmly.

Chu Xuan was a middle-aged man with a cold expression.

Through his A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could sense that Chu Xuans strength was not weak.

Chu Xuans strength was among the top among the few teachers.

Many students were already lying on the ground to rest.

When they heard Chu Xuans words, they all hurriedly got up as if they were afraid of Chu Xuan.

Very soon, a group of students gathered.

Under the guidance of Chu Xuan, they walked towards the first altar.

At this moment, many students also noticed the situation around them and were all amazed.

“Is this the fourth level of the Tower This altar is too big, too majestic.”

“Compared to these huge altars, we are so small, like ants.”

“This is nothing.

Look at the top of your head.

The seal is even bigger.”


The students were all shocked.

Soon, the students arrived at the first altar under Chu Xuans lead.

Chu Xuan stopped.

He looked at the crowd and said slowly, “This is the first altar, the altar of color.

Later, I will open the altar for you to enter and begin the trial.

This altar of color tests your vision and senses.

Of course, it tests your strength as well.

Inside the altar of color, it is completely dark and without any light.

It is pitch black, and you can not see your fingers.

You can not see anything in absolute darkness.”

“Dont think of using any skill that can illuminate to obtain an item.

All lighting methods will be greatly affected your safety.

The lighting effect is also extremely limited.

It will not allow you to see many things clearly.

On the contrary, you will attract the attacks of the many fierce beasts because of your lighting.

At that time, no matter how strong you are, you wont be able to withstand it and will die horribly.”

“If you dont use your lighting techniques, you wont be able to see the situation around you clearly at worst.

You will encounter one or two fierce beasts occasionally.

With your strength, you should be able to deal with them.

It would not be too difficult.

In short, you must remember not to use any lighting methods.

That wont help you at all.

It will only bring you danger.”

“There are many fierce beasts in the altar of color.

The strength of the fierce beasts isnt particularly strong.

Theyre only at level 30.

You guys should be able to defeat them.”

“The test requires you to find and kill a fierce beast in the absolute darkness of the altar of color.

This way, you will be considered to have passed the test.”

“In addition, the fierce beast you kill will also determine your final score.

The smaller the fierce beast, the higher the agility attribute of the fierce beast, and the smaller the area of damage, the higher your score will be.

These three factors will determine your score on this test.”

“Finally, the student with the highest score will obtain the only sacrificial gem of the altar of color in my hands!”

After listening to Instructor Chu Xuans explanation, the students discussed the rules.

Liu Yan heard this and roughly understood the rules.

In simple terms, they would be in absolute darkness.

Besides, they could not use lighting methods to kill the fierce beast.


As long as one could kill a fierce beast, they would be able to pass the test of the altar.

The smaller the fierce beast, the faster the speed, and the smaller the damage they caused to the fierce beasts, the higher their score would be.

The person with the highest score would obtain the only sacrificial gem.

This round was not hard for Liu Yan, who had a powerful perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

Liu Yan was naturally determined to obtain the sacrificial gem of the altar of color.


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