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Outrageous Stuff


“Whew …… I’m so tired today ……”

Honestly, so many things have happened today that I’m already on the verge of a flat tire.

By the time I got home, the sun had turned.

I fell asleep after I took a bath and lay down on my bed.

And when I woke up, I said it was noon.

“Hmmm……… Well, I had to go look for a bow today too, so I can’t go into the dungeon, which is fine, but I feel like I’m missing out.”

It’s nice to sleep until noon, but it feels like a waste because I’ve slept through half the day!

Anyway, let’s think about today.

I was going to buy a bow today, but yesterday’s incident made me realize how immature I am.

“I knew I should buy a bow, but I should also buy a weapon for when they get close to me – I couldn’t do anything if they got close to me yesterday.”

My weapon is a bow, so I want a one-handed weapon that won’t get in the way when I’m not using it.

That narrows the list down considerably.

A two-handed spear is automatically out of the question, and a one-handed sword, the most common weapon used in melee combat, is also likely to get in the way when it’s not in use.

That being the case.

“Maybe a dagger”

I could use the dagger to retrieve magic stones from monsters, so I’m more familiar with it than other weapons.

And, more importantly, it’s small and flexible.

If I’m approached, I’m basically in a posture to shoot an arrow, or I’m simply not fast enough to keep up.

So a dagger, which would also be faster to take out, is best.

“I have money …… for a bow and a dagger.

If I were to buy either one, would it be enough ……”

Right now, about 135,000 yen of money available in my possession.

I could sell the magic stone and materials there as I thought in the dungeon, but even then, there are not many things I can sell, so that’s about 50,000.

The total is 185,000 yen.

On the other hand, a bow and a dagger that would be suitable for my current level would surely exceed 150,000 yen.

“If that’s the case, I should buy the bow first and the dagger later.

But I want a little better because my level will continue to increase.”

When that happens, the price will inevitably go up.

Well, that’s okay, because I’ll save up for the worst there.

It’s ……, but I’m wondering if there’s anything you can sell me that’s a little more.

I’ll check what’s in the [Item Box].

Can’t sell this one.

This one sells.

This one sells.

This one doesn’t sell.

One after another, I check the magic stones and materials in the [Item Box].

“……Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t checked these yet.”

I remembered after checking the white Kobold, a mutant monster, I got an item inside the [Item Box].

Then, I took out the Demon Dog’s Bracelet and the wooden box tSeizou-san gave me.

I went to sleep right after I got back yesterday, so I didn’t have time to check them.

“First things first.”

I open the status screen and manipulate the skills section.


[Appraisal Lv.5]: 70 SP


“I didn’t have enough skill level for appraisal, so I didn’t know to the effect yesterday.

If I can get it up to this level, it’s good.”

If I want to do [Appraisal], I can go to the branch of the Explorers Association.

They will do it for you, but this time I want to reduce the amount of money I have to spend as much as possible.

Even so, if the skill level of [Appraisal] is 5, then the Explorers Association should be looking for people with skill level 5 when they recruit people who could do [Appraisal], so at least now I should know the effect of this.

“Well then, let’s get started.


The first item to be appraised is the Magic Dog’s bracelet.


Bracelet of the Demon Dog

The bracelet is given to those who defeat the kobold mutant monster.

Attack 30%, Agility 30%.

Agility status 30%.


“Oh! That’s pretty good!”

As expected of an item you get when you kill a mutant monster.

The multiplier of the effect is quite high.

People with production skills can make items with similar effects, but it’s hard to get such a high multiplier.

Well, it’s because mutant monsters rarely appear and boast considerable strength that they can provide such a benefit.

“So then, the next one is this crate.”

It looks like a normal wooden box that is as tall as my chest, which is over 170cm tall.

It’s so big that it’s hard to guess what’s in it.

“Hmmm……… Well, I guess I’ll have to open it up for now.

It’s something Seizou-san gave me, so it can’t be anything strange.”

I put my hand on the lid attached to the crate and slowly lifted it.

“Is this a …… bow”

There was a single Western bow in there.

But it wasn’t just any bow.

It was black with the part where the arrow is clutched in white.

And it was of ridiculously high quality, which I could tell by looking at it.

I feel it has a higher quality than the bows I have used up until now.

It also has strong power.



Dragon Tree Bow Lv.1

Bow made from the body of a dragon tree.

Attack power 500

The bow grows with the dragon’s characteristics as it grows with the user.


…… Yeah

There’s something outrageous about it.

“No, this is bad!”

No matter how I think about it, it’s too awesome!

What, what, this performance.

Not to mention it’s made of materials that are bad from the name.

Its attack power is bugged too.

Considering that my broken bow was 50, it’s simply 10 times more.

And the level notation

I’m sure it has something to do with this last effect of growing together, but I’ve never heard of such an effect on a weapon.

This may be someone else hiding it, but still, it’s a significant weapon just because it’s marked as a dragon.

“…… Seizou-san, this is a bit beyond the level of a thank you or something like that.”

I mean, who the heck is Seizou-san that he can easily hand over something like this with a pop

I mean, it’s a dragon, which means it’s at least an A-rank monster.

I can’t imagine the price.

“No, but if I use this, I’ll be able to increase my strength quite a bit…… yeah.

Let’s go ask Seizou-san again later.”

It would be a shame if it was given to me by mistake.

It would have been unfashionable if I had used it later the bow scratched and I had to pay for it.

Let’s leave it in the wooden box for now.

Let’s do that.

If I don’t, my fragile heart will burst.


Level 328

HP: 3290/3290 MP: 2160/2160

Attack Power: 400( 52)

Defense: 350( 12)

Agility: 905( 562)

Dexterity: 505( 152)

Mental Strength: 1045( 712)

Luck: 50

BP: 0

SP: 640

Skills: [Magic Arrow Lv.11] [Archery Lv.5] [Hawk Eye Lv.2] [Item Box Lv.4] [Lock-On Lv.10] [Appraisal Lv.5] [MP Up Lv.5] [MP Recovery Speed Up Lv.5


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