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Chapter 67: Three Graves 30


“Lao Xing, do you have a good routine set in the morning"


Jiang Chao asked in a very uncertain tone, as if he couldn't imagine how someone could go so deep.


Xing Conglian seemed to have guessed early that the problem was within the crime team.

What he did was to rule out the possibility of Zheng Dongdong and Chen’s family reporting the news first, and gave the ICPO police time to pass the news.

After all, if there are really dark creatures such as inner ghosts, they probably can't wait to report to the owner that the game is almost over.


But the question is, who can figure out from the beginning of the game to how to counterattack the opponent at the end It just makes no sense.


Ren Xian was still stunned.

Dynasty pulled out a USB flash drive from his laptop and threw it at him: "This is the surveillance video just now.

I monitored the emotional reaction of your subordinates throughout the process.

Find a micro-expression analyst or something to take a look at it." The young man grinned, showing his cute  white tiger teeth, "No need to thank, this is what I should do."


Looking at the small USB flash drive, not only was it the leader, but Deputy Captain Jiang felt goosebumps all over his body.

He looked at Captain Xing, who was sitting at the table thinking about whether to smoke anymore, and said "Why the hell didn't I realize that your scheming turned out to be so heavy"


"It's all routines, routines." Captain Xing smiled.


Perhaps Xing Conglian's smile was too hateful, and Ren Xian finally woke up.


He stood up solemnly, bowed to the other party, and said, "Thank you very much."


"You're welcome." Xing Cong nodded, and the evil spirit that seemed unpleasant to anyone has long gone.


Ren Xian was looked up and down by him.

He always felt like a prey being watched by a hunter.

A cold chill ran down his spine when, he heard the other party say: "There is a small matter, and I have to trouble you as the team leader." 


It's just a help.

It won't be too troublesome: "Please tell me." He replied.


"Regardless of whether there is a real ghost or not, I also want to ask the leader of the team to pretend to investigate the murder of Fang Zhiming during this period, so as to buy us some time." 


Xing Conglian used the words very politely.


Hearing this, Ren Xian nodded, feeling relieved.

The other party probably just wanted to do the trick.

Let the black hand behind the scenes be confused.

This is of course only a simple effort for him: "No problem, please rest assured."


He said, saluted, and turned to the door.

Prepared to go downstairs to deal with those dirty matters.


When he pressed his hand on the door panel, he suddenly remembered something, and turned around and asked: "Can I take the liberty to ask, you are”


"Captain of the Hongjing City Criminal Police Brigade, Xing Conglian."


Although he knows, this is probably the name of the other party.

And the position, but at that moment, Ren Xian has a feeling of being prevaricated.


He frowned, and in a daze, he saw his young instructor.


The 18-year-old boy hid behind his boss and secretly made a neck-slitting gesture at him.


Ren Xian was frightened, ready to leave without hesitation and vowed not to ask more questions.

Suddenly, he heard the Hongjing City Criminal Police Captain speak again.


"As a team leader, that's really hard for you.

You have to deal with the internal affairs of the crime team and do us a favor."


Ren Xian turned around, always feeling that he had missed something


"With your help, I believe we should be able to solve the case soon."


"Wait, what do you mean"


"Welcome to join the Yongchuan University collective suicide case team." Under the sun, Xing Conglian smiled sincerely.




Ren Xian's figure was in a trace as it disappeared behind the door.


Jiang Chao was a little dissatisfied: "What do you mean, Lao Xing If you want to transfer people we have some.

Going to Interpol to find someone ah!.

Those uncles at top never looked down on us..."


Xing Conglian laughed and said, "Is it ready"




Xing Conglian glanced at Wang Chao.


The boy turned the laptop towards Captain Jiang.


A tragic triple jump video began to play without warning.


Jiang Chao stared at the opposite side blankly, his eyes were slightly blank, but soon, his pupils dilated, his face was stiff, and the surrounding air seemed to become a stagnant entity.


In fact, the video playback time was very short, but it seemed to be stretched infinitely.

It took Jiang Chao nearly half a minute to adapt to the chill all over his body.


This time, Jiang Chao laughed bitterly: "Can't you let the brother calm down first"


"There is no time." Xing Conglian sighed.


"Someone used a website to broadcast student suicide"


"Not only live-streaming suicide, but also live-streaming sex, and they are not just broadcasting, they also use this content to make money."


Jiang Chao took out a cigarette, and when he heard this, he found out that his hands were shaking: "Can't you close this website"


"Ah, in theory, this website has been closed because it is all one-time." Wang Chao interrupted.


The sunshine like voice of the young man made Jiang Chao relieved, as if he had caught some life-saving straw, he hurriedly asked Wang Chao: "You, you have been with Lao Xing for so long, you have good skills, and you can find the IP address of the broadcaster.

Let’s catch them!”


Like rose petals beaten by frost, the young man lowered his head gloomily and explained unhappily: “This is the dark network.

The live broadcaster uses the orion server.

Even the top hackers like Hongke Baike, couldn’t find him.

Unless AI appears.

But that would have to wait for more than ten years”


“Then can you find out who hacked the school surveillance”


Hearing these words, Wang Chao could not help but lie on the table and said weakly: "Please reread what I just said in silence, thank you."


"Then is it okay to regain control of the surveillance"


Wang Chao sighed and used his thumb and pokehis boss and said to Jiang Chao, "Of course it's a trivial matter.

It can be made into a copper wall and iron wall, but he doesn't let me do that."


"Why Lao Xing"


"After all, both deaths were broadcasted live.

It happened at Yongchuan University.

If we close the monitoring system here, can you guarantee that the murderer will not go to other places to commit the crime"


"No, you mean there may be another suicide" Jiang Chao suddenly felt his scalp tingle.


"It's not maybe, it's for sure, and it will happen within 48 hours." As if he was afraid that Jiang Chao would not panic enough, Xing Conglian gave Lin Chen a casual glance, and then continued: "And, according to the trick that the black hand used behind the scenes.

I am afraid that the next live broadcast will be very serious than the previous two”


“Lao Xing, you dont scare me, this is serious.

Is it okay if I use Martial Law in Yongchuan University”


Roughly because of the meaning in Xing Conglian's eyes, Lin Chen pursed his lips, or said, "I suggest you don't do this."


"Why!" The suggestion was rejected twice.

Jiang Chao patted the table and stood up, as if he felt in front of him there were two who are too cold-blooded, and said coldly: "We know that something is going to happen here,  and do we do nothing"


Xing Conglian didn't even speak with Lin Chen.


Seeing the two secretive appearances, Jiang Chao seemed to think of something, and suddenly realized: "In fact, you don't want the black hand behind the scenes to know that you have checked this website and know that something more serious is about to happen" He figured everything out in an instant.

"What did you just say to have the Team Leader Ren pretend to investigate Fang Zhiming's case and If he doesn't pretend, would the behind-the-scenes broadcaster know that his plan is exposed and then give up the next action Why do you have to see some blood to be happy, Wan If something happens, neither of you nor I can bear responsibility!"


Jiang Chao said bitterly, but this kind of persuasion not only affects Xing Conglian, but also Lin Chen is unmoved.


"It is better to face one possibility than to guess what will happen in the face of two possibilities." Lin Chen said.


"Now is not the time to discuss philosophical issues."


"Yes, if we are willing, the black hand behind the scenes may terminate the plan within 48 hours..."


"Why not do it then!"


"Jiang Chao, have you ever thought about it, he is taking such a big risk, even ready to sacrifice the ICPO’s hidden stakes, just to delay a little time, what does this mean"


"This shows that the next live broadcast must make a **ing high and they can make a lot of Money!" Jiang Chao felt that the chill on his skin just now had completely transformed into anger, "This means that many people may die!"


"But there is only one chance like this." Lin Chen tried to use something less scary.

His tone calms the person in front of him.


"Yeah, Lao Jiang, if we don't catch them this time and let them stop, can you guarantee that they don't try to make a bigger ticket next time" Xing Conglian said, "And I promise, they dare to draw this timeline which means that after 48 hours, all the clues we can find will be cleared.

You know there are such a group of people around you, you can’t catch them, and you don’t know when they will commit a crime, this can be much more uncomfortable, for example, choking in the throat."


"But...but now is not the time to be a hero." Probably Xing Conglian's words were too convincing, and Jiang Chao's tone softened.


"Don't worry, we won't risk the lives of students."


"Then what should we do"


"First of all, you have to arrange for manpower to be deployed in Yongchuan University, but we can't be sure that the location of the next live broadcast must be In this school, after all, there is too much noise right now, so it’s best to have people watching the town..."


"And then"


"Then I don't know." Xing Conglian spread his hands and said, "We don't have any obvious clues for now."


It's like knowing there is a bomb that is going to explode, but between you and it, there is an endless swamp.


Xing Conglian continued: "It takes a lot of time to investigate the social relationships of the deceased.

We can't find the manipulator behind the website.

The only method available is to find out the audience of this website through phishing.

But whether it is successful, it can only be done by relying on fate." (T/N Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data)


"Lao Xing, are you kidding" Jiang Chao was so angry that his blood pressure soared again.


Seeing an old friend who was about to die of high blood pressure and myocardial infarction, Xing Conglian turned his head, looked at Lin Chen, and said, "So, now I can only rely on Mr.

Lin, after all, he is an expert."


"You let me feel like a life-saving straw."


"What are you going to do"


"I'm going to find a needle in the haystack."


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