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In the restaurant.

Liu Yan was eating while listening to the conversation of the professional miners at the table.

“Have you heard One of Old Lius went missing in the mine yesterday.

He suddenly disappeared.

They dont even know when he disappeared.”

“Really Was it just an accident”

“Something is very wrong.

Old Zhangs man also fell in the mine and is an experienced miner.

Many accidents happened in the mine recently.”

“It seems that what they said about the ghosts is true.

I heard that the mine has been haunted recently.

There are even women crying and screaming in the depths of the mine.

Its terrifying!”

“Something strange happened in the mine recently.

I think we should mine less and find other jobs.

We cant throw our lives away just to earn money.”

“Yeah, the other teams have stopped mining for a long time, and only our teams are still mining recently.”

“Its quite mysterious that its haunted.

Also, there arent many ores left in the shallow parts of the mines.

Sadly, there are all kinds of accidents in the deeper parts.

I think we should stop too.”


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Liu Yan listened to their conversation, and combined with the information of some people at the other tables, he had a rough understanding of the current situation of the Western Mine.

First of all, most of the shallow mines had been mined, and only the deep mines still had ores.

However, the mines had been haunted recently.

From time to time, people would hear womens cries and babies screams.

In addition to the frequent incidents, many miners were afraid to go to the mines.

Liu Yan frowned slightly, but he did not believe in these rumors.

Following that, Liu Yan finished his meal, paid the bill, and left.

Following the direction pointed out by the waitress, he found a few shops and began to buy mining equipment.

Liu Yans set of equipment was A-grade.

Even though it was an assassins leather armor and did not have impressive defense ability, it was still an A-grade set.

Compared to the mining equipment, the defense of this assassin set was still ahead by many grades.

Liu Yan bought several mining lamps and some food.

Finally, he bought a few pickaxes in case he could use them.

In any case, Liu Yan had the spatial ring.

He could buy more for a rainy day, so it wasnt troublesome to bring them.

He just threw them into the spatial ring and didnt delay anything.

Then, Liu Yan noticed a map of the mine here and was slightly surprised.

“Boss, is this map accurate” Liu Yan asked.

The Western Mine covered a large area, with tens of thousands of mines.

Without a map, it would be more troublesome for Liu Yan to enter.

He didnt expect there to be a map for sale here.

The boss was a middle-aged man.

He looked at Liu Yan when he heard that.

He smiled faintly and said, “Of course its accurate.

However, the mine hasnt been peaceful recently, so it hasnt been updated for a while.

It was a month ago.

The shallow mines are definitely accurate, but the deep ones are not so.

Young man, youre still young, so you probably dont know the situation around the mine recently.

Its been haunted recently, and people have been having accidents every day.

I advise you to be careful.

Its best not to enter at this time.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Yan realized that the map of Su Rian Mine hadnt been updated.

It was a month ago, but it was enough to use.

As for the deep mine, Liu Yan could use his A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, to see the terrain and use it in a small area.

Besides, he could use a map in a larger area.

As for the bosss persuasion, Liu Yan knew that the boss was doing it for his own good.

However, Liu Yan had come here for cultivation.

Without obtaining the ice chalcedony, Liu Yan would definitely not leave.

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In addition, Liu Yan was also quite confident in his strength, so he was naturally not very worried.

“Thank you for your concern, boss.

I know about the current situation in the mine.

Ill dig some mines at the shallow level.” Liu Yan lied to the boss, bought a map, and left.

It was dusk now, and the mine at night was more dangerous.

Moreover, it had not been peaceful recently, so the miners did not dare to dig at night.

Therefore, some miners came out of the mine at dusk.

On the other hand, Liu Yan went straight into the mine with a pickaxe.

On the way, many miners saw Liu Yan and persuaded him not to enter the mine at night.

Liu Yan understood that they were being kind, so he smiled and lied to them, saying that he was only looking for someone at the shallow level and would come out soon.

They didnt know Liu Yan, so they wouldnt pay much attention to Liu Yan.

As Liu Yan continued to go deeper into the mine, he soon didnt meet any more miners, and the surroundings gradually became quiet.

Recently, a few miners had been going into the mine, and those few miners even went out.

At this time, the mine was extremely quiet, and Liu Yan couldnt even see a single living person in the surroundings.

Liu Yan followed the map, went to the latest mine, and then went deeper.

According to the miners conversation, these mines were newly created and relatively deep.

But at the same time, this place had been haunted recently and was also a disaster area.

These mines were haunted heavily, and the nearby mines also had affected.

Liu Yan didnt believe this, so he directly went deeper.

As he went deeper into the mine, Liu Yan was somewhat surprised that the mines here were also emptied.

Liu Yan frowned slightly, feeling that something was not right.

It was normal for the mines in the upper part to be emptied.

After all, it was a shallow layer, and many miners could pick the ore up.

But the place where Liu Yan was now at the deepest part of the mine.

In addition to the recent trouble, fewer miners entered the mine, so nobody else had reached here.

Even if a very small number of miners did come here, they were not able to mine too many ores.

However, Liu Yan could see that the ores here had long been emptied.

Moreover, looking at the traces, it was obvious that there had been many ores before.

Furthermore, it seemed that those ores were not mined by a pickaxe.

No matter what kind of pickaxe it was or how it was mined, it would always be more orderly.

However, Liu Yans eyes saw there were potholes and hollows.

From the looks of it, it was as if some animal had used its teeth to take away those ores…

The more Liu Yan looked at it, the more he felt that it was strange, and he couldnt help but become cautious.

Although he did not believe in those ghosts and monsters, Liu Yan also understood that those things couldnt happen out of the blue, and there must be a reason behind them.

Liu Yan immediately activated his A-class skill, Omniscient Insight, and continued to delve deeper.

At the same time, Liu Yan also used his B-grade skill Traceless Silence just to be safe.

Instantly, the sound of Liu Yans footsteps and breathing disappeared.

Even the sound of his heartbeat and blood flow were miraculously controlled to an extremely low tone.

Liu Yan then put away the map.

Liu Yan had Omniscient Insight, so he could clearly sense everything within a hundred-meter radius.

Even if he could not see, he could feel the situation around him.

Naturally, he did not need the mining lamp.

For a time, the entire mine was extremely quiet.

Occasionally, Liu Yan could hear water dripping from the underground.

Other than that, there was no other sound.

Liu Yan maintained his silence and slowly went deeper into the mine.


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