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After a rainbow-colored light flashed and a wave of dizziness, the world before their eyes lit up.

What appeared in front of the group of Awakened were countless towering mountains that reached into the clouds.

These mountains were all different.

Some were lush green, some were filled with volcanic rocks, and some were covered in ice and snow.

At first glance, they were all different.

The combination of so many elements was extremely magical.

“So this is the Elemental Peak Its so magical!”

“Its said that there are secret realms inside which contain all kinds of dangers as well as treasures.”

“Im afraid that this trip will be another dangerous one.

Its already pretty good if half of all of us can survive.”

“Thats right, but those who can survive are all elites and will grow into true experts.”

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“Indeed, danger coexists with opportunity!”



The group of Awakened felt extremely emotional.

As soon as Liu Yan entered the range of the Elemental Peak, he could feel the battle intent of his young wolf cub [Dream] who was in his storage ring.


Ever since he had added the freely allocatable points to the Familiar column, Liu Yan could feel the thoughts of his familiar more clearly.

As such, he could feel the emotions and thoughts of Dream.

At this moment, Dream seemed to be very eager for Liu Yan to reach the top of the mountain.

There seemed to be something there that was very attractive to it.

Liu Yan himself was also very eager to reach the top of the mountain and enter the secret realms as soon as possible.

At this time, after a short period of emotional sighs, the group of Awakened set off one after another.

They werent here for a trip, but for adventures.

They didnt have the time to admire the scenery or sigh.

Very soon, the group of Awakened set off and rushed towards the peak of the mountain.

Although Liu Yan had set off a little later than the others, speed was his strong point, after all.

Without even activating any of his skills and just by relying on his terrifying agility attribute, Liu Yan had easily caught up to all the Awakened and even surpassed them.

At the same time, he activated his B-grade skill, Swiftsteps.

He instantly felt that his footsteps had become much lighter.

At the same time, the distance of every step he took forward had also increased by quite a bit.

With that, Liu Yans speed received a terrifying increase.

He rushed up the mountain in an instant, leaving the other Awakened far behind.

“Damn, who is that person Is he a monster What kind of speed is that”

“It seems to be Liu Yan, the person who ranked first on Tower 105s ranking list.”

“Didnt they say that Liu Yan was a rookie And that he only managed to survive because he was lucky”

“His speed is invincible!”


When the group of Awakened saw Liu Yans terrifying speed, they were all amazed.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Yan had already disappeared from their sight as he rushed towards the peak of the mountain.

At this moment, the mountain that Liu Yan and the others were climbing was fire-attributed.

The entire mountain was filled with fire elements.

Thanks to his Spirit Vision, Liu Yan was able to discover some beasts from a relatively long distance.

Since his trip had just started, the beasts he encountered were mostly level two and at most level three.

They werent very strong.

Liu Yans current level had just reached level four, but his actual strength was already above level eight or even level ten.

Dealing with these level two and three beasts was really an easy task.

Every time his Spirit Vision detected any beasts, Liu Yan would prepare in advance.

Once in proximity, he would shoot arrows.

In Liu Yans Archery column, Steady Shot, Precise Shot, and Rapid Shot had already been unlocked.

As such, it was extremely easy for him to shoot accurately while he was hurrying along.

The moment his arrows were shot out, the weak level two or three beasts would be instantly killed by Liu Yan.

Occasionally, when he encountered a small group of beasts, Liu Yan used the Wind Rider Sets skill Three Shots, allowing him to shoot three arrows at the same time that hit them accurately, instantly killing them.

After killing the beasts in an instant, Liu Yan stopped to use Divine Extraction on their corpses.

Although the levels of these beasts werent high, they could still provide him with some attribute points.

Great oaks grew from little acorns.

Liu Yan wouldnt let go of any chance to increase his attributes bit by bit to increase his strength.

[Divine Extraction of the level 2 beast corpse has been successful.

Obtained: strength 8, vitality 4, adaptability 10!]

[Divine Extraction of the level 3 beast corpse has been successful.

Obtained: vitality 21, speed 18, spirit 15!]

On the way, Liu Yan killed beasts with ease while obtaining attribute points with Divine Extraction.

If there were no beasts in his path, he directly used Swiftsteps and hurried on.

On the other side, the other Awakened werent so lucky.

There were many paths to climb the mountain.

They didnt know which path Liu Yan had taken, so they couldnt take the path that he had taken to avoid beasts.

Along the way, they also encountered level two or three beasts.

For Liu Yan, level two or three beasts were extremely weak and could be easily killed in an instant.

But for the vast majority of the Awakened, they would have to undergo a huge battle just to kill these beasts.

Some experts were relatively strong, but it still took them some time to deal with the beasts.

This was especially so for the majority of the Awakened who didnt have any perception-type skills.

Even if they were strong enough, they would sometimes be caught off guard by the beasts sudden attacks, and some of them might even be injured.

If one was injured at the beginning of the climb, it was practically a death sentence.

After all, there was still a long way to go, and there were even more dangers waiting ahead.

On the other side, with the support of his powerful strength, Liu Yan quickly arrived at the peak of the mountain.

When he arrived at the peak, he saw the mountain guardian beast, a fire Kylin.

According to the instructions of the assistant principal, every elemental mountain peak had one or more mountain guardian beasts.

One had to kill the mountain guardian beast to become the peak master.

Liu Yan checked its stats.

[Fie Kylin Mang]

[Level: 8]

[Potential: S]


[HP: …]

Seeing the fire Kylins stats, Liu Yan was greatly shocked.

To think it was a beast at level 8 with a potential of the S-grade.


This fire Kylin was incomparably huge, as big as several people.

At this moment, it directly surrounded Liu Yan with extremely fast speed.

Liu Yan did not dare to think too greatly of himself, and hurriedly activated his Swiftsteps.

With that, his speed received a terrifying increase, and he immediately dodged to the side.

After dodging, he observed the surrounding terrain, thinking about the battle method that he should take.

The space on the peak of the mountain was very large, and the battlespace was completely sufficient.

However, it was empty.

Let alone trees, there were not even a few protruding rocks.

As such, Liu Yan could not jump onto the trees to shoot arrows like before, which wouldve allowed him to easily resolve the battle safely.

At this moment, the fire Kylin had already charged towards Liu Yan once again, and its speed was extremely fast.

The distance between them was rapidly closing.

Liu Yan did not have any more time to even shoot arrows.

He hurriedly took out his dagger and prepared to engage in close combat.

Activating his skill Strength Enhancement, he entered berserk mode and his strength was increased by three times in an instant.


Liu Yans attributes were not weak, to begin with.

With the three times increase in his strength attribute, his close combat ability had received a terrifying increase.

Fortunately, he had a certain level of confidence in his close combat ability.

With that, he directly engaged in close combat with the fire Kylin.

With Swiftsteps and Spirit Vision, Liu Yan accurately predicted the fire Kyrins attacks skillfully dodged them.

At the same time, he held his dagger and thrust it with all his strength towards the Kyrins weak point.



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