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Asking About The Situation


After confirming that I have defeated the white kobold, open your status to check your HP.

Ugh, I only have 250 HP left.

On top of that, I’m still losing 1 HP every second because I haven’t stopped bleeding.

“I need to recover quickly…”

“Big Brother!!!!!!!”

“Big brother, are you okay!”

“Nii-chan, blood, blood!”

Takuto and the others were running this way.

The most important thing to remember is that I can’t just buy any potion in the dungeon.

I’m glad I bought and stored the potions~.

Without it, I would have beaten the white kobold then I’ll die.

“Oh, this will be fine.

I’ve got the potion.

Takuto, why don’t you use it That guy grabbed you earlier, didn’t he”

I give one of the potions I took out to Takuto.


Thanks, big brother.”

After confirming that Takuto drink it, I opened the lid and drank it.

I opened the lid, poured half of it over the wound on my shoulder, and drank the other half.


The potion soaked into the wound and it hurt.

But it was bearable.

The white kobolds that stabbed me in the shoulder with their claws earlier were much more painful.

But thanks to the potion, my wound on the shoulder gradually closed up and the pain subsided.

I open and close my hand and try to rotate my shoulder.

Okay, it works.

No problem.

I check my HP and it’s back up to 550, and my HP has stopped decreasing, so I should be okay now.

I close my status and stand up.

“Ho, are you sure you’re okay, big brother!”


I used the potion, the wound is closed, the blood has stopped, and I’m fine now.”

I answer while patting Takuto-kun’s head who is asking me worriedly.

And the two others.

Well, and.

“Taku~to~kun And the other two.

Why are you kids in the dungeon”


The three turned pale when they heard my words.

And as if I could hear the sound of surging sound coming from their faces.

“Oh, you know–”

Takuto-kun, a boy and a girl whose names I don’t know explained their reason to me slowly and poorly.

After listening to their explanation, I found it both very silly and very strange.

“So, you guys saw me, an explorer going in bare-handed, so you thought you could enter the dungeon and defeat the monsters if you had some weapons.

Is that what you’re saying”

“”””Yes ……”””

“That’s totally …… too reckless…..

At any rate…….”

The three of them all shunned and drooped at the sound of my stunned voice.

They entered the dungeon when they saw me, who had the bow weapon in my [Item Box], so I can’t be angry at them.

So, putting that aside, I want to ask them something first.

“Well, that’s okay now.

Why are you guys in the dungeon Didn’t the observer stop you”

First, it is strange that three children are in this dungeon.

Every dungeon has an observer, an employee of the explorer association.

That observer is in charge of stopping people who do not have explorer status from entering the dungeon.

The way to check if a person is qualified as an explorer is to use a kind of surveillance camera made by a staff member with the [Magical Tool Creation] skill, while they’re hiding, to monitor the person every day.

So, since they can use it to check faces in the database of the association of explorers, those who are not registered should be immediately found and stopped by the observer.

Well, even if they don’t use such a system this time, there is no way that these kids, who are children, can’t be stopped.

So I wonder why these kids are in the dungeon.

“It’s not like there was anyone there to stop us.”

“Yeah, that’s right! And we were in the dungeon in no time!”

“So far, I’ve only seen big brother in the dungeon.”

“…… I see~……”

What’s that

Since the guards overlooked the children, they should have raised their level so they could at least arrest those who tried to enter.

So there should be no way they missed kids without status.

…… So that means.

“You don’t think there are any An observer.”

I’m puzzled by that thought.

An observer is not only in charge of stopping people who don’t have explorer status but is also in charge of notifying the explorers as soon as something unusual happens in the dungeon.

If there were to be a runaway stampede in the absence of an observer, that would be a terrible thing.

If there is a delay in contacting the association of explorers, the damage will spread and many people may die if there delay in dealing with the situation.

I can’t believe there are no observers with such an important role.

“…… Huh, I was going to preach some more, but let’s get out of the dungeon first.

I have so many things to think about, my head hurts……”


I let out a small sigh and instructed Takuto and the others to head for the exit.

“Oops …… just wait here for a minute.”

I start walking towards the corpse of the white kobold, remembering that I forgot to collect the white kobold’s drop item.

It’s a white kobold, a mutant monster.

If the information is correct, it’s…

I’m nervous.

When I’m in front of the white kobold, I reached out and touched the corpse of the white kobold.


Suddenly, the white kobold starts glowing from where I touched it, turning my vision completely white.

A few seconds later, I feel the light subside, and when I open my eyes, there is a bracelet on top of the white kobold.

I gulp at the strange atmosphere the bracelet gives off.

“Is this the equipment item you get when you defeat a mutant monster ……!”

I had heard that items appear when you defeat a mutant monster, but to come out like this

I stare intently at the bracelet in front of me.

I’m not going to put it on because I don’t know how effective it is, partly because my [Appraisal] skill level is so low.

I put the white kobold and the bracelet in the [Item Box].

I joined Takuto and the others and proceeded to the outside of the dungeon.

Once outside, I would look for the parents of the children and report back to them, and also look for the observer, and whether they’re there or not, I would contact the Explorers’ Association.

Also, I’m going to heal myself, which I couldn’t recover with only the potions I had on hand.

Then, I explained the situation to the staff member from the association.

I don’t want to leave the dungeon anymore.


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