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Chapter 30: A Thousand Dollars Each

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“What!” Wang Renbin was startled. He looked at the terrifying figure approaching from far away.

A large number of players died with every step the figure took.

Wang Renbins heart shook immensely when he saw this scene.

Since the major Boss, the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain, appeared here, it undoubtedly meant that the other party had killed Wang Cheng and the rest of the group.

Those people were the elite players that the Wang family had focused their efforts on nurturing.

He would not have the right to mobilize them if he had not been from the main branch of the Wang family.

Now, they had all been killed on this battlefield.

Wang Renbin was incredibly anxious when he saw Qin Shujian walking toward the direction of the Core Token.

The losses he had incurred were unrecoverable.

He would lose everything if he failed to obtain the Core Token now.

“Please step in and block the path of the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain. If I can successfully obtain the Core Token, the Wang family will give you 1,000 dollars every time you die. You can claim it from anyone in the Wang family after the deed is done.”

“Ill guarantee it with my status as a member of the Wang familys main branch. Ill not go back on my word!” When he said those words, the players who had been indecisive immediately had a glimmer in their eyes.

One thousand dollars for every death!

The money could not come any easier.

Most of the players were ordinary people.

Even though 1,000 dollars wasnt a huge sum of money, the allure of obtaining 1,000 dollars with every death was too great.

They considered Wang Renbins words, as well as the status and influence of the Wang family.

It wasnt very likely that the other party would go back on his words under such a situation.

Furthermore, the players could respawn after they died. Almost all of them were at Martial Entry-Level Zero anyway. It meant that dying didnt cost them any capital.

Since that was the case, the rest of the players immediately and swarmed toward Qin Shujian.

Seeing this, Wang Renbin secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

He then glanced at the progress bar.

“There are six minutes left!” Wang Renbin felt a little more at ease when he saw the swarm of players and Qin Shujian, who was unleashing a massacre within the mob.

The Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain was tens of meters away from where he was.

There was an endless stream of players between the two of them.

Even though Wang Renbin didnt think that they could fight against the major Boss with the players in front of him, they should have no problems delaying Qin Shujian for six minutes.

No matter what, his priority was to obtain the Core Token successfully.

Wang Renbin would retreat immediately after he obtained the token.

With this many players obstructing the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftains path, Wang Renbin didnt think that the other party would be able to catch up to him.

He didnt think that the other party could do anything to him after he left the village.

No matter how weak he was.

What could Qin Shujian do to him after he obtained the token As long as he didnt drop the token, the item would still belong to him when he respawned.

Now, Wang Renbin could only hope that the value of the Core Token wasnt too low.

However, according to his estimates, it was very probable that the Core Token was the means to control the Starter Village.

On the other side, Qin Shujian could naturally see the bronze token that was suspended in the air, as well as Wang Renbin, who was standing within the ring of light.

A wave of killing intent rose in his heart when he saw the other players swarming toward him.

He did not say anything, nor did he stop in his tracks.

Only one thing could be seen.

The sharp blade of light that was shot out from the Tiger Head Blade.

When he displayed the transformed Black Tiger Blade Technique to its fullest power, a black tiger that was several meters long appeared in the air. The roar of the tiger shook everyone within a ten-mile radius.

Countless players scattered with every step he took

Qin Shujian looked at the endless stream of players who had come to die. He suddenly had an epiphany deep within his heart.

As it turned out, he had already become powerful to such an extent.

He, who had been fearful every time he heard the word “player” in the past, now viewed the players as livestock.

Even though a few players could occasionally break past the blade of light and land an attack on Qin Shujians body, they couldnt cause any harm.

The bronze skin he obtained and the Martial Entry-Level Seven raised his defensive capabilities to a terrifying level.

These players who were not even Martial Entry-Level One werent able to inflict any damage on him unless they were wielding a divine weapon.

“How can we fight him!”

“We cant even break through his defenses!”

Several players mourned in their hearts as they witnessed this scene.

The premise of being able to kill a Boss with their numbers advantage was that they had to be able to break through the Bosss defense.

If they couldnt even break through the Bosss defense, then it was going to be a futile effort no matter how many people they sent.


The Bosss health bar wouldnt deplete if they couldnt break through the Bosss defense. They would just be scratching the itch of the other party no matter how hard they fought.

As a large number of players fell in battle, the Life Value that Qin Shujian had exhausted just now started to increase at a rapid rate.


It instantly reached an astronomical 700 points.

This was the most number of points of Life Value that Qin Shujian had ever gotten.

In the face of these 700 Life Value points, a plus sign appeared behind every technique in his arsenal, including the Bodyforge Manual.

Without hesitation, Qin Shujian immediately directed his will to the Bodyforge Manual.

Then, he saw his Life Value plummet like a tide.

Following that, his face started to contort in intense pain. However, he managed to suppress the pain with his willpower that he had honed to its utmost limits.


A powerful aura erupted from Qin Shujians body. A few players who were too close to Qin Shujian were caught off guard and sent flying backward by the aura emitted from his body.


The other players could not help but become incredibly shocked when they saw this.

This was

Did he level up


All of the players could not stop themselves from cursing in their hearts.

The major Boss, the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain, was already difficult enough to deal with. His abilities would become even more terrifying now that he leveled up.

If this was the case, there was no way that they could fight against Qin Shujian.

Indeed, after his stage leveled up, Qin Shujians abilities became even more terrifying. A fierce power swelled up from his body, and green veins popped out from his arms. They looked like dragons and were incredibly frightening.

“Cleave!” A long blade cleaved forward following that cry.


A cold gleam pulsed above the blade, and it immediately cleared the three-meter-area in front of Qin Shujian off any players and left behind a jarring imprint of the blade on the ground.

This scene scared the rest of the players so much that they remained motionless where they stood.

Qin Shujian didnt care too much about these players. He continued his path toward Wang Renbin. The players who were standing motionless in his wake were all reduced to a ray of white light before scattering into the surroundings.

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“Quick, stop him!” Wang Renbins face had turned green. He quickly ordered the elites of the Wang family that were guarding the area around him.

Hearing this, a dozen players that were left did not dare to hesitate. They charged toward Qin Shujian.

Wang Renbin saw that there was only a minute or so left. He was incredibly anxious.

He did not expect Qin Shujians abilities to be so incredibly powerful.

Even tens of thousands of players had been unable to stop Qin Shujian in his tracks.

He was about to succeed, but the other party was now less than ten meters away from where he was.

Wang Renbin could even faintly sense the sharp edge of the blade in Qin Shujians hand.

Finally, when the progress bar froze with thirty seconds left, a muscular figure stood in front of Wang Renbin. A ferocious aura assaulted him and caused him to tremble involuntarily.


Even though Wang Renbin felt indignant, the blade that brought along a string of explosions in the air had been brought down toward him.

There were no obstructions.

Nor was there any resistance.

Wang Renbins field of vision turned black as he saw the last seconds of the timer. His body had turned into a ray of white light and vanished. All that was left at where he stood was a sword made out of refined steel.

Qin Shujian stepped into the ring of light.

Instantly, a system notification appeared.



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