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Request Receipt

The day after, I allocate my SP, getting new skills and increasing skill levels.

I was back at the branch office of the Explorers’ Association.

And now I am sitting in front of a computer set at the Explorers’ Association’s entrance.

There were several computers, all separated by wooden partitions.

These are the computers set up by the Explorers’ Association to receive and search for requested quests from companies, groups, and individuals.

This computer has the same scanner as the one in the showcase in the weapons area, and anyone with explorer status can use it to receive requests.

So, the reason I came here today is to take that request.

On this computer, I can see all requests managed by the Explorers’ Association.

So there are only safe requests.

That’s why I won’t be complicit in crime without realizing it, perhaps.

I can’t trust people, so I can’t say for sure.

I heard we can exchange requests online between individuals without the association.

However, some people will try to cheat you out of your money, so basically, they say that it is safer to send your request through the association.

(According to the receptionist).

Well, let’s see.

Let’s see which one is better.

There are different requests type, such as delivering materials from a specific monster or asking to pick up a specified item.

There are also some high-rank requests as escorting researchers who go into dungeons.

To put it simply, the reason I am accepting this request is to earn money.

No, I do not need money, but it’s good to earn money, isn’t it

I spent quite a bit some day ago.

I haven’t done the Dagger of Speed yet, but I’m sure it’ll need some maintenance.

And then, worst-case scenario, I’ll have to fix it.

I honestly can’t imagine how much money I’ll be spending.

I want to make as much money as possible.

Besides, we got some extra items from the requests.

Also, it was getting harder and harder to level up in the Demon Dog Dungeon.

Then, I got the idea to earn money since I have that kind of trouble.

The only requests that I can choose from are those that are up to D rank.

Let’s see what looks good.

The requests also have ranks.

The Explorers’ Association set these ranks the same way as the dungeons.

Just as the Explorers’ Association set the dungeon’s rank, they also set the request ranks from various factors.

Well, you might be able to guess what I’m talking about.

Yes, that’s right, requests above the C rank also require Silver qualification.

Well, it’s only natural, since C-rank and above means that the request requires entering a C-rank dungeon.

At any rate, I scrolled through the screen with the mouse to find a request that looked good.

Let’s see, which ones below D rank request that’s good

Scrolling down, I look at the request’s reward, contents, location, and remarks column.

“Oh This is good, isn’t it”

And as I went through the list of requests, I found the one that looked the best.

The name of the request is “Collect Heal Grass”.

The request was to bring as much of a medicinal herb called Heal grass as possible.

They determine the reward by the number of Heal grass collected.

And after checking, I found the nearest dungeon where I collect Heal grass.

It’s the Fresh Green Dungeon, an E-rank dungeon.

The New Green Dungeon is close and is in a location I can get to today.

I wondered if the reward would be determined by the amount of heal grass I collected, but even so, the new green dungeon in the E rank dungeon would be enough for me.

I don’t want to push myself too hard right now.

What’s more.

“200 yen per bottle.

I can go to this dungeon, and it’s just right.”

The price of a bottle of heal grass has increased quite a bit.

I believe it was about 100 yen if you sold it at the Explorers’ Association.

Considering that, the price is double.

I wondered if there was something behind such a good deal, but I put that thought to rest when I saw the company making the request.

The company making the request was “Astral,” to which Yua also belongs.

The Explorers’ Association is losing credibility, but “Astral” is a well-known company.

They’re not credible per se, but they should be fine.

I mean, if I read the remarks carefully, it says they want me to collect the Heal grass because they need them to make potions to improve their skills.

“I see.

That’s what they meant.”

The reason is sound, and if it’s to raise the level of skills, then it makes sense that there is no specified number to collect.

We can’t use skills satisfactorily just by acquiring them.

Skills are effective only when we use them, and not only the skills themselves but also the person’s mastery over their skills is required.

When I was improving my [Dagger Art] skills, I had to get used to it by using it every day.

For example, as the skill level of [Dagger Art] increases, the sharpness of the swing improves dramatically, and the body can smoothly keep up with your movement.

You will understand how great this is when you try it.

But the time to feel it is when you are doing something related to that skill.

In my case, it’s [Dagger Art] and [Archery].

As you use a skill, you intuitively know what you need to do, or what is easier to do, and it becomes easier to use little by little.

So when I raised the skill levels of [Dagger Art] and [Archery] at once.

My body was sometimes pushed around by the skills for a while.

So, in the end, you have to keep practicing your skills.

If you use them, the skill level doesn’t go up, but your skill mastery improves.

By the way, the Heal grass is used by people who have [Mixing] or [Alchemy] to improve their skills.

Some explorers belong to companies, but it doesn’t matter how much they have for practice.

Heal grass is used for making potions, so it’s considerably in demand, it would end up sold to the association or something.

“Well, I guess that’s it.”

There was nothing strange about it, and I understood why they wanted that much heal grass.

Then I moved the cursor over and hit the accept button for the request.

A message appeared on the screen saying, “The Request Has Been Accepted”.

“Well, then, let’s go.”

In addition, I received a request related to the Fresh Green Dungeon, and I also received a request for a kobold claw, so I accepted it.

As for the request for Kobold claws, I immediately took the kobold claws from the [Item Box] at the reception desk and completed the request.

Then, I headed for the Fresh Green Dungeon.

As for the request for Kobold claws, the reward was 30000 yen for ten claws.

It was unexpectedly expensive.


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