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The range of the teleportation skill was not small, covering a radius of a hundred meters.

If it was used during a battle, it might be able to produce unexpected effects during critical moments.

Although teleportation could be used three times a day, it was meant to use during special critical moments.

It was enough to use it sparingly.

Liu Yan did not plan to use this teleportation skill casually.

He wanted to use it as a trump card.

It would be a life-saving skill in a dangerous situation.

Following that, Liu Yan equipped his advanced storage ring and put everything into it, including the Blue Flame Gloves he had just obtained.

Although the Soft Blade Boxing Gloves were only A-grade, they could not be compared to the SS-grade Blue Flame Gloves.

However, at the moment, Liu Yan could not use the Blue Flame Gloves easily daily.

It would affect his movements, and it was too heavy.

Only when he used the Earth Power during battle and obtained strength amplification could he use the Blue Flame Gloves easily and flexibly.

In addition, the Blue Flame Gloves were too eye-catching, so it was better to put them in his storage ring for the time being.

Although the grade of the Soft Blade Boxing Gloves was relatively low, it was still A-grade.

It was not weak either.

It would become invisible when the user wore it.

If one did not look carefully, one would not notice it at all.

Plus, it would be more convenient to wear it on.

At this point, the two pieces of equipment that Liu Yan had obtained this time had also been upgraded.

Although there were only two pieces of equipment, each of them was extremely powerful.

They could give Liu Yan a great boost to his combat power.

Following this, Liu Yan looked at the equipment given to the three ladies and used Divine Extraction to upgrade them.

The three pieces of equipment given to the three ladies were all A-grade equipment.

They were the equipment that Liu Yan had picked out from the pile of equipment that was the highest level and most suitable for them.

He believed that they would be more useful to them and would be of great help to them.

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After the upgrade was completed, Liu Yan looked at the equipment given to the three ladies.

[ Rock Shield ]

Level: S-grade

Effect: Defense 7,000! Increases the power of earth elemental skills by 20%, physical defense by 20%, and attribute defense by 10%!

Gods Effect: Block (temporarily increases defense by ten times, lasts for ten seconds, can be used three times a day!)

[ Holy Robe ]

Level: S-grade

Effect: Defense 3,000! Casting speed increased by 20%, healing rate increased by 20%, and control skill time increased by 20%!

Gods effect: Golden Rain (AOE support healing skill, can greatly increase the defense of friendly players within a 100-meter radius, healing friendly players)


[ Wind Speed Boots ]

Grade: S rank

Effect: Defense 1,000, movement speed 3,000, increases agility by 20%

Gods effect: Ghoststeps (greatly increases movement speed and agility within 10 seconds)

Liu Yan could give the Rock Shield to Murong Xue.

Its effect was quite good, and it was also compatible with her class.

Adding the S-grade boxing gloves that Liu Yan had given her on the third level of the Tower, Murong Xue got a boost in her offense and defense.

Her overall combat strength was quite good.

While the Rock Shield was powerful, it was also compatible with Murong Xue.

It increased her defense and earth-elemental skills.

It was undoubtedly very compatible with Murong Xues Rock Pugilist class.

Next, the Holy Robe was compatible with Chu Long.

It had a pretty good buff in defense.

At the same time, it increased casting speed, healing ability, and control time.

It could vastly increase Chu Longs healing and support abilities.

At the same time, it could also increase Chu Longs defense to ensure her safety.

Its Gods Effect was a powerful AOE healing and support skill.

It could play a great role in group battles.

Liu Yan believed that with this Holy Robe, Chu Longs healing ability and ability to influence the battle situation would be raised to another level.

The last gift to Luo Qingcheng was the S-grade Wind Speed Boots.

Although it could not bring any increase in combat strength, it increased the users speed.

It would have a superb function for non-combat personnel like Luo Qingcheng.

Its Gods Effect was similar to the Ghoststeps skill that Liu Yan had.

A substantial increase in speed could be of great help to Luo Qingcheng at critical moments.

After the three pieces of equipment had undergone the Divine Extraction, they had all been upgraded to powerful S-grade equipment with Gods Effect.

They were much stronger than ordinary S-grade equipment.

Only the three ladies had a good relationship with Liu Yan and even had askin-to-skin relationship with him.

Otherwise, Liu Yan would not be willing to give these three S-grade equipment pieces to them.


Any S-grade equipment would cause a huge sensation on the market, let alone three pieces.

However, these three S-grade equipment were still far from the new SS-grade weapon that Liu Yan had obtained.

These three pieces of equipment were not as powerful as Liu Yans ashen fire fist gloves.

This time, Liu Yan had also obtained a fruitful harvest from the vice principal of the Weapon Academy, Ling Feng.

Four pieces of A-grade equipment and one S-grade weapon had been upgraded to four pieces of S-grade equipment and one terrifying SS-grade weapon after Liu Yans Divine Extraction.

It was undoubtedly a significant upgrade for Liu Yan and the others.

It was getting late, and Liu Yan hurriedly drove back to the villa.

When he returned to the villa, the three women had already finished eating and were chatting.

When the three women saw that Liu Yan had returned, they were more or less dissatisfied.

Chu Long complained unhappily, “Brother Liu Yan, why did you come back so late” It was already the last night.

Initially, they had agreed to have a gathering because they would enter the fourth level of the Tower tomorrow.

“Currently, we dont know anything about the situation on the fourth level of the Tower.

When that time comes, we might have to separate.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan finally remembered this matter.

After all, they were going to enter the fourth level of the Tower tomorrow.

From tomorrow onwards, the four of them might have to separate and temporarily act on their own.

Therefore, the few of them also agreed that they would finish their matters today and return to the villa earlier to have a good gathering.

Liu Yan was busy with the matter of the equipment in the Weapon School.

So, he completely forgot about this matter and came back late.

Luo Qingcheng felt a little regretful, but she did not say anything.

Murong Xue was not happy, and Liu Yans behavior triggered her fierce temper.

She walked up and pointed at Liu Yan, berating him, “Liu Yan, you think youre super strong now, right Your strength has improved so quickly, so you dont take us seriously, right Let me tell you, if you make me unhappy, I will tell everyone about what happened that night.

That night, you were…”

Murong Xue was halfway through her words, but Liu Yan covered her mouth.

Hearing Murong Xue mention what happened that night, Liu Yan felt like his head was about to explode.

Seeing this, Chu Long blinked her big eyes and asked innocently, “What happened that night What is Sister Murong Xue talking about”

Luo Qingcheng, who was standing at the side, had a strange look on her face and said, “Nothing much.

Its adults matters.”


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