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When Liu Qing heard Zheng Tainans thoughts, he was immediately moved.

There were so many cultivation pills that were worth quite a lot.

Usually, they would need several months of savings to afford one of the low-grade ones.

It was practically impossible to obtain so many pills if they only sued their resources.

“We will be rich if we can snatch so many medicinal pills.” Liu Qing was a little moved as he said.

Liu Ning, who was by the side, was a little worried as he said, “He is a student of the Lighthouse Academy.

We cant snatch his things.

Otherwise, we might cause a conflict between the two academies.”

Zheng Tainan was immediately amused when he heard Liu Ning.

He laughed and said, “What are you afraid of We snatch them with our own ability.

The Tower has just merged, and we are moving into the new dormitory now.

No one can blame us for taking the wrong things in a rush, right”

Liu Qing also smiled when he heard this.

“Thats right.

Our academy has always advocated the survival of the fittest.

If we have better strength, we should obtain more cultivation pills.

Wouldnt it be a waste to place these cultivation pills in his hands”


Liu Ning still felt that it was a little inappropriate to rob somebody.

However, he started to convince himself in his heart.

After all, who would not be tempted by so many precious cultivation pills

Following that, they began to discuss and prepare to make a move in a while.

At this moment, several teachers from the Lighthouse Academy and the Gifted Academy were in the office.

Through the surveillance cameras, they were observing the situation of the students.

The two principals were also there.

The few teachers from the Lighthouse Academy quickly used the surveillance cameras to notice this scene.

The few teachers were immediately displeased.

Liu Yan was a genius student of their academy with heaven-defying talent and great strength.

However, Liu Yan was only a new student who had just entered the academy for two to three months.

He had yet to truly mature.

Those who were able to ascend the fourth level this time were all elites.

Their strength wasnt weak at all.

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If Zheng Tainan and his friends were to deal with Liu Yan together, how could Liu Yan be a match for them Wasnt this bullying

The teachers quickly went to Murakami for a discussion.


Murakami, what do you think we should do anything”

“Liu Yan isnt weak, but hes only a freshman after all.

Hes alone now.

How can he deal with three students”

“Thats right.

Liu Yan is outnumbered, its not fair.”

“This is pure bullying.”


The few instructors were a little displeased.

They had always held a suspicious attitude towards the student exchange between two academies.

However, the Federations Education Department had approved it and Principal Lan Jinqiu had agreed, they couldnt say anything.

The exchange had just started, and the students hadnt even entered the dormitory yet.

However, a bully case was about to happen.

The teachers from the Lighthouse Academy were not happy about it.

At this moment, Murakami had also roughly understood the situation.

After seeing that Liu Yan was the target, he said indifferently, “There are differences between the elites.”

After saying this, Murakami fell silent.

When the teachers of Lighthouse Academy heard this, they thought that Murakami meant that the students of Gifted Academy were strong.

Even if they could snatch Liu Yans stuff, there would not be any problem at all.

It only proved that their strength was stronger than Liu Yans, and they deserved it.

When the teachers of the Lighthouse Academy heard this, they were displeased.

However, the other party was the principal of the Gifted Academy, Murakami.

They did not dare to say anything more.

They all looked at the surveillance screen, hoping nothing would happen to Liu Yan.

Although Murakami did not say anything, he was also looking at the surveillance cameras.

If someone were to observe Murakami at this moment, they would notice that Murakami was observing Liu Yan with interest.

Murakami was very curious.

Zhong Yuntian had a high evaluation of Liu Yan and even personally trained him.

Besides, Liu Yan was known as a once-in-a-century genius, the hope of humanity.

Zhong Yuntian even asked Murakami to take good care of Liu Yan.

Murakami wanted to know was Liu Yan really as amazing as Zhong Yuntian had said.

It was also a good opportunity to see just how strong Liu Yan was.

At this moment, on the surveillance screen.

Liu Yan had just arrived at the new dormitory and put down his things to rest for a while.

Zheng Tainan brought Liu Qing and Liu Ning to Liu Yans dormitory.

Seeing the bulging bag beside Liu Yan, the eyes of the three of them were a little fiery.

Inside the bag were all precious cultivation pills and medicinal ingredients.

That big bag was too valuable.

It was simply a pile of treasures.

Zheng Tainan came in front of Liu Yan and sneered, “Bro, you are from the Lighthouse Academy, right I am looking for you to discuss something.

I want to borrow some cultivation pills from you.”

Liu Qing also said, “How can you use so many cultivation pills and medicinal ingredients yourself Lend us some, and we will return to you next time.”

Even the somewhat timid Liu Ning said bluntly at this moment, “Quick.

Hand it over to us.”

The three of them had checked Liu Yans level through the smart wristband on the way and found that Liu Yan was only level 20.

After confirming this, they were relieved.

The students who tried to break through to the fourth level of the Tower were usually around level 30 to level 50.

Most of them were at level 40.

Even the weaker ones were at level 30.

Zheng Tainan was already at Level 42 and was the strongest among the three of them.

Even Liu Qing and Liu Ning were already at level 36.

However, they didnt expect Liu Yan to be only at level 20.

They thought even if Liu Yans talent was good, his level was too low.

Liu Yan wouldnt be as strong as them since his level was so much lower than theirs.

They could deal with Liu Yan effortlessly.

So, they were not afraid of Liu Yan at all.

However, they did not know why Liu Yans level was so low.

Liu Yan had been cultivating to build a perfect foundation.

Later on, after he had collected all sorts of treasures, he used all sorts of treasures to reconstruct his body.

During this process, Liu Yans level had not increased at all.

This was why his level was very low, lower than the average level of the students of the Lighthouse Academy and the Gifted Academy.

However, Liu Yans strength continued to increase tremendously even though his level did not increase.

In terms of combat strength, he did not fall behind at all.

In fact, Liu Yan was stronger than his peers.

At this moment, Liu Yan was lying on the bed.

When he heard the words of these three students, he was a little surprised.

He didnt expect that there would be people who dared to come and look for trouble right after he came to the new dormitory.

This kind of thing was relatively new to Liu Yan.

After all, after coming to the third level of the Tower and displaying his powerful talent and strength, no one dared to look for trouble with him anymore.

Looking at the bag beside him and the many cultivation consumables in it, Liu Yan immediately understood that these three people must have just noticed the cultivation consumables in the bag and were attracted by it.

That was why they had bad intentions and followed him.

Liu Yan did not get up.

He was still lying lazily on the bed.

He raised his head to look at the three of them.

He then asked, “Lend you some pills What if I say no”


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