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A Big Gift

In the parking lot of the Combat Techniques Academy, Liu Yan alighted from his luxurious sports car.

Looking around, he saw that the Combat Techniques Academy had a large number of students.

The overall scale of the academy was much larger, and its grandeur was magnificent.

The Command Academy from before was filled with a mysterious feeling, while the buildings were more complex and mysterious.

However, the Combat Techniques Academy was different.

The architectural style was simple, but it was grand and domineering, filled with spirit.

After all, it was the academy with the largest number of students out of the four great academies of the Lighthouse Academy.

Its scale was huge, and it occupied a vast area.

Compared to the quietness of the command academy, the Combat Techniques Academy was much noisier.

On a few training grounds in the distance, a large number of academies were carrying out various types of training.

There were all sorts of combat techniques, endurance training, and combat training.

Even though they were so far away, the roars from the training could still be clearly heard.

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“Training is really tiring.

These people must have put in a lot of sweat in order to display their strength.”Liu Yan sighed.

Then, Liu Yan stopped paying attention and walked toward the vice principals office.

After all, this had nothing to do with Liu Yan.

Liu Yan didnt need too much training.

He could quickly increase his strength through divine extraction.

Compared to the rapid increase in strength brought about by the divine extraction, Liu Yan did not think much of this small increase in strength after training.

Arriving at the vice principals office, Liu Yan knocked on the door and entered.

At this moment, Shi Tian was reprimanding a few of the academies.

Compared to Shi Tians usual carefree and forthright personality, he had a serious look on his face at this moment.

Shi Tian looked at the few students in front of him, his face flushed red.

He did not hold back as he scolded, “All of you are old students.

You have been in my Combat Techniques Academy for a few years.

Your strength has risen so slowly and you want to enter the higher levels of the tower If you guys go, you will be sending yourselves to your deaths.

If you go, you will also be embarrassing our Combat Techniques Academy.

If you guys are like this, you might as well not go.

You can just go back home and farm!”

The few old students being scolded dared not to raise their heads and remained silent.

Shi Tian, who was scolding them, saw Liu Yans figure at the door.

His expression changed and his face was filled with joy.

“Alright, alright, you guys, go back and train well.

Remember, if you dont have the talent, you have to work twice as hard.

If you cant work twice as hard, you have to work three or four times as hard.

As long as you dont die from training, you have to train hard.

Leave, leave, dont stand in the way!” Shi Tian waved his hand and said.

The few students immediately left as if pardoned.

At this time, Shi Tian came in front of Liu Yan with a smile on his face and said politely, “Liu Yan, youre here.

Hows your new life these days What have you been training recently”

“I havent been training,”Liu Yan said casually.

Shi Tian was stunned, but he didnt care.

He smiled and said, “Thats normal.

For a genius like you, usual trainings might not lead to much improvement.

Its good to train less, so you can relax and enjoy your life!”

The few academies that had just walked out of the door heard Shi Tians sudden change in expression and words.

They were taken aback and looked at Liu Yan with envy.


It was good to be talented.

Not only did he avoid scoldings from the vice principal, he even got praised for not training!

However, these few students also understood that there was nothing they could do.

They were not as talented.

They could only leave helplessly.

Shi Tian politely pulled Liu Yan to sit down in the office and started chatting.

“Liu Yan, I have great trust in your strength.

You must be extremely powerful.

However, are there any areas that you are lacking in I can help you to improve.” Shi Tian smiled and said.

Liu Yan thought for a while and nodded slightly, “Assassins job skill.

There is nothing else that I am lacking in.”

“Thats easy.”Shi tian smiled and said, “Ill give you a high-level skill, and an A-ranked Assassins skill.

Learn it well, and tell me if you need anything later.”

Hearing that, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Shi Tian was so rich, giving him an A-ranked skill right away.

An A-ranked skill was already extremely rare, and its value was extremely expensive.

Furthermore, Liu Yan had the divine extraction.

As long as he obtained an A-ranked skill book, he would be able to directly level up to S-rank.

This would greatly increase Liu Yans combat power.

Immediately after, Liu Yan hesitated for a moment before asking, “Can I have a few more One isnt enough.”

Shi Tian was stunned when he heard this, and his expression immediately became a little awkward.

A-ranked skill books were extremely rare and expensive.

Even if he was the vice principal of the Combat Techniques Academy, it would still take a lot of time to create an A-ranked skill book.

For normal students, even if they were geniuses with great talent, it would already be good enough if they were able to obtain a C-ranked skill.

A B-ranked skill was already their peak.

He immediately offering Liu Yan an A-ranked skill book was good enough, but he did not expect Liu Yan to be discontented.

Shi Tians expression suddenly became slightly serious.

“Liu Yan, an A-ranked skill book is already very good, very rare.

I have already used a lot of authority to give it to you.

Also, its not that I dont want to give it to you.

Learning a skill takes a very long time.

I know that you have great talent.

You may be able to learn a skill faster than normal people, but this is an A-ranked skill.

This will take you some time to learn.

You cant bite off more than you can chew.

You should choose a powerful A-rank skill and learn it well first.”

According to Shi Tians experience, even a genius student would need about a week to learn a C-ranked skill.

To learn a B-ranked skill, one would need about a month to master it.

As for an A-ranked skill, it would take at least three months.

The higher the level of the skill, the more complicated it would be, and the more difficult it would be to learn.

As for higher-levelled skills, many of the awakened ones might not be able to learn them in their entire lives.

And these were only the initial stages of mastery.

If one wanted to use them in actual combat, one would need at least three times the time to master them.

This way, the time required would be much, much longer.

Shi Tian had given Liu Yan an A-rank skill when Liu Yan first arrived because he had taken into consideration that Liu Yans talent was very good.

Liu Yan might have the opportunity to learn an A-ranked skill in a short amount of time.

He did not expect Liu Yan to be so greedy, unsatisfied with one A-ranked skill and wanting more.

When Liu Yan heard this, he understood Shi Tians concerns.

Shi Tian was worried Liu Yan might learn too many skills and end up not being able to master any of them.

Shi Tian was hoping that Liu Yan would learn a skill well first, and then learn more.

However, Liu Yan had the divine extraction, so there was no need for him to worry.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan grinned, he smiled and said, “Hey, dont worry, vice principal Shi.

I learn skills very quickly.

How about this, if I can master this new A-rank skill by the time I come over next week, can you give me some more good skills”

As Liu Yan said this, he looked at Shi Tian with anticipation.

Hearing this, Shi Tian was instantly stunned.

Master an A-ranked skill in a week How was this possible

Not to mention mastering an A-ranked skill, a genius might not even be able to understand the skill in a week.

Without thinking, Shi Tian said, “Alright, if you can really do it next week, I will give you a big gift.

I guarantee that you will be satisfied!”


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