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Liu Yan looked at the changes in his class template after he had added the points.

First, he looked at the Archery column.

Steady Shot meant he could shoot more steadily, then Precise Shot which allowed him to shoot at a target accurately from a hundred meters away, and finally Rapid Shot which made his shooting speed much faster.

ith this, he could shoot many times in a short time in a high-intensity battle, which undoubtedly increased his fighting strength.


After that was the Long-range Shot whose specific effects could only be known after it had been unlocked.

Just the three points added to the Archery column had already improved Liu Yans archery abilities greatly.

The next column was Traps.

Although traps were not as directly useful as archery, they would undoubtedly be of great use in his subsequent adventures.

This was especially so when he had to face powerful fierce beasts.

With the Traps column as assistance, Liu Yan could deal with and create even more powerful traps.

The first was Create Traps which filled Liu Yans mind full of many ways to make traps.

The second was Remove Traps, which meant that not only could he create traps, but he could also dismantle the traps set by others to ensure his safety.

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The third was Upgrade Traps which allowed him to upgrade the traps he had created, increasing their effectiveness.

The next was Multiple Traps whose effects could only be known after he unlocked it.

The last column was the Familiars column.

The first Familiar Identification was relatively simple.

It was just that he could identify the beasts, giving Liu Yan a lot of knowledge about them.

The second was Taming, which made it so that he understood how to properly tame wild beasts.

Liu Yan could be considered lucky to have successfully subdued the wolf cub from before so easily, which was largely thanks to his Animal Affinity skill.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldnt be that easy to tame a wild beast.

The third was Absolute Order which allowed him to better control his familiars and better coordinate with them in battle to display greater battle strength.

The next was Synchronization.

Just its name sounded very powerful.

Liu Yan was somewhat looking forward to unlocking it faster.

At this moment, the hexagram formation before them flashed, and a middle-aged man with a gentle face appeared.

It was their assistant principal.

Upon seeing this person, the group of Awakened instantly surrounded him.

“Assistant principal, youre here!”

“Assistant principal, its too dangerous in here.

Many of our classmates have died.”

“When can we get out Can we still get out alive”


After all, these Awakened were just students before.

They had just come of age and had no choice but to enter the Tower to undergo such training.

They had been fine before and had always been alert since they were always in danger.

But at this moment, when they saw the assistant principal, they could no longer hold their emotions in.

The assistant principal looked at everyone and quickly comforted them, “I know that you have worked hard to reach here and that the journey has been dangerous, but I also hope that you understand that from the moment you entered the Tower, you are no longer students.

You are the Awakened.

You are the future of the Federation and the future of humanity.

I hope that no matter how dangerous and difficult it is, you can grit your teeth and persevere!”! ”

After hearing the assistant principals words, the group of Awakened gradually calmed down.

After all the training they had gone through in this, they had also gradually grown up.

Regardless of whether it was their physical strength or mental state, they had all obtained a certain level of growth.

Seeing this, the assistant principal continued, “Everyone, time is pressing, and Ill have to be concise.

Words of comfort aside, I have something important to inform you.

Right now, you are on the resting platform between levels one and two.

In a while, you will enter the even more dangerous level two.

Level two is located at the [Elemental Peak] where there will be elemental secret realms.

In those secret realms, there may be all kinds of treasures and fortuitous encounters.

What you need to do is to do everything in your power to reach the peak.

If you manage to remain alive within the stipulated time, you will be qualified to enter level three of the Tower! Remember, you are the future of the Federation and the future of humanity.

How far you can go will determine your future strength and also affect the survival of humanity!”


Just as the assistant principal finished speaking, the announcement sounded in the Tower.

[Level two of the Tower trials is about to begin!]

[Tower 105,106, and 107 have been merged.

The ranking list and reputation rankings have been merged!]

As the announcement sounded, two huge hexagrams appeared on the resting platform, and the Awakened from the other two Towers were teleported over.

Liu Yan was originally in Tower 105, and he was first on Tower 105s ranking list.

Seeing that the ranking lists were now merging, he noticed that the person who ranked first in Tower 106 was Chu Long.

Seeing the name, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Chu Long was his neighbors younger sister, who was petite and cute.


Previously, he had been quite worried that something bad would happen to her if she entered the dangerous Tower.

He didnt expect that his worries had been unnecessary.

Not only had Chu Long survived, but she had also ranked first in Tower 106.

It seemed that her strength and luck were pretty good.

Liu Yan then looked at the name of the first ranker of Tower 107, whose name was Sun Ren.

He didnt recognize the name, so he didnt think too much about it.

Instead, he looked for Chu Long in the crowd.

At the same time, a man beside Liu Yan was looking at Liu Yan with hatred in his eyes.

His name was Sun Yi.

He had originally been ranked first in Tower 105, but Liu Yan had suddenly appeared and snatched his rank as well as his reward.

The grade of Sun Yis talent was quite high, and he had encountered many dangers along the way, which had increased his strength by a lot.

During the beast tide, Sun Yis life had been in danger many times.

He had gone through a lot of hardships to kill many fierce beasts.

But he did not expect that after exerting so much effort, his results would be snatched away by Liu Yan out of the blue.

Sun Yi did not think that Liu Yan was stronger than him.

He just thought that Liu Yan was lucky and shouldve picked up a bargain somewhere.


As such, he had been planning to take revenge on Liu Yan for stealing his first rank.

When he saw that his brother, Sun Ren, was ranked first in Tower 107, Sun Yis eyes lit up.

He went into the crowd to look for his brother, prepared to work together with his brother to take revenge on Liu Yan on level two of the Tower.


“Liu Yan, just you wait.

I want you to spit out everything you stole!” Sun Yi looked at Liu Yan with hatred in his eyes and went to look for his brother in the group of Awakened from Tower 107.

However, Liu Yan did not notice this.

Instead, he kept looking for Chu Long.


After searching for a while, Liu Yan finally found her.

At this time, Chu Long was wearing a leather armor.

She was standing in a corner and waiting quietly with a calm face, obviously not as lively as before.

Liu Yan quickly wanted to go over and greet her.

However, level two of the Tower had officially opened by then.

With this, the group of Awakened walked towards the hexagram array and entered level two.

Seeing this, Liu Yan had no choice but to enter level two first.


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