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Turin Assassination Set

Weapon Academys Treasure Room.

The simple and unadorned treasure room didnt have a gorgeous appearance.

In fact, it even looked a little ugly.

In terms of appearance, there was no consideration for any aesthetics at all.

It was rather simple and crude.

However, Liu Yan noticed that the structure of the entire treasure room was extremely special, and even extremely precise.

With special materials and special structure, the entire treasure room seemed to be extremely sturdy, capable of withstanding high-level attacks.

Liu Yan sighed inwardly.

It was the treasure room of the Weapon Academy after all.

It was very similar to the style of the Weapon Academy.

It didnt consider aesthetics at all, and only considered practicality.

However, even if it didnt consider aesthetics, because the entire treasure room was incomparably huge, it looked like a huge specially-made metal box from the outside.

It still looked incomparably spectacular.

Liu Yan entered and went to the equipment exchange office.

He handed in his smart wristband.

The number of exchanges on it disappeared.

The staff also let Liu Yan choose the equipment on the display screen.

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Liu Yan flipped through the equipment and started searching.

There were many types of B-ranked equipment.

Cloth armour, light armour, leather armour, heavy armour, plate armour, and so on.

Equipment of the same level had different characteristics.

They had their own strengths and weaknesses.

According to classess, although Liu Yans strength and vitality attributes were extremely shocking, even if he chose warrior or tank typed equipment, which was heavy armour or plate armour, it wouldnt be a problem.

But heavy armour and plate armour, in the end, mainly added various aspects of defence attributes.

Liu Yan had the S-ranked skill, Sonic Speed.

In addition to his high agility and the Night Rangers extremely nimble movement technique, his entire person was extremely nimble.

As for the defence attribute, Liu Yan did not have much of a need for it.

Currently, he had enough of it.

In addition to the fact that Liu Yan was so nimble, it was actually very difficult for him to be hit by his opponent.

There was no need for him to further strengthen his defence attribute.

Moreover, in terms of defence, Liu Yan still had an A-ranked skill, Counter Storm.

Being able to enter an absolute defence state, his defence would instantly increase several times.

Of the remaining types of equipment, the one that suited Liu Yan the most was undoubtedly leather armour.

Leather armour was also the type of equipment that suited assassins and night rangers the most.

Aside from being a B-ranked leather armour equipment, Liu Yan also wanted something that was a whole set, there were not many options left.

In the end, there were only three sets of equipment that he could choose from.

In the end, Liu Yans gaze landed on one of the sets.

[ Turin assassin set (B-ranked)]

The various attributes of the equipment were not bad.

The reason why Liu Yan was so interested in it was because of the set bonus.

It could increase the critical strike rate.

Although the increase was very little, only 5%, it was still not bad.

In reality, the other two sets of equipment were not inferior to the Turin assassin set bonus in all aspects.

The other equipments even had some active skills, so the set bonus effect was not bad.

However, Liu Yans strength was already extremely strong, so the additional skills were not of much use to Liu Yan.


On the contrary, the Turin Assassins set bonus increased the critical strike chance, which was extremely useful to Liu Yan.

Although it was only 5%, that was only for now.

Liu Yan could still use divine extraction to increase his level.

He believed that after upgrading the Turin Assassins set bonus, the critical strike chance would increase by a lot.

The current Liu Yan was very eager to increase the critical strike chance.

Liu Yans own critical strike chance was 10%, and the S class weapon night edge had a 20% critical strike chance, adding up to 30%.

The probability was not low, but it was not high either.

On the other hand, Liu Yans attack power was very powerful.

As long as he triggered a critical strike, he could triple the damage.

It was very terrifying.

In addition, he had just obtained the S-ranked skill, Fire Sickle Dance.

He could instantly deal multiple bursts of damage, and each burst of damage could be a critical hit.

If the critical hit rate was increased, Liu Yans combat power would increase several times.

Without a doubt, increasing the critical hit rate was what Liu Yan needed the most at the moment.

“This Turin assassin set,”Liu Yan said to the staff.

“Okay, please wait a moment!”

Not long after, a Turin assassin set appeared in Liu Yans hands.

Being leather armour, even a whole set of equipment was not very heavy.

Liu Yan took the Turin assassin set and returned to his sports car to check it out.

[ Turin Assassins leather armour chest plate ]

Level: B

Category: Leather Armor

Effects: Physical Defense 400, Magic Defense 500, Agility 480, Strength 240

[ Turin Assassins leather armour shoulder plate ]

[ Turin Assassins leather armour leg plate ]

[ Turin Assassins leather armour boot plate ]


There were a total of seven pieces of equipment.

Although the various bonuses were not much, they were not little either.

When the seven pieces of equipment were added together, the various attributess were already quite a lot.

The most eye-catching part was still the set bonus, which was also the reason why Liu Yan chose this set of equipment.

[ Turin Assassins set bonus ]: Increases critical strike chance by 5%, agility by 10%, stance by 10%

Liu Yan used divine extraction on each piece of Turin Assassins equipment.

White light enveloped each piece of equipment, and notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of Turin Assassins leather chest plate successful (B-ranked) Congratulations on obtaining Turin Assassins leather chest plate (A-ranked)! ]

[ Divine Extraction of Turin Assassins leather armour chest plate successfully (B-ranked) Congratulations on obtaining Turin Assassins leather armour back plate (A-ranked)! ]

[ Divine Extraction of Turin Assassins leather armour shoulder plate successfully (B-ranked) Congratulations on obtaining Turin Assassins leather armour shoulder plate (A-ranked)! ]


It did not take long for the seven pieces of equipment in front of Liu Yan to be completely new.

The pitch-black equipment did not even reflect any light.

After all, it was a leather armour set that suited assassins, and it was extremely suitable for the job class of an assassin.

It gave up the flashy appearance and focused on practicality.

With this kind of equipment, there was no need to deliberately hide during night operations.

It would probably have a good hiding effect.

Liu Yan immediately checked the effects of the new equipment.

[ Turin Assassins leather chest plate ]

Level: B


Class: Leather Armor

Effect: Physical Defense 800, Magic Defense 1,000, Agility 980, Strength 340

[ Turin Assassins leather shoulder plate ]

[ Turin Assassins leather leg plate ]

[ Turin Assassins leather boots ]


The attributes of a single piece of equipment had increased a lot.

Now, with a Turin assassin set and seven pieces of equipment, the combination of attributes was already very impressive.

Liu Yans various attributes were already extremely exaggerated to begin with.

After such an increase, he had directly increased his attributes by nearly half.

A few of his attributes had even exceeded 10,000.

It was extremely exaggerated.

He was clearly only level 19, but his terrifying various attributes and the addition of his equipment had already exceeded 10,000.

If Liu Yan remembered correctly, even if an ordinary awakened one reached level 40, it would be impossible for them to achieve such a feat.

This also meant that even if Liu Yan did not rely on any powerful skill, just with his equipment and his terrifying attributes, his combat power had already surpassed that of a normal level 40 awakened one.

It was extremely exaggerated.

Liu Yan was even clearer that other than the various attribute points that the Turin assassination set bonus provided, the most eye-catching effect was still the set bonus.

Liu Yans face was filled with anticipation as he quickly checked the set bonus of the Turin assassination set.


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