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Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan and was surprised.

At this moment, although Liu Yan was in a sorry state and had some wounds on his body, his eyes were full of energy, and his aura was still good.

After experiencing such a powerful attack from the Earth Dragon, Liu Yan did not seem to be affected much and seemed to be able to continue fighting.

Ning Shanshan, who was in the distance, was also a little surprised when she saw this.

She knew that Liu Yans physical strength wasnt bad.

It would be very impressive if Liu Yan wasnt seriously injured by the Earth Dragons fierce attack.

However, Liu Yan still looked fine.

He could even fight again.

The awakened ones in the surroundings were also surprised when they saw this.

“Liu Yan can still stand up Hes too strong.”

“Is he the student specially recruited by the principal Hes surprisingly strong.”

“It looks like hes only slightly injured.

He can continue fighting.”

“But even so, Liu Yan doesnt have a chance to defeat the Earth Dragon.

The difference in strength between the two is too great!”



Although everyone was surprised by Liu Yans terrifying physical strength, they still didnt think that Liu Yan had a chance to defeat the Earth Dragon.

After all, Liu Yan could barely withstand the Earth Dragons attack.

He was still far from defeating the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon was too powerful.

An S-grade dragon-type fierce beast was something else.

They werent on the same level at all.

At this moment, Liu Yan did not care about the gazes and opinions of the people around him.

Instead, he was immersed in his battle.

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As he stood up, Liu Yan once again activated his S-grade skill, Dragonification.

His appearance had slightly changed, and his aura was steadily rising.

His close combat strength had obtained a terrifying amplification.

If there were experts here, they would be able to discover that Liu Yans strength after using Dragonification this time was even stronger than before.

It seemed that because of the intense battle just now, the potential of his Dragonification had been stimulated, and he had obtained an increase in strength.

After using his Dragonification skill, Liu Yan once again used the newly obtained S-class skill, Earth Power!

Instantly, Liu Yans entire body became much heavier, and the ground was dented from where he stood.

Liu Yans strength once again obtained a terrifying increase.

With the support of two S-grade skills, Liu Yan had already reached the strongest form of his physical strength.

The Earth Dragon noticed the change in Liu Yans aura and looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

The Earth Dragon didnt understand why Liu Yans combat strength didnt decrease even though it had just heavily hit this insignificant human.

Instead, Liu Yans combat strength had increased by a lot.

In addition, the Earth Dragon felt that the dragon bloodline on Liu Yans body seemed to be stronger.

Many people around also noticed this scene and were surprised.

“Whats going on Why does Liu Yans strength has become stronger”

“I have the same feeling.

Liu Yan has become stronger.”

“Whats going on Other people are injured, and their combat strength has weakened, but Liu Yans combat strength has increased”

“Thats no way that Liu Yan hasnt used his full strength during the battle just now, right”

“This is too ridiculous.

How can Liu Yan not use his full strength when fighting against such a powerful S-grade fierce beast, the Earth Dragon”


Everyone was shocked.

At this moment, Ning Shanshan also frowned slightly.

She could feel that Liu Ya had used his strongest combat strength in close combat just now.

However, Liu Yan was much stronger now, and his combat strength had doubled.

Ning Shanshan immediately thought of a possibility.

Liu Yan had achieved a breakthrough in the battle and become stronger!

Thinking of this, Ning Shanshan immediately looked at Liu Yan with a strange gaze.

If that was really the case, then Liu Yan was definitely a martial arts genius.

Those who could break through in battle were the top-notch geniuses.

They were destined to go far in the future and become a true top-notch expert.

At the same time, Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon opposite him stared at each other closely.

The aura of a human and a beast rose steadily.

The Earth Dragon also sensed the threat Liu Yan posed to it.

It became serious and prepared to use its full strength.

In an instant, Liu Yan took the initiative to attack and charged toward the Earth Dragon.

When he got close, Liu Yan held his A-grade weapon, Soft Blade Boxing Gloves, and used his S-grade skill, Absolute Unrivaled.

Combined with Dragonification and Earth Power, three powerful S-grades skills were used by Liu Yan at the same time, buffing Liu Yans strength.

One man and one beast fought.

This time, the Earth Dragon did not hold back and directly used its full strength.

Liu Yan had already used his full strength.

They collided together again.

The difference in their body size was huge.

One looked like a small mountain, while the other was like an ant.

However, the seemingly small Liu Yans physical strength was no longer inferior to the Earth Dragons.

He was facing it head-on.

After a round of battle, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

He thought his close combat strength would increase by several times after obtaining the S-grade skill, Earth Power.

Under such circumstances, he should be able to defeat the Earth Dragon.

However, Liu Yan still underestimated the Earth Dragon.

At this moment, the Earth Dragon was actually on par with him.

The man and beast had fought to a draw within a short period.

Their physical strength was equal, and it was difficult to determine the victor.

Liu Yan was a little surprised.

With the support of his many powerful skills, he could only fight to a draw with the Earth Dragon.

However, Liu Yan still did not use other fighting methods or other powerful skills.

He planned to fight the Earth Dragon only through close combat.

Liu Yan could only defeat the Earth Dragon head-on with his physical strength.

Only then would he have the last chance to subdue the Earth Dragon and let it become his pet.

The Earth Dragon seemed to have triggered its pride.

It was unwilling to use any other skill or dragon breath.

It was also fighting Liu Yan in close combat.

Ever since it was born and grew up, the Earth Dragon had lost some fights, but it had never lost with its physical strength.

It was also unwilling to submit to Liu Yan and insisted on defeating Liu Yan using physical strength.

The Earth Dragon did not believe that the physical strength that it was proud of would lose to a puny human.

The battle between the human and the beast was going on intensely.

There were no complicated moves, no fancy attacks, only pure physical close combat.

No one gave way, no one took a step back, and they faced each other head-on.

Liu Yan did not dodge Earth Dragons attack.

Two fists struck out at the same time.

The attacks of Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon landed at the same time.

Liu Yan took a step back, and the Earth Dragon also took a step back.

They were equally matched in terms of strength.

Liu Yan also felt great pressure at this moment.

Although he was equally matched with the Earth Dragon, it would be a battle of attrition.

Liu Yan was more confident in his physical strength and endurance, he was still incomparable to the Earth Dragon who had the dragon bloodline.

But if the battle dragged out, Liu Yan knew that he would definitely exhaust his stamina first.

However, at this moment, Liu Yans punch directly triggered the critical strike effect.

Initially, they were evenly matched, but Liu Yans punch directly triggered the Dark Rangers critical strike effect.

Under the triple damage, the huge Earth Dragon took a few steps back after being punched by Liu Yan!


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