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Fighting in The Dungeon

“So this is the Demon Dog Dungeon.”

The scene unfolds before you as soon as you enter the entrance.

It was a cave-like place with bare rock surfaces.

We came to a D-rank dungeon, the Demon Dog Dungeon.

This dungeon boasts 15 levels to the boss’s room is incomparably larger than F- and E-rank dungeons.

Even if you make it to the boss room in the shortest distance, it is said to take two hours, and even if you make it to the boss room, the boss is a strengthened C-rank monster.

For me, it would be the first time to fight a C-rank monster.

“Well, let’s just keep going.”

On the train, I start walking toward the boss room with a notebook that describes the route to the boss room.

I could remember the routes to the boss rooms of ranks F and E without writing them down because the route was simple, but it was impossible to memorize the route for 15 floors.

So I proceeded carefully with my notebook and was lucky enough to make it to the fifth level without encountering any monsters.

“Phew, so far so good.”

I was careful on the way.

I couldn’t use one hand because I was holding my notebook, but no problems occurred.

“It’s a big dungeon, isn’t it”

The Demon Dog Dungeon is just so large and intricate.

If I didn’t have a notebook with the route that I write.

I’ll probably get lost.


I saw a monster standing on two legs at the very end of the passage was just a straight line.

Thanks to my improved eyesight because of the [Hawk’s Eye], I can see the monster.

“So that’s kobold.


Kobold is a D-rank monster that appears in this dungeon.

As this dungeon name suggests, kobolds are bipedal monsters with dog heads, and they attack with their strong bodies and sharp claws and fangs.

Because of its canine head.

It also has a keen sense of smell and hearing, making it a troublesome enemy that cannot be taken by surprise.

Also, its high attack power because kobolds will notice you first and surprise you.

However, I was able to notice them first, and kobolds haven’t noticed me yet.

“First to notice ……[Lock-On].”

I quickly put my notebook in the [Item Box], ready the bow on my back, and clipped the arrow I made with [Magic Arrow] to the bow.


Then I shot before it noticed!

My arrow flew through the air with a sound that cuts through the air.

And then it hit kobold in the neck as aimed.

“No way!”

What a surprise.

The kobold noticed my attack and quickly turned himself around to evade it.


I didn’t think it could avoid an attack from that distance.

Moreover, the kobold is running toward us with his head low, perhaps wary of an attack on his neck.


“You ain’t gonna be able to avoid my attack.”

The arrow that just missed flies from behind the approaching kobold.

My attack, which is now a must-hit with the [Lock-On] skill, will never miss.

An arrow pierces kobold’s neck from behind kobold’s blind spot, who is unaware of this.

“Gaagh ……”

The arrow pierces the kobold, and it stops moving at the same time as it lets out a short cry.

I say it hasn’t fallen yet, but I don’t think I can take him down with one shot from the start.

I shot the arrow at the kobold that has stopped moving.

The arrow pierced kobold’s forehead.

And this time kobold ran out of power and fell to its knees.


I didn’t get any higher level, but I was able to deal with the kobold, a D-rank monster.

Besides, I found that I could defeat it with two [magic arrows], and that’s the best result I could think of.


But I still wish I could have killed it with a single blow like I did with the F- and E-rank monsters.”

Well, I still managed to defeat it in two strikes without injury, so that’s all right!

I collect kobold’s magic stone and walk to the boss room again.

When I encountered the kobold, I took them down again the same way and reached the boss’s room with minimal wear and tear.

“I finally got there.”

It was the shortest distance along the route, but it took me quite a while because it was on the 15th floor.

But the door is open and there’s no one in the boss room.

Well, I’m picking an unpopular place, so I’d better be.

I’m nervous.


This is my first time defeating a boss in a D-rank dungeon.

And it’s a C-rank monster with enhanced status.

Honestly, I don’t think I could win if I fought it head-on, but my victory condition is to use the [Lock-On] skill and then leave the boss room.

“…… Okay! Let’s go!”

I say this to myself and then step inside the boss room.

When I enter the boss room, the door closes as usual.

And instead of going straight ahead, this time I stay near the door so that I can get out of the boss room right away.

Inside the boss, the room is a large space similar to the dungeon of the rock cave.

The only difference is that the room is not lit by natural light, but by torches hung on the walls to ensure brightness.

The boss of this dungeon is a high kobold.

It looks like a kobold, but it is only half the size of a high orc.

However, it is a monster that is small in size and attacks quickly.

Its status has been enhanced, making it even more formidable.


“[Appraisal]! [Lock-On]!”

As soon as the high kobold lets a yell, I immediately activate [Lock-On] to catch it.

I checked its HP with [Appraisal], and the result was 1500 HP, just as I had previously checked.

With this, my preparations are complete.


I shoot an arrow made with [Magical Arrow] at high kobold while dropping back to the door.

The high kobold was faster than the kobold because of its higher rank, and distance, but the arrow did not hit the kobold, and it dodged the arrow once, but the arrow came back and pierced the high kobold’s back.

Then high kobold’s HP drops from 1500 to 1320.

“So the damage is 180.”

I checked the [Lock-On] imbued [Magic Arrow] damage.

This seems to work.



But the high kobold was furious at my attack and instantly closed the distance and swung its sharp claws at me.

I quickly avoided it with a backstep and went straight out of the boss’s room.

“Oh no!”

That was close.

Now it was really bad.

I’m glad I avoided the attack just in time, but if I had reacted a little later, I would have been cut open.

The enhanced high kobold has high agility.

That makes it ridiculously fast.

If I hadn’t had this cheat-like level-up, I might not have been able to see him.

That’s the kind of opponent I’m talking about.

“But this is how I win!”

No matter how fast I am.

No matter how strong I am, as long as it’s the boss, I can’t leave the boss room without becoming a demon-runaway stampede.

In other words, they can’t attack me.

“Well, then, let’s get this over with.”

I again ready the bow on my back, make an arrow with the [Magic Arrow] and grab it to the bow.

Then, I set the bow facing the door and pull the string with all my might.

I can hear a creak coming from the bow.

I had never heard it before, so I guess the bow is breaking now that my level has increased and my status has risen.

Use a weapon of the right level for you.

I didn’t think I would realize that would happen because I wasn’t at the right level, but because the weapon was about to break.

Well, it’s not something I can deal with immediately, and I’ll use it with care.

“Good aim …… shh!”

The target is naturally the door.

I aim the arrow at the boss behind the door.

The arrow goes through the door and into the boss’s room.

Considering that it does 180 damage per shot, that’s still not enough to take down a high kobold with 1500 HP.

I continue to shoot arrows.

I shoot once, twice, and three times without a break.

Then, the ninth time.

That’s it, by my calculations!

-Level increased by 15-


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