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“It’s not for me, but for your stepmother.”


“Arrange a grave in advance for your mother, who’s been struggling all the time since she trusted me and married me.

Her wish is to be buried in a grave.

She scattered her parents’ ashes somewhere in the mountain, but it was redeveloped, and they disappeared.”


“She said it was too scary.

She wants to be buried properly somewhere.

I wanted to grant her that wish when we got married… I’m asking my son to do it because I think it’s going to take a long time for me.

In case this father can’t do it, really just in case, my son will remember and accept her request.



His father spoke in a way different than usual.

It was as if he wanted the words he was saying to touch his son’s heart.

Woo-hyun couldn’t say that he would do it, even out of courtesy.

He could even lie if he needed to, but it was difficult to say empty words on a day like today.

Although he was living with his stepmother, their relationship was not very good.

He didn’t hate or mistreat her, but even when they were together, they didn’t speak properly to each other.

Although his mother served him every meal, she was a person who didn’t give him a single word of warmth.

Since she came to his place and he had a son, she took care of him so that she wouldn’t be criticized; but she was firm in drawing the line that she wouldn’t give him affection.

Woo-hyun didn’t resent her, but he didn’t feel thankful towards her either.

It was just such a vague relationship.

The kind of relationship that they couldn’t promise they would do anything together in the future.

But his father told him to sign a grave contract for his mother.

It was as if his stepmother had asked him to take responsibility for her memorial service and all the aftermath when she died.

Suddenly, he remembered the enormous amount of money he saw in the pamphlet.

It was such a big amount that he wondered if he could indeed make it.

He didn’t really feel like it anyway.

The father looked at his silent son’s face for a long time, but when he didn’t get the answer he wanted, he lowered his eyes in disappointment.

“Woo-hyun, that’s your father’s wish.”


“For you and Eun-soo to be healthy, and to contract a grave for your mother.”


“Can’t you do that”

“Why are you saying that all of a sudden”

“I’m trying to set this up in advance.

You never know what is going to happen to someone.”


“So please accept this request.”

His father’s wrinkled eyes were filled with sincerity.

Woo-hyun let go of his unnecessary stubbornness at his father’s that it was his wish.

Although he had nothing to give him, although he was poor and lacked confidence to the point that he had nothing to learn from him, he was grateful to his father for not abandoning him in his difficult situation and somehow giving him food to eat.

“… Alright.”

It was not written on a document, nor did he get it notarized, but his son’s single word made the father’s old face break out in a smile.


That’s it.

That’s it.”

As if he had finished what he had to do, his father laughed with a relieved face.

And he kept repeating, ‘Yeah, yeah.’, as if he was satisfied.

His father drank a few more glasses of soju before falling asleep with his back to him.

For a long time, Woo-hyun looked at his father’s coarse skin, which was like a giant tree, that could be seen beyond his stretched undershirt.

That was the last appearance he saw of his father.

Shortly afterwards, his father died in a car accident, and his body was only checked by his stepmother due to it being wretched.

How terrible it was that his stepmother, who came out after seeing his father’s appearance, passed out after letting out a horrible shriek and had to be carried on a stretcher, and Eun-soo, who was insisting that she wanted to see her father, gave up after witnessing that.

After that, Woon-hyun entered the organization, earned money to pay off his debts, and then went to the memorial park with the remaining money to make a contract for one spot.

It was not because he was a filial son that wanted to fulfill his father’s last wish that was rooted in his heart, nor was it because he felt sorry for his stepmother, who was left alone.

He just made more money than expected, and since he made a promise, all he had to do was keep it.

So that he could face his father, who was waiting for him, after he died.

His stepmother was embarrassed and grateful that he had signed a grave contract for her.

Eun-soo, who was close to tears, ominously asked why it was a grave, and his stepmother stopped her by saying, ‘If your child buys you a grave, you will live a long life.’.

She looked frightened, as if the grave contract would be cancelled.

His stepmother came to the grave he had contracted only twice.

Once, it was to see the place when they came to make the contract.

And the next time was to bury her daughter in her grave.

Despite her acquaintances’ dissuasion that children should not be buried in their parents’ grave, his mother insisted like a crazy person and turned into Eun-soo’s grave.


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